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Sonic the Sparrowhog is a series of Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell crossovers on It follows the adventures of three Mobian sparrowmen, Sonic, Shadow and Silver, who live secret double lives as Aaron Stone, Stark Reality and Terminus Mag in order to protect their home and friends.

Fics in the series

  • Secret of the Wings is a Sonic the Sparrowhog adaptation of the fourth Tinkerbell movie. When Tink decides to explore the Winter Woods, she discovers a magical secret. However, this secret leads to a catastrophe that only Aaron Stone, Stark Reality and Terminus Mag can stop.
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  • The Legend of the Mystic Lights is a sequel to both Secret of the Wings and Strawberry meets Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog and his brothers decide to help Strawberry and the other girls discover their unknown past. At first, things seem to be great, but it's not so easy for Queen Clarion and Lord Milori to make sure that a dark secret about Strawberry remains a secret.
  • Eternal Winter is a crossover with Frozen. Glacius, the Spirit of Winter, is attacked and defeated by a powerful ice sorcerer, Zaramas. Sonic and the group must get help from the kingdom of Arendelle in order to reestabilish the balance of seasons.
  • The Great Fairy Fist takes place after Eternal Winter. The Great Fairy Fist, the greatest martial arts tournament in Pixie Hollow, is around the corner. Rumble had been the champion for 4 years, but only because he had a few aces up his sleeve. Upon learning this, Sonic, Shadow and Silver have a new goal for their first Great Fairy Fist tournament: to end Rumble's victory streak.
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  • The tales of Sonic the Sparrowhog is a series of humorous short stories featuring the characters of the Sonic the Sparrowhog series and, occasionally, characters from many other fandoms.
  • Sonic: Journey through universes is a spin-off of the Sonic the Sparrowhog series and a crossover with Barbie. Queen Clarion discovers anomalies in the time-space continuum and must send Sonic, Shadow and Silver to fix them.
  • Sonic the Sparrowhog X Frozen one-shots is an Alternate Universe series of humorous and slightly romantic short stories. In this continuity, the characters of the movie Frozen are farieis (with the exception of Olaf and Sven, who are still a snowman and a reindeer, respectively) living in Pixie Hollow and, thus, the events of Eternal Winter (and most likely the events of Frozen themselves) don't take place.

Other fan media

  • Tekken 6: Sonic the Sparrowhog edition is a save file for the US version of Tekken 6 for PSP, in which various characters from Tekken 6 are customised to look like Sonic the Sparrowhog characters. The download link for the save file and the character list can be found on IsonicfanI's profile


