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Pacific Islanders in Media

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"Finding Ohana follows two siblings, played by Kea Peahu and Alex Aiono, whose trip to an Oahu town becomes a treasure-hunt adventure that connects them to their Hawaiian heritage. According to The Nerds of Color, the actors were excited by the opportunity when they read the script. Peahu, who plays Pili, said she connected with her character through similar life experiences. Actors Lindsay Watson (Hana) and Alex Aiono (E), who play Hana and E, were both quick to realize the significance of having Hawaiian culture portrayed in such an authentic light and at such a large scale, reports The Nerds of Color."
— This article about Finding 'Ohana

Works and media about the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands which encompass the islands of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia (which includes Rapa Nui/Easter Island.)

Please make sure that the work being added is about Pacific Islander people, as in they center around them and their lives and experiences. See also Creators of Pacific Islands Descent.

See also African-American Media, Arab-Americans in Media, Asian-American Media, Latino-American Media, and Native American and First Nations Media.

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  • Sin With Me: Malakai's route (Samoan-American love interest).

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