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Gisèle Lagacé (born June 16, 1970), often known as "Giz", is a French-Canadian webcomic writer and artist who has worked on various titles, usually as the original creator or co-creator. She is part of the Pixie Trix Comix collective (after which one of her creations, Pixie Trix Comix, is named).

Giz was also the bassist with early '90s rock band Barbarella, and has done some work as a traditional comics artist, such as for Archie Comics and on Jem and the Holograms (IDW). Her art style is often reminiscent of Archie Comics, which may be deliberate emulation or explain why she was hired by them, or both, though she sometimes also mixes in some Manga Effects. In 2023, she became the artist for Money Shot Comes Again, the miniseries that relaunched the comic title Money Shot.


Comic Books

Tropes associated with Giz's work include:

  • Animesque: Her art style can be best described as being similar to Archie Comics with some trademarks of manga mixed in.
  • Art Evolution: Giz's comics series sometimes run long enough for the developments in her personal drawing style to become quite obvious. The long gap between the initial run of Cool Cat Studio and its eventual concluding story publication made the difference really glaring.
  • Artistic License: Giz tends to take a classic comics writer's relaxed approach to the finer details of realism. For example, she didn't research the subject before creating the one trans character in Ménage à 3, whom she writes like a gay male drag queen.
  • Author Appeal: One can only guess how much of Giz's work is based around stuff she likes, but she doesn't deny that there's some of this going on, and she has said that Sticky Dilly Buns was created as a Spin-Off to give more spotlight time to a character who she liked but who was strictly supporting cast in Ménage à 3.
  • Canada, Eh?: Much of Giz's work is set in her home country, and indeed in her home city of Montreal, adding a definite Canadian flavor to some of it. However, the trope is frequently inverted or averted, in that this is a native's positive view of the place, and avoids any glaring clichés.
  • Everyone Is Bi: In any Giz comic, one should assume everyone is bisexual by default until they prove otherwise.
    Dillon: [on the phone] What's that, Zii? You want me to teach you how to go down on a woman?
    Zii: [hanging up the phone] That was a dumb idea. Why can't he be bi like the rest of us?
  • Generic Cuteness: Giz seems to have some difficulty drawing an unattractive character who isn't an outright Gonk. There may be some Fanservice involved here, of course.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot/Guy on Guy Is Hot: Giz has created quite a few very visually attractive lesbian or bisexual characters, walking a line between sympathetic treatment of these orientations and fairly blatant Fanservice. Ménage à 3 and Sticky Dilly Buns balance this with similar treatment of gay or bi male characters.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Many, maybe most, of Giz's leading characters seem to end up with pets — usually cats.
  • Manga Effects: Giz has developed an undenied interest in manga over the years, which infiltrates her drawing style on occasion. For example, Chibi versions of characters may show up in insets.
  • Sex Comedy: While only Ménage à 3 and Money Shot Comes Again are automatically defined as a sex comedy, most of Giz's light-hearted stories feature highly sexually active characters, and cheerfully wring plenty of comedy out of the subject.
  • Write What You Know: A notable number of Giz's characters are graphic artists or rock musicians, or both. One or two of them even look a bit like her.

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