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Betty en NY is a 2019 telenovela based on the popular Yo soy Betty, la fea.

The series revolves a young woman named Beatriz "Betty" Aurora Rincón Lozano who moves to New York. For six months she's been trying to get a job, but she's always rejected due to her unattractive looks. One day, she finally gets a job at the fashion company V&M Fashion, where she becomes the secretary of the company president. Though it's below her capabilities and she gets ridiculed often for her appearance, Betty persists at her job.


Betty en NY provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Name Change: Betty's name is given as Beatriz "Betty" Aurora Rincón Lozano. This is based on the original Colombian version, where Betty's name is Beatriz "Betty" Aurora Pinzón Solano.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: Most of the show is in Spanish but it also has a large amount of subtitled English due to it taking place in New York.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Betty en NY is an American production that is in Spanish. This explains why the characters live in NYC.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: A lot of it going around, but mainly is Marcela being jealous and distrusting of Armando and whatever women he's with (with good reason seeing his long list of lovers and flings)
  • Jerkass: A lot of the characters like Daniel, Ricardo, Patricia, Fabio, Romina, Jenny Wendy, Efrain, Hugo and Marcela.
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  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk; Daniel and Ricardo are some of the worst and take advantage of the people close to them even when they know it's wrong
  • Ladykiller in Love:
    • Armando is a well known casanova, that flirted left and right with the models and other beautiful women he encountered, which he stopped after getting engaged to Marcela. However, the trope won't enter in full effect until he falls in love with Betty.
    • Played With in the case of Ricardo, who was an even bigger casanova than Armando (and cared even less about feelings) and for a time he thought himself to be in love with Marcela, but the relationship went nowhere and he ended up bitter about it falling back into his old habits.
  • Love Triangle: As per any good old telenovela there are plenty to be found here but the main one is Armando - Betty -Marcela
  • Race Lift: Betty is Mexican-American, but the telenovela is mostly based on the original Colombian version of the franchise (not its Mexican counterpart La Fea Más Bella).
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Armando's dad, Roberto, is the one person everyone agrees to listen and work with.
  • Toxic Friend Influence:
    • Both Patricia and Ricardo are rather toxic influences on their friends Marcela and Armando, but out of the two Patricia is the least dangerous.
    • Sometimes the Squad can be rather abrasive and pushy with one another and instead of helping they rather enable some behavior that is questionable.


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