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Unknown Lands is a fantasy webcomic by Spider-Gwen artist Rosi Kämpe that can be read here.

An alchemist has called in a favor owed him by a raider in order to find help for his new home, where the local flora and fauna is being magically killed off by something a group of elves is doing. Together with a hunter from the dying woods the three of them set out to find a champion who is said to be immune to the magic of elves to ask them to save their home, but they do not yet know what it will cost.

  • Alien Blood: Dark Elves' naturally red blood has been turned blue. note 
  • An Arm and a Leg: Inara uses her magic strings to remove the limbs and heads of some men hunting her.
  • Blood Oath: Vard, Kai and Marya are bound to the Champion Inara for a year in exchange for her help through her drawing their blood while they swear fealty.
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  • Cigarette of Anxiety: When Kai comes outside to join Vard after Inara points out she and him are not that different:
    Kai: I didn't know you smoked.
    Vard: On occasion. I somehow feel I might have more occasions in the future.
  • Covered in Kisses: After Marya rescues her wife from being sacrificed by elves she covers her face in kisses and the lipmarks take a second to fade.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The Unknown Champion is introduced delivering one of these to a group that hunted her down in hopes of defeating her and eating her heart
  • Finger Snap Lighter: When Mischief lights Vard's cig with a snap from several feet away Vard puts it out and gets a new one.
  • Glass Eye: Vard's glass eye magically follows the movements of his remaining eye but he can't see out of it. He grosses out traveling companion Marya cleaning it.
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  • Happily Married: Marya and her wife Keilo are quite in love and devoted to each other. When the elves are trying to sacrifice Keilo her wife, who is usually hesitant to kill even when those she's fighting are doing everything in their power to kill her, snaps and starts killing those holding Keilo without hesitation.
  • Has Two Mommies: One Dark Elves victim's last action before being dragged to her death is to hand Keilo her baby. By the time Marya has rescued Keilo her bubbly wife has cheerfully adopted the infant as theirs. The timing is bad since Marya had just made an oath that will keep her busy for a year.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Vard sleeps through being shaken and punched, his waker eventually resorts to magic to get him up.
  • Psychic-Assisted Suicide: The Champion is introduced forcing her attackers to kill themselves and each other.
  • The Shadow Knows: Inara's black wings are not visible to the human eye, but they can occasionally be seen as part of her shadow. Elves on the other hand have no trouble seeing her wings and consider them and the type of magic she's tied to by birth a visual indicator that she's a monster.
  • Wake Up Fighting: Mischief finds that Vard is hard to wake up, so uses a jolt of electricity to do so. When Vard is still groggily complaining, not fully awake and not remotely trying to get out of bed Mischief ups the ante by suggesting he uses that trick during sex which wakes Vard up fully and gets him out of bed trying to deck Mischief in the face.
  • You Owe Me: Vard is decidedly unenthusiastic when he hears that Kai wants him to help track down an incredibly powerful mage and ask for their aid, especially as he says Vard is supposed to be "the muscle" which Vard points out he's not built for. When Vard is almost out the door Kai points out that Vard owes him, which gets Vard to very reluctantly agree to help.