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Sonic Studio is an in-progress Sonic the Hedgehog fan-game by LapperDev. It's a game where you can design your own Sonic levels using polygons. It's not meant to be a full-fledged Sonic game creator and instead acts as a fun toy.

The game started out in 2010 as Sonic Maker before evolving into its current form. The YouTube channel for the project is here.

Sonic Studio provides examples of:

  • Fan Game: The game is being built from the ground-up and it isn't a mod.
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  • Scenery Porn: The backgrounds in the gameplay footage are scenic even compared to the official titles.
  • Retraux: Sonic Studio is styled after the 16-bit Sonic titles. Sonