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Gang Related is a police drama show that aired on May 22, 2014, starring Ramon Rodriguez & Terry O'Quinn. It aired on FOX in America for 13 episodes. It's created by Chris Morgan, who has written some of the Fast & Furious movies and 47 Ronin. FOX announced that the show would not see a 2nd season.

Set in Los Angeles City, it follows plainclothes officers working under the Los Angeles Police Department's Gang Task Force, which works around the clock to investigate cases that involves gangsters, no matter how big or small the case is. Among the officers assigned to the GTF is Detective Ryan Lopez, who had served previously in the US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment prior to joining the LAPD. However, he has a secret that he hides from his colleagues and his superiors.

Prior to joining the military and the police, Ryan was taken in by a Mexican-American street gang called the "Los Angelicos" after his father died. The gang is led by Javier Acosta, who currently serves as the head of the gang. Javier had prepared Ryan, after he was adopted, by making him the Double Agent and The Mole in order to infiltrate the LAPD. As Ryan goes on his work in the GTF, he begins to question on whether his loyalty lies if he should continue to be the double agent/mole of the LAs or continue to work with the task force.


It's only available as of 2016 on Amazon, but as an on-demand service for anyone who wants to watch it on DVD.

Gang Related provides examples of:

  • Batman Gambit: Ryan arrests Javier Acosta so the latter can kill off El Mozo, who is currently in a supermax prison.
  • Becoming the Mask: The driving question of the show is which mask Ryan is becoming. As of the season 1 finale, he ditches the Acostas for good.
  • Bilingual Bonus: The majority of the episodes have Spanish words or phrases for titles.
  • City of Adventure: Los Angeles, if you're looking from a law enforcement perspective perhaps.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: The show revolves around Ryan being torn between his allegiance to the Acosta family and his responsibilities as a police detective.
  • Dating Catwoman: Ryan's relationship with his boss Chapel's daughter comes across as this. To further complicate matters, she works with Internal Affairs, and they're currently trying to find The Mole in the LAPD.
  • Dirty Cop:
    • Javier uses some of them under his payroll when they "arranged" for the death of three Long Beach Lord gangsters by locking them up in the jail's yard near the end of "Sangre Por Sangre".
    • Some of the Mexican Federal Police officers Sam meets up in Mexico turn out to be crooked cops working for the Metas. One of them was assassinated for refusing bribes.
  • Double Agent: The main plot of the show with Ryan serving as one when he works for the LAs and the GTF.
  • Double-Meaning Title: "Gang Related" refers to the subset of crimes the GTF deals with, as well as Ryan's affiliation with the Acosta family which leads the Los Angelicos gang.
  • Dynamic Entry: The GTF uses armored vehicles when they need to breach in case of potential resistance from heavily armed gangsters. In "Pilot", they used it after being warned by Ryan that some military-trained Lords gangsters may have set up ambushes.
  • Eye Scream: One episode features a drug addict who took a tainted pill and gouged out his own eyes while under the influence. There's even a shot of his eyeballs on the floor!
  • Internal Affairs: In "Sangre Por Sangre", IA officers interview Ryan during an investigation on the death of his partner, James Tanner.
  • Prevent the War: After Carlos was wounded in an assassination attempt by the Lords, the GTF was ordered to search for shooters from the Lords in order to prevent a shootout from taking place in "Sangre Por Sangre".
  • Recruited from the Gutter: Part of the premise is that Ryan Lopez was protected from the violence and poverty of his neighbourhood by Javier Acosta, the leader of the local Los Angelicos street gang after being orphaned. As a result Ryan has Undying Loyalty towards Acosta and acts as The Mole, helping Acosta stay ahead of the LAPD's Gang Taskforce.
  • Spiritual Successor: Many viewers/commentators point out that the show is "The Departed" and "The Infernal Affairs", except that it's set in Los Angeles.
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Almadena": Chapel gets Javier Acosta to turn against the Metas and help the GTF dismantle their fishscale operation. In revenge, Jessica is brutally murdered in her home.
    • "Malandros": Chapel, Ryan, Cassius, Tae and Vee go on an unsanctioned mission to Mexico to hunt down Matias, whom they believe is responsible for Jessica's death. Ryan finds out that Javier Acosta was the true mastermind, and as a result not only renounces his allegiance to his adoptive family, but also sends Javier to the prison wing controlled by the Metas. Meanwhile, Daniel is appointed as the new Los Angelicos leader, much to the frustration of Carlos, who's slowly regaining control of his legs.