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Now you know Sonic X, right? The fourth incarnation of the blue blur's animated adventures?

Well, take that series, strip away the audio track, rewrite the story and re-edit practically everything, and you get the first Abridged Series/Gag Dub/Completely edited series of the whole Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

You see, Sonic F adapts, re-works and mocks what was once an edited translation of the second anime version of Sonic, which was originally intended to be more faithful to the games before the whole Westernization process.

It is worth noticing that there were several attempts at creating Abridged Series for the anime OVA as well as Sonic X, but those eventually became Orphaned Series. Therefore, the Sonic F series has transcended everything. Everything.

Created by Cyberlink420 and Gamebuddy123, episodes are released under the banner of Sonic Paradox, the same Sonic fanimation team responsible for the Sonic Shorts series.


Check out their YouTube channel here and their Twitter account here.

This Abridged Series provides examples of: