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Lucybell is a Chilean Alternative Rock band that started in The '90s and became a prominent band in Chile as well in Mexico and Latin America during the Turn of the Millennium until today. The band was highly influenced by early 90's Shoegaze and Britpop bands, some 80's classic Alternative Rock and Dark Wave.

The band started in 1991, being all the members part of the Universidad de Chile's Faculty of Art as classmates, then they released their first album in 1994, Peces, becoming a sensation since then. In 2004 they went to Mexico to internationalize their career with a big success in that country and the rest of Latin America, being their album Lúmina their first international hit.

Lucybell has its own website and even has its own article in The Other Wiki in English.

Not to be confused with "Lucy Bell", both the Australian-English actress as well Betsy Bell's mother from 2006 horror movie An American Haunting.



  • Pecesnote  (1995)
  • Viajarnote  (1996)
  • Lucybell (1998)
  • Amanecenote  (2000)
  • Lúmina (2005)
  • Comiendo Fuegonote  (2006)
  • Fénixnote  (2010)
  • Magnéticonote  (2017)


  • Mataz (1996)
  • Sálvame la vidanote  (2003)
  • Primitivonote  (2007)
  • Poderosonote  (2013)

Live Albums

  • Sesión Futuranote  (2001)
  • Sesión Primitivanote  (2008)
  • Peces: 20 Años En Vivonote  (2015)


Lucybell contains examples of:

  • Badass Baritone: Claudio Valenzuela's voice is the trademark of the band, being recognizable everywhere.
  • Cover Version: Lucybell made various cover songs, usually for Tribute Albums, like "Juegos de Seducción" (Soda Stereo), "Tren al Sur" (Los Prisioneros), "Arauco tiene una pena" (Violeta Parra) and a Spanish version of "Invisible Sun" (The Police), all of them were compiled in Sálvame la vida EP.
  • Cult Soundtrack: Apart of their hits from their albums, Lucybell also has two famous songs used for sountracks and main songs for Chilean productions: "Ver el fin"note  from 2002 vampire movie Sangre Eternanote  and "Sólo crees por primera vez"note  for 2004 telenovela Destinos Cruzadosnote . Also, some songs from them had been used as part of some OST, mostly other Chilean telenovelas.
  • Expy: Musically, Lucybell cite bands such as Cocteau Twins, The Cure and My Bloody Valentine as their major influences. They also cite Joy Division, The Charlatans, The Smiths as other key influences.
  • Greatest Hits Album: They have three in their career: Grandes Éxitos (2000), Todos sus Éxitosnote  (2003) and Aquí y Ahora (lo mejor de) Lucybellnote  (2007).
  • Love Is Like Religion: Most of Lucybell's love songs are this, as a religion to be praised, being the Love Interest usually treated as a goddess.
  • Perishing Alt-Rock Voice: Claudio Valenzuela's trademark and what made Lucybell famous since The '90s, being the Trope Maker for Chilean Rock bands.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Poderoso EP is famous for being the only album where all the historical members of the band were reunited. It was made originally as a proper album, but thanks to the breakup with Feria Music Records only were made 4 songs.
  • Revolving Door Band: Claudio Valenzuela (lead voice and lead guitar) is the only member that stays from the original formation, being the others changed during the time. The other two permanent members joined in 1999 (Eduardo Caces, bass guitar and keyboards) and 2005 (Cote Foncea, drums and percussion) respectively.
  • Rock Trio: The most common formation in the story of the band, being the vocalist Claudio Valenzuela the only member that continues since the creation of the band.
  • Updated Re-release: The Lúmina and Comiendo Fuego albums received re-releases a year after their original releases with a little change of name (Lúmina 2.0 and Comiendo + Fuego respectively) that included a DVD with their music videos and galleries as well a couple of bonus tracks.


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