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Take Grand Theft Auto, combine it with Max Payne, add in a ton of action movie tropes and Mexican stereotypes, and you pretty much have Total Overdose. The game might not be original, but it sure is fun as hell.

The plot involves the DEA, some Mexican gangsters, and drugs, but who cares about the plot, anyway? We're here to blow up cocaine burrito stands!

Total Overdose was created in 2005 by the Danish game company Deadline Games. A slightly more linear Spiritual Sequel was released for the PSP the next year, called Chili Con Carnage.

This game provides examples of:

  • Badass Family: You get to play as three different members of the Cruz family.
  • Exploding Barrels:
    • Above average amount of exploding scenery for a shooter/driver, and every car becomes explosive on contact after diving from it
    • There is a button set aside specifically to target explosive object.
  • Logo Joke: Both the Eidos and Deadline Games logos are introduced via humorous animations of luchadores and men in skeleton body costumes performing a juggling act with dynamite (with the Eidos logo) and doing a dance in sombreros (the Deadline Games logo).
  • The Unfought: Papa Muerte, the man behind everything. You never even come face to face with him.
  • Time Bomb: Several missions and side challenges force you to run for your life
  • Twin Switch: The player character is the Evil Twin who shoves off his brother's attempts to keep control of the missions.


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