  • Sonic the Sparrowhog: A brave hero, always looking forward to going on an adventure. His life used to be a normal one until a battle in Pixie Hollow changed it forever. Using his Tinker abilities along with different kinds of technology and magic, he became Aaron Stone, a real-life version of his character from a video game called Hero Rising, in order to be able to protect his friends and the world.
  • Shadow the Sparrowhog: Sonic the Sparrowhog's annoying brother and a master of "you're so old" jokes. Just like Sonic, Shadow had to become his Hero Rising avatar to defend Pixie Hollow from threats.
  • Silver the Sparrowhog: Sonic and Shadow's slow-footed and slow-minded brother. Aside from this, he is also horrible with girls and the worst Hero Rising player in Pixie Hollow. Despite that, he is described as a very good strategist and the moral support of the heroic trio.
  • Amelie "Amy" the Fairyhog: If someone in Pixie Hollow can be described as a fairy at appearence but a sparrowman at soul, that someone is Amy. She wouldn't back off from anything that means getting on people's nerves or fighting off anything that comes in her way.
  • Senya the Fairyhog: Just like Amy, she is one of the untraditional girls and, just like Amy, she's the first to get on someone's nerves, especially if that someone is Sonic.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower the Sparrowfox: A very hard-working Tinker sparrowman and one of Sonic's friends.
  • Knuckles the Sparrowchidna: A strong Storm-talent and another one of Sonic's friends, who was a crush on Vidia.
  • Tinkerbell: A very talented Tinker and one of Sonic's best friends. Aside from tinkering with almost anything she can get her hands on, her speciality is teasing Sonic about his crushes.
  • Fawn: A born prankster as well as, not surprisingly, Shadow's girlfriend.
  • Silvermist: One of the other slow-minded members of the group and, again not surprisingly, Silver's crush. While she is oblivious of Silver's feelings for her, as well as of almost anything else around her, she is very sweet, kind and innocent.
  • Rosetta: A garden fairy and master of gossip, as well as one of Sonic's two crushes. It is possible that she has a slight crush on Sonic as well, since she states that Aaron Stone is her favourite hero in Secret of the Wings. However, in Eternal Winter, she still teases him about liking Elsa (even though he doesn't) along with everyone else.
  • Iridessa: An always-worried-about-something Light-talent. She doesn't seem to be as close to Sonic and the other Mobian fairies as she is to Tinkerbell.
  • Vidia: A grumpy Fast Flying-talent who despises Knukcles' crush on her.
  • Clank: A Tinker-talent, friends with Tinkerbell and Sonic, best friends with Bobble.
  • Phineas T. "Bobble" Kettletree, esquire: A Tinker-talent, friends with Tinkerbell and Sonic, best friends with Clank
  • Periwinkle: A Frost-talent Tinkerbell's twin sister as well as Sonic's first girlfriend. Sonic still has a crush on her.
  • Spike: A held-back and rather shy Frost-talent, and one of Peri's best friends.
  • Gliss: Another Frost-talent and friend of Peri. She is exactly the opposite of Spike: energetic and outgoing. In Eternal Winter, she seems to have a crush on Tails.
  • Sled: A Winter Animal-talent and self-proclaimed super-soldier, expert fighter, hero of Pixie Hollow and ladies' man.
  • Queen Clarion: The Queen of Pixie Hollow
  • Lord Milori: The Lord of the Winter Woods and Queen Clarion's love interest.
    • In the Sonic the Sparrowhog X Frozen continuity, it is revealed that he and Clarion want Aaron Stone to become their son-in-law. It is unknows if this is still true in the main continuity.
  • The Ministers: Hyacinth, Sunflower, Redleaf and Snowflake are the four Seasonal Ministers.
  • The Keeper: Informally known as "Dewey", he is the keeper of all knowledge of Pixie Hollow and one of Lord Milori's best friends.
  • Vigeo: The Spirit of Spring.
  • Sol: The Spirit of Summer.
  • Ventus: The Spirit of Autumn.
  • Glacius: The Spirit of Winter.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Sparrowhog's laugh child. He only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow the Sparrowhog's laugh child. He only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Silver the Hedgehog: Silver the Sparrowhog's laugh child. He only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Amelie "Amy" Rose: Amelie the Fairyhog's laugh child. She only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Senya Rose: Senya the Fairyhog's laugh child. She only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower the Fox: Tails the Sparrowfox's laugh child. He only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Knukcles the Echidna: Knuckles the Sparrowchidna's laugh child. He only appears in The legend of the Mystic Lights.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: One of the legendary human girls born from laughter, known as the Mystic Lights. A few days after her arrival, darkness took over her, so she had to get her memory wiped and be sent to the Mainland, more specifically to a place called "Berry Bitty City", along with the other Lights. She is Sonic the Hedgehog's love interest. Her trademark power is flight.
  • Blueberry Muffin: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry. At the end of The legend of the Mystic Lights, she wrote an Aaron Stone book. She is Shadow the Hedgehog's love interest. Her power is super speed.
  • Cherry Jam: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry, as well as an experienced fighter and hero. When the other Mystic Lights were sent to the Mainland, she was accidentally sent to the first star to the right, or the "Tron System". She is Silver the Hedgehog's love interest. Her power is psychokinesis.
  • Lemon Meringue: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry. Her power is invisibility.
  • Orange Blossom: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog's biggest fan. Her power is superhuman agility.
  • Raspberry Torte: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry. She is also Sonic the Hedgehog's former crush. Her power is elementalism.
  • Plum Pudding: Another Mystic Light and a friend of Strawberry. Her power is amplified perception.
  • Apple Dumpling: A human girl whom Strawberry considers her little sister.
  • Huckleberry Pie: Another friend of Strawberry. He is Berry Bitty City's equivalent of Sled and, not surprisingly, Sled's laugh child.
  • James the Hedgehog: The father of Sonic, Shadow and Silver the Hedgehogs and the grand-laugh child of Sonic, Shadow and Silver the Sparrowhogs. He is also an experienced fighter due to his time in the Tron System and his mastery of many styles of martial arts.
  • Stella Shortman: Strawberry Shortcake's evil self and the antagonist of The legend of the Mystic Lights. She is the one who almost destroyed all Pixie Dust twice. After Queen Clarion sent the Mystic Lights to the Mainland, Stella was put to sleep inside Strawberry's soul.
  • Elsa: The Queen of Arendelle and, at the same time, the Snow Queen. She made her debut in Eternal Winter. Upon finding out about her powers, Sonic asks for her help in order to travel to the Realm of Winter. She is constantly teased about being Sonic's love interest, even though she's not. However, she appears to be a big fan of Aaron Stone.
    • Elsa reappears in the first chapter of The tales of Sonic the Sparrowhog, called A visit to Arendelle
    • in the Sonic the Sparrowhog X Frozen continuity, Elsa is a fairy princess of Pixie Hollow, the daughter of Clarion and Milori, and (ironically) Sonic's love interest.
  • Anna: Elsa's younger sister
  • Kristoff: Arendelle's Royal Ice Master and Deliverer, as well as Anna's love interest.
  • Sven: Kristoff's reindeer and best friend.
  • Olaf: A living snowman created by Elsa.
  • Zaramas: An evil sorcerer obsessed with ice magic and the antagonist of Eternal Winter. He tried to steal Glacius' power and take over the Realm of Seasons.
  • Nazo: Zaramas' henchman. He is an artificial sparrowhog created by his master, with the power stolen from Glacius, along with negative Chaos Energy.
  • Ror'dan: A Monk of Glacius who gave Sonic's team information about the Excelsior Sword, which they needed in order to defeat Zaramas.

