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    Beatriz "Betty" Aurora Rincon Lozano 

Beatriz, or Betty as she's referred to by almost everyone, is a smart, shy and sweet young woman who throughout her entire life she has been made fun of or discriminated because of her looks, with more than one person calling her ugly to her face. While really intelligent, hardworking and studious, she has had bad luck in finding or keeping jobs because in the end, her bosses always seemed to prefer to keep the prettier coworker. She finally gets a chance for a job in the fashion house V&M, thanks to a fortuitous encounter with the recently appointed president, Armando Mendoza, who she helped escape from an unlucky situation involving him and an ex lover, hiding it from his fiance, Marcela. Thanks to her intelligence and hard work she ends up being invaluable to Armando but her devotion to her new boss will prove to bring more than one problem into her life.

  • Beautiful All Along: Towards the end of the series, right at the point where she realizes she deserves better than the way she was treated all those years, she would go through a makeover that would show that she was this in order to help boost her already rising confidence and inner strength.
  • Friendless Background: While not completely lonely, thanks to having her friend Nicolas, she had little to no friends throughout her life, with a lot of classmates and coworkers ignoring or outright bullying her because of her looks or shy demeanor. Thankfully, when she arrives to V&M, she meets the Squad who promptly integrate her and treat her with much kindness.
  • Girl Friday: Played With. The assistant/secretary to Armando and while they do good work together, he takes advantage of her devotion at first and uses it in his favor.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Though not a superhero story, and her bosses do know what they're talking about, she goes above and beyond in her tasks, and has a better knowledge when it comes to economy and business management than her direct boss.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Well, more than dumb, because Betty keeps her smart and wit throughout, she lets the love for Armando become her main motivation in almost everything, wanting nothing more than to help him even when she knows that his plans are NOT the best or the most reliant. Granted, she does try to voice her opinion but more often than not is shut down or not heard.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Armando, at the beginning and for a good chunk of the story. However, this is Deconstructed as her loyalty is used and abused several times to the point that it's broken and she realizes that blindly following someone, even if you love them and they make you believe they love you in return, is not the basis for a healthy relationship nor the wisest of choices.


    Armando Mendoza 

The newly appointed president of V&M, a company created and raised from the ground by his dad. Armando wants nothing more than prove that he's up to the task to not only maintain the prestige of the company but also expand it and increase its influence. However, his ambition and rashness proves to be a problem when he plunges the company into an economic nosedive that only Betty's savviness manages to salvage time and time again, prompting him into delegating more and more tasks and responsibilities on her, depending greatly on her.

  • Ladykiller in Love: Almost everyone believed he was this with Marcela, and while he does greatly cares for and adores her, he wasn't really IN love with her. The one that really makes him cut his casanova side completely is Betty.
  • Nice to the Waiter: He's thoughtful and caring about the people he works with, even knowing about the circumstances of Aura Maria and greatly respecting Inesita, who helped raise him. He's also one of the few that defends Betty from anyone that insults or verbally attacks her.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Throughout his long on and off relationship with Marcela, he has flirted and being with a lot of other women. However, those infidelities would be nothing compared to his relationship with Betty, which would prove to be the most important for him but that grew out of false pretenses.

    Marcela Valencia 

One of the executive directors at V&M as well as shareholder. Marcela is known in New York as one of the most beautiful and elegant women, with an impeccable taste in fashion and with a strong character. Nevertheless, she's also known to be quite possessive and jealous of Armando, who she knows and has loved since they were young. More often than not, she would side with Armando and fight her brother, Daniel, to support him, but when her fiance gains the presidency and appoints Betty as his main assistant, much to her displeasure, their relationship deteriorates fast.

  • Drowning My Sorrows: Once she finds out just what Armando had been doing with their company and the legacy of their parents on top of with who he was having an affair, she spends more than one day drinking and taking one too many sleeping pills
  • Green-Eyed Monster: While a beautiful and confident woman, she's prone to be really jealous about Armando. She has really big confrontations with women that had a past with him, or she let's her feelings get in the way and attack those she believes have an interest on him. This actually almost costs V&M an important business deal when she verbally attacked the representative of the other company, wrongly believing she was the secret lover of Armando. Partly Justified in that Armando was really cheating on her and his lover was actually someone really close to them.
  • Kick the Dog: Several times to Betty, berating and humiliating her almost everyday.
  • Nice to the Waiter: She is actually nice to the people that work for her and is respectful, but is the circumstances and what happens later on with Armando that sours her relationship with Betty, who she treats in an extremely harsh and unfair way.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Armando cheats on her, however, she also cheats on him with Ricardo


    Ricardo Calderon 

Armando's best friend and a shareholder in V&M. A notorious flirt and casanova that would spend almost every available time he had with models and other beautiful girls, he enabled a lot of Armando's worst habits and ideas. Unlike Armando, he's more detached of his feelings and is more willing to do questionable things to secure the money, lacking empathy, especially when it comes to dealing with Betty, who he treats nicely enough but behind her back, distrusts her and just wants to use her to keep the company floating.

  • Drowning My Sorrows: Once he realizes he wants to be with Marcela but she keeps on rejecting him he goes to the nearest bar to drink all he can
  • Jerkass: Doesn't show real empathy or consideration for the feelings of others, not even the ones of his best friend, Armando. A the beginning, though, it wasn't that obvious but later on his personality takes a turn for the worse.
    • Jerk With A Heart Of A Jerk:At one point it seems that he would redeem himself and actually stop be so arrogant yet he actually gets even more insufferable and starts just lashing out

    Patricia Fernandez 

Marcela's best friend. Also part of the high society in New York and accustomed to a certain lifestyle, Patricia begins the series as a divorced woman that tries by any means necessary to keep up appearances even though she only wants to do the minimum effort to do so. Marcela offers her a position in V&M as an assistant to Armando, as a way to help her and to have her keep a close eye on him. Patricia clashes with Betty and the Squad time and time again, shielding herself behind Marcela and her looks but that only helps her so much when she struggles with making end meets, lacking any sort of restraint or foresight with the little money she has.


    Hugo Lombardi 

The in-house designer of V&M. Known to be temperamental and flamboyant, Hugo is respected and well known in the fashion world in New York but is still working to get his big break worldwide. A close friend to Marcela and Patricia, he mocks and is harsh with the Squad (he gave them their name) but he especially hates to deal with Betty, being extremely hurtful with her.

In charge of security in V&M. He's a close friend of Giovanni and the Squad. A bit of flirt but also clumsy, he takes his job very seriously and tries to keep a good body condition which prompts him to join a gym that happens to be owned by Sandra's family, something that pushes them together.

In charge of maintenance in V&M. He's a handyman and does miscellaneous work around the place, often helping Wilson to keep an eye on things. Has been in love with Aura Maria since he met her, but because he's not that wealthy she hasn't taken him seriously, even though he has a great relationship with her son and protects her.

    Roberto Mendoza 
Father of Armando and one of the founders of V&M. A serious and caring man, he wants nothing more than to see his son succeed and continue the good legacy he created for their family but not long after he retires, things spiral out of control.

    Margarita Mendoza 
Mother of Armando and one of the founders of V&M. An elegant and intelligent woman, she cares deeply for her son and Marcela's relationship, being her greatest wish to see them marry and continue their work in V&M together, finally uniting the two families. However, things don't go as planned, with her son putting in jeopardy not onl their company but also his relationship.


The "Ugly" Squad or the Squad of the Non-Conventional Beauty

    Aura Maria 

The receptionist of V&M. She's a young single mother that's known to be on the search for a husband that can offer her economic stability and be a good father figure to her son. However, her luck with men is questionable, seeing as almost all of them don't see beyond her body and sometimes even humiliate her. The only man that has shown any true interest beyond the physical for her is Giovanni, but is hard for her to look beyond his social status and lack of wealth.


The secretary to Marcela in charge of the marketing and social media of V&M. With Ines, she's one of the most levelheaded in the Squad, offering advice or a shoulder to cry on when needed.


The secretary of the VP of finances in V&M. She's loud and outspoken which leads her to a lot of trouble in her work. She's married to Efrain, but their relationship is shown to be deteriorated and is promptly revealed that he's cheating on her with a much younger woman, forcing her to deal with a divorce and having to keep her family going while dealing with work and her ex's lack of empathy.


The secretary of Human Resources at V&M. Known as a complete gossip, always on the lookout for it with a great love for food. Has been happily married for several years but due to several events she starts questioning both her marriage and her self confidence.

The secretary to Ricardo Calderon. She's known as a tomboy amongst the Squad, having a more rough personality and always down to fight.

The assistant to Hugo Lombardi. Ines is actually one of the oldest employees in the company, having been by the side of the Mendoza and the Valencia since the beginning of it and even taking care of their children, who she views as her own and they love her in return. She's a mother figure to almost everyone there, especially to Hugo, who considers her as sacred and puts her above everyone.

Betty's Family and Friends

    Julia Rincon 
The mother of Betty. She's a really nurturing and kind lady that supports her daughter unconditionally, defends her whenever someone tries to demean her. She's happily married to Demetrio and she gives reality checks to her daughter, her husband and Nico, who she also views as her own.

    Demetrio Rincon 
The father of Betty. An accountant that prides himself for being ethic and correct in his work, teaching his daughter to always abide to the law and work honestly. At the beginning of the story, however, he's having legal problems due to a mistake in the software he uses which he tries to hide from his wife with the help of his daughter.

    Nicolas Ramos 

    Catalina Escarpa 
One of the best publicists in NY. Has worked several times with V&M and is close friends with the families. She's efficient, down to earth, elegant and smart, being one of the few people in the fashion industry that respects and treats Betty kindly and as an equal, recognizing her skills.

    Joaquin de Quiroz 
A Spanish fashion designer, who was once a model. He's known in the industry as someone eccentric but with great taste and with an ever growing popularity. He works closely with Catalina, who he considers a good friend and later on he meets Betty, with who he develops a sweet and close bond.


    Daniel Valencia 

    Gregorio Mata 




    Jenny Wendy 


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