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Diego and Glot is a Chilean animated series created in 2005 by CuboNegro Studios and Canal 13. This is the first hand-drawn animation TV series made in Chile since the Condorito shorts in The '80s. The series got two seasons (Season 2 releasing in 2009), the first of which is the most remembered and beloved by fans. Diego y Glot is known as one of the most beloved Chilean animated series along with Los Pulentos that was also aired the same year (and on the same channel) as this one. In 2005, The Movie was announced and to be released in 2007, but eventually entered into Development Hell. The series was aired in Latin America by Disney XD in 2017 and in May 2020 received a comeback in Chile thanks to the new children's public TV channel TV Educa Chile.

The story is about the Plá Perez, a middle-class family and their daily life problems and adventures. The story centers on Diego Plá and his green mutt Glot and the adventures with his friends Droguett, Danilo and Violeta, all of them classmates going to the same school.

The main site is offline, but there's an English article in The Other Wiki. Also, the complete season 1 was uploaded on Canal 13's YouTube channel.

The series provided examples of:

  • Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: The dog Glot is a mutt with green and white fur.
  • Big Eater: Danilo, not just always eating, but thinking about food all the time.
  • The Bully: "Mamo," who always steals Diego's lunch.
  • Circus Episode: The aptly-titled episode "Circo."
  • Cool Big Bro: Lalo, not just for Diego, as he is also considered as this for Diego's friends.
  • Cue the Rain: In "Vacaciones," Diego, Danilo, Violeta, Droguett, and Glot are wandering around on an unknown island. In their traveling, Glot finds a cave. Both Danilo and Violeta say they can use the cave to stay for the night, but Droguett says he will not go inside the cave, not even with rain going from bottom to top. Right when he finishes saying that, it starts to rain heavily, and they immediately go inside the cave.
  • Eject the Loser: In "Super Familia," after the Plá Perez family lose in the finals of the "Super Familia" contest, Don Francisco gives an order to the "Chacal de la Trompeta" to pull a lever, dropping the whole family through the floor and sending them outside the studios of Canal 76.
  • Everyone Hates Mimes: In 'Vacaciones," before Armando's anger explodes due to the heat, he punches out a mime who was following him, sending it offscreen.
  • Expy: Being mostly based on these two series, Diego y Glot is known as the Chilean The Simpsons mixed with Hey Arnold!.
  • Full Moon Silhouette: In "Doble de cuerpo." At one point, where Diego and his friends are going in bike to see Eliseo, all bikes start to fly, referencing the famous E.T scene. The major difference is that in this case, the sky is red instead of blue like in the original scene.
  • Gotta Pass the Class: The plot of "Doble de cuerpo" is triggered by Danilo failing so many classes, that he must take a math leveling test. If Danilo doesn't pass it, he must repeat the grade.
  • G-Rated Stoner: Lalo, Diego's big brother, is usually treated In-Universe and in charcter descriptions as "lazy" and "clumsy."
  • Insignia Rip-Off Ritual: A Cutaway Gag in "Doble de cuerpo" shows Danilo as an ancient soldier, while a higher-rank officer at his side who looks very similar to Cáceres, rips off his insignias and breaks his sword in half.
  • Last-Name Basis: Ismael Droguett, the only of Diego's friends who's called by his surname, Droguett, instead by his first name like everyone else.
  • Mythology: The episode "Vacaciones" where the family goes to Chiloé, an island off the South of Chile full of its own mythologies and Fairy Tales, various of which are referenced (and even made important parts of the plot) in this episode.
  • Name and Name: Diego and Glot.
  • Once per Episode: Every episode has a song in the background that represents the whole episode which is replayed in the credits.
  • Personal Raincloud: In "Doble de cuerpo." Inside the Liceo Pablo Neruda, just at the moment Danilo is asked to go to Rectory, a cloud passes right over his head, complete with thunder and rain.
  • Sitcom: The first animated one and one of the most known in Chilean TV after Los Venegas.
  • Sick Episode: "Mala Pata" is this for Violeta. It's the reason why she isn't in the classroom during the oral test. Diego, Danilo, Droguett, and Glot visit her to see the football match together. At the end of the episode, Diego is sick from the same illness Violeta had.
  • Spin-Off: Diego y Glot had some mini-series used by Chilean government as Edutainment shorts, like Diego y Glot Consumidoresnote  (about how to read contracts, compare prices, and differentiate between credit and debit cards) and Brigada de la Energíanote  (an energy efficiency campaign).
  • Toilet Humour: Almost half of the episodes of the first season run on this.
    • One of the most blatant examples of this is the episode "Vigilante," for three reasons: First, Danilo's fart causes Droguett to be left behind. Second, the plan that Danilo tells Droguett involves throwing balloons with feces inside them. And third, feces float in a jar that Diego shows to Droguett.
  • Tomboy: Violeta, considered as One of the Boys in the group, at least in the first season.
  • Vacation Episode: The aptly-titled episode "Vacaciones," where Diego, along with his family and friends, go to Chiloé.
  • Wingding Eyes: In "Kiltro," it happens three times:
    • The first time is when Diego sees the poster for the dog contest. His eyes turn into peso sign eyes, complete with cash register sound.
    • The second one goes further. When Diego knows that he will receive a check for the apparance of Glot in a commercial, his, Danilo's, and Droguett's eyes turn into peso sign eyes, complete with a cash register sound, and a one million pesos bill background of different colors for each one of the three.
    • When Inspector Caceres receives the check instead of Diego, the eyes of the latter turn into flaming eyes, a burning background is around him, and a fire alarm sounds.
  • World of Technicolor Hair: Most of the characters of the series have different hair colors, including green, purple, blue, and bright red.