Sonic the Sparrowhog provides examples of:

  • Expy: Sweet Pea's obsession with Aaron Stone mimics Amy's obsession with Sonic in the Sonic canon.
  • Joke Character: Sled is often portrayed as the worst fighter in Pixie Hollow and a hero wannabe.
    • In The Legend of the Mystic Lights, Huckleberry Pie ("Huck" for short) follows the same trope.
      • In the same story, it's revealed that Sled was born from Huck's first laugh
  • Secret Identity: Sonic, Shadow and Silver have their supposed brothers as their heroic alter-egos.
  • Science Fantasy: Fairies have both magic and Star Wars-esque weapons.
  • Ship Tease: Quite a lot of it for Sonic and Peri.
    • In Eternal Winter, pretty much all characters do it for Sonic and Elsa, despite the two not having any romantic feelings for each other.
      • A very subtle one. In The Christmas Thieves, Shadow and a teenage Lizzy make a comparison between their current situation, where Sonic makes a nighttime investigation and he needs Lizzy to use her powers to help him, and the similar situation he had found himself in at the beginning of Eternal Winter, where he had to ask for Elsa's help. This puts her in the same role as Elsa. And towards the end of the story, Lizzy herself mentions that she's an Aaron Stone fangirl.
  • Bruce Lee Clone: Senya can somehow be considered one because of her fighting style (Jeet Kune Do) and (as stated on IsonicfanI's profile) her Chinese descent. She also uses a nunchaku.
    • This might have been inspired by the fact that Bruce Lee's Chinese name, Jun Fan, is a girl name.
  • Running Gag: Several:
    • Shadow and his never-ending jokes about Queen Clarion's age. Sometimes other characters do it too (or are targeted), and sometimes he switches it up with other kinds of you're so *insert insult here* jokes.
    • Sonic being teased about having a crush on a girl (regardless of whether he actually has a crush on said girl or not)
    • Vidia being jealous that Sonic is faster than her
    • Aaron Stone's fangirls
    • Silver or Silvermist being stupid
  • Shout-Out: Again, several:
    • Aaron Stone: the first and most obvious one. The main character lives a secret life as a hero named Aaron Stone. The game Hero Rising also appears in-universe.
    • TRON: Legacy: Sonic, Shadow and Silver's suits and disc weapons are exactly like the ones found in the film.
    • Star Wars: The term "blaster", which refers to what is basically a laser gun.
    • Silver says "It's no use!" and "Take this!" whenever he fights using his psychic powers. Guess where that comes from
    • Sword Art Online: The Elucidator, Dark Repulser and Lambent Light are swords from this series. Also, it can be assumed that the Dark Bane, a sword described as being identical in shape to the Dark Repulser, only black, is supposed to be the sword that Kirito uses in ALfheim Online.
      • Just like Hero Rising above, ALfheim Online also appears as a video game that characters play in-universe (minus the virtual reality part)
    • Yandere Simulator: In the Christmas Special, Sweet Pea refers to Sonic/Aaron as her Senpai. Ella mentions that she's seen the idea of a Stalker with a Crush who refers to her crush as Senpai before, but can't figure out exactly where. Slate points out that it was in a video game.
    • Zatoichi: The Spirit of the Blind Swordsman from Eternal Winter (even though in his case, the title "Blind Swordsman" is more of a metaphor, given that he can actually see)
    • Final Fantasy XIII: Ella's main weapon is the Blazefire Sabre, a gunblade which is taken from this game.
    • Injustice: Gods Among Us: Judging by the description of Diana's staff, more specifically by how it splits into a pair of sticks, it sound very similar to Nightwing's weapon.
    • Wolverine: Ella has a pair of Wolverine-style claws, only made of energy rather than metal.
    • Assassin's Creed: She also has a pair of hidden blades (once again, made of energy rather than metal)
    • Chrome: This is where Bolt's name comes from.
    • Chuck Norris Facts: Quite a few characters, most notably Aaron Stone fangirls and fanboys, mention how awesome he is in the form of Chuck Norris-esque "Aaron Stone facts"
    • The Legend of Zelda: The Power to Repel Evil appears as a recurring element in the series.
    • Dungeons & Dragons: Bobble plays it.
    • There's even one to the original Secret of the Wings: Sonic is from the warm side of Pixie Hollow, Peri is from the Winter Woods, they fall in love and end up as Star-Crossed Lovers.


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