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Episode 1

  • Eggman and Sonic going through a list of all of the stuff Eggman's done to try and beat Sonic.
  • The WMG moment.
    Sonic: Curse you Warner Music Grooooooup!
  • Sonic's "Kids don't try this at home" speech.
    Sonic: Kids, there's nothing cooler then doing stupid stunts for someone you like, but if someone tries to tell you to ghostride the whip, that's no good! It's your body, no one has the right to tell you to stand on a Formula 1 racecar if you don't want too! So what do you do? First, you say no, then you stick your friend in the middle of a busy highway and get out of there!
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  • Sonic and Chris' first conversation.
    Sonic: Thought I lost my rings there for a second..
    Chris: Wow, you can talk huh? Do you have a name?
    Sonic: It's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Come on, everyone knows that, where were you in the 90s?
    Chris: I had a Super Nintendo.
    Sonic: I hate you so much right now...

Episode 2

  • The news report about Sonic.
    Cop: I swear he came out of nowhere! I haven't been this confused since I watched Lost!
    Mustache Guy: At first I thought I was drunk, but then I realized that all the women still had their clothes on!
    Scientist: I have a monkey on my face.
  • "Curses! You know garage doors are my one weakness!"
  • Tails' paper airplanes taking out an entire government facility.
  • Sonic's outright refusal to do the Over 9000! meme.
  • Tails trying to figure out where they came from with math.

Episode 3

  • Eggman's slot machine, coming out with E-23 twice and Metal Man.
  • The idea of Sonic watching Jersey Shore reruns.
  • Amy's Epic Fail at stopping E-23, then thinking back on her lackluster life.
  • Sonic stealing the spotlight whilst using his taunts from SSBB.

Episode 4

  • The President and everything he says.
  • Amy's Stalker Sense.
  • Chris hanging onto Eggman's portable ship.
  • Stewart and how completely creepy he is.


Episode 5

  • How easily Knuckles is duped.
  • "Strapping a squirrel to a rocket does not qualify as science."
  • Amy's response to Sonic's indifference.
    Amy: Ugh! You're so mean! One day I'll forget all about you and find someone who treats me better!
    Sonic: I think we both know that's not going to happen.
    Amy: I hate it when you're right.
  • Sonic's outright snarking at Knuckles, followed by their fight.
  • Sonic singing the SATAM theme after breaking the legs of Eggman's robot.

Episode 6

  • Most of the things that come out of E -51's speaker, which flip-flop between stuff friendly teachers say and stuff mindless drones say to promote their masters.

Episode 7

  • Mrs. Thorndyke's Lethal Chef tendencies and all around Jerkass attitude. Also filling up 27 closets somehow.
  • Stewart's Crack Pairing with his painting.
  • Uncle Sam being Johnny Gioelli, along with his Small Name, Big Ego.
  • Tanaka's ventriloquism excuse.

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

  • "My god. I can think. I am free. Now you will pay for your hubris, fox child."
  • The exchange between Eggman and Amy at the end.
    Eggman: Hahahaha! Later, suckers! I'm taking my single Chaos Emerald back to base. My one Chaos Emerald! Uno Emeraldo!
    Amy: Now he has both Chaos Emeralds!
    Eggman: ...No, I don't!
    Amy: Now we don't have any emeralds because Eggman has both!
    Eggman: What is wrong with you?!

Episode 11

Episode 14



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