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"Saludos, saludos, amigos, greetings to my friends, saludos, saludos, amigos, vamos a cantar!"
The show's theme song

Saludos is a very obscure 80's PBS show that taught children Spanish produced by Great Plains National Television (GPN), that is very similar to Sesame Street.

The show centers around a fictional town in Philadelphia that has more Spanish-speaking immigrants coming, making it hard for some of its' residents to live. One of these people is a old store owner named Mr. Wiggins, whose customers are suddenly disappearing to buy food that the majority of residents would like to eat. A Spanish adult named Mina decides to help him by teaching him Spanish in order for more customers to go to his store.

Whenever a Spanish word is spoken on the show, a box below with the word that was said would show up in order for the audience to repeat it. Occasionally on the show, there are short segments pertaining to a theme in the episode would play in between the story segments. At the end of each episode, two puppets named Pete and Repeat would review vocabulary and ask the audience to repeat after them.


The whole series can be watched on KET's website.

Not to be confused with Saludos Amigos.

This show contains examples of:

  • Audience Participation: Whenever a Spanish word is said, a box will appear with the word in it. According to the first episode, the audience has to say the word. This is also highly encouraged in the segments with Pete and Repeat at the end of each episode.
  • Bland-Name Product: Mr. Wiggins' store sells a brand of toothpaste called "Dolgate".
  • Gratuitous Spanish: The show's main plot is about a puppet learning Spanish in order to get along with the other Spanish citizens.
  • Roger Rabbit Effect: Mr. Wiggins is the only puppet in a town with humans in it, and interacts with them often.