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Anti-Gouki Project is a M.U.G.E.N fullgame project made by Basara-kun. This is his first fullgame and also one of his most known original creations for this engine, along with Eric - Unperfect Shotoklone and
XXX (both characters can be found here in M.U.G.E.N.'s Characters page). The game was originally made as a Take That! to all those creators who made Akuma until exhaustion, no matter if they're seriously made or as parodies, making a game full of characters cloned from this one, literally. This is the official story of the fullgame:

In the year 20XX, a mad scientist, expert in clonation, decided to make clones of the most known powerful fighter of all: Akuma/Gouki. And to avoid these ones were just a simple copy, each clone was implanted with different fighting styles, all of this were made with the objetive of spread them to the cities and make the total chaos and rule the world. But to determinate which of them is the most powerful of all, he puts them to his own private tournament to see which one will be the first in start the invasion.

The characters are composed of 16 clones based on CVS2's Akuma in sprites, all of them were coded by scratch by Basara-kun. In the case of stages, he borrowed from other sides, basically open source stages as well others used with permission. The same goes with the music in which he uses open source MIDI songs.


The first beta was released on January 2013, the game is now in Development Hell because the creator wanted to work on other projects.

Here's the official website with all the information and downloads (5-6 characters are finished there). It also has its own WIP subforum in the Mugen Fighters Guild forum.

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