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When (and if...) Sonic F gets to the Metarex Arc, Dark Oak will still be a Knight of Cerebus.

Much like the villians of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, he will retain his dark villainy, but become a lot sillier. Alternately, he will become a Comically Serious Deadpan Snarker.

When (and if...) Sonic F gets to the end of Sonic X's first season (near when all the Chaos Emeralds are gathered on Earth for the first time...) this is how it will play out:

I know that writing this might make this scenario less likely to happen, but it's possible that Sonic Paradox either didn't think far ahead enough, or weren't planning on doing things this way.

Mr. Steward: Now Chris, the first thing I want you to do for this counseling session is eat one of these candies.
Chris Thorndyke: Umm... I'm not sure taking anything from you is particularly wise.
Mr. Steward: Let me put it this way. Do you want to graduate the same time as your other classmates?
Chris Thorndyke: *sighs, swallows candy* Okay, I did what you asked. But can you explain why you... *eyes roll to back of head* wanted me to eat this... *eyes close* candy.....*eyes open halfway, completely blank*.
Mr. Steward: Very Good Chris. Now I want you to pay attention to me very carefully. In exactly 48 hours, I want you to kill yourself. I don't care how you do it, but it has to be done as quickly as possible. Do you understand?
Chris Thorndyke: I understand.
Mr. Steward: Good. Now in a moment I will snap my fingers. You will wake up feeling the happiest you ever felt in your life, thinking that whatever problem you had that has been troubling you is solved, not remembering your instructions until the moment you will carry them out. Understand?
Chris Thorndyke: Yes.
*Mr. Steward snaps his fingers. Chris wakes up from the drug induced trance, eyes completely normal*
Mr. Steward: Well Chris, I think this counseling session is finished. You can go back to class now.
Chris Thorndyke: I can't seem to remember what happened, but whatever you said makes me feel GREAT! Thank you Mr. Steward! *Walks away*
Mr. Steward: (Thinking to himself) Yes, walk along, red shirted boy. Your days are numbered.

Later, after being captured by Eggman...

*Chris goes back into a trance state*
Mr. Steward's voice: In exactly 48 hours, I want you to kill yourself. I don't care how you do it, but it has to be done as quickly as possible. Do you understand?
Chris Thorndyke (aloud): I understand...I
*Chris breaks through his restraints, grabbing the emeralds*
Dr. Eggman: It's a good thing I shut off the power connecting the emeralds, boy, or you might have died!
*When Super Sonic rescues Chris, the ladder eventually wakes up, no longer suicidal. The last thing he remembered was being held captive by Eggman.*

Again, less likely to happen now that I brought up the idea, but it seems like what Sonic F's Steward would do instead of, you know, actually give Chris counseling. Sorry if this theory is too disturbing.

  • Jossed. Word of God says the general structure of the season finale has already been planned out, and this ain't it.

Shadow will be voiced by Takahata101.
Reprising his role from Death Battle.
  • Jossed.

Cosmo will be a Butt-Monkey.
In the vein of Krillin and Cloud. Considering how Cosmo is physically weak (and somewhat clumsy) in the anime, most of the humor around her would be based on these factors.

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