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A Short-Lived American Sitcom that has Freddie (Freddie Prinze Jr.) navigating his job as a chef while living with his four female relatives (Jacqueline Obradors, Chloe Bridges, Mädchen Amick, and Jenny Gago).

The show also features Brian Austin Green, India King, Denise Quinones, Tamara Braun, Charles Fleischer, and Britt Robertson.

It aired on ABC for one season.

Tropes for the series:

  • Character Title:
    • The Courtship of Freddie's Father.
    • Freddie the Himbo.
    • Freddie Gets Cross Over George.
    • Freddie and the Hot Mom.
  • Crossover: With The George Lopez Show, with Zoe dating Max Lopez and inviting the entire Lopez family to meet and George and Freddie investigate each other due to the kids meeting online and them being suspicious of the other of being a predator.
  • Disappeared Dad: Freddie and Sofia's father, Carlos, left the family when they were young and returns in one episode for their grandmother's birthday, much to their dismay.
  • Multi Generational Household: Freddie lives with his sister, niece, sister-in-law, and his grandmother.
  • One-Word Title:
    • Pilot.
    • Halloween.