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Love is never having to say you're sorry you made a sex tape with a woman then mailed it to your girlfriend.

Born in the white-hot fury of the late-'90s, early-2000s teen-sex-comedy boom, Road Trip is the story of young Josh Parker and the consequences of one night's craziness.

Josh's long-term, long-distance girlfriend Tiffany has got silent on him, and so, believing she is dumping him, he accepts the advances of the beautiful Beth Wagner. The next morning, after Beth has left, Josh's friends E.L., Rubin Carver and Barry Manilow (not the Barry Manilow, mind you) come to investigate. Josh reveals that Beth videotaped their amorous adventures, evidence that his friends demand to see. Of course, the tape sitting on the TV contains a romantic message Josh recorded for Tiffany - the "Beth tape" is in an envelope winging its way to Austin, Texas. Right as this realization sinks in, the phone rings - it's Tiffany, apologizing for not answering Josh's calls, as her beloved grandfather just died suddenly. Josh realizes there's only one option: get to Austin before the envelope and prevent Tiffany from ever seeing it.


Thus begins the wacky adventures of Josh, E.L., Rubin and Kyle - the one who actually owns the car - as they travel 1800 miles to try and save Josh's relationship. A quest that will take them through jumping broken bridges in a Ford Taurus, pretending to be members of a national black fraternity, stealing a schoolbus from a blind chick and discovering why you shouldn't send food back at greasy-spoon diners.

Released in 2000, Road Trip is one of Todd Phillips's earliest films.

Got followed up by an unrelated straight to DVD sequel in 2009 called Road Trip: Beer Pong which focused on a road trip to a beer pong tournament. It only features one significant cast member from the first film (DJ Qualls).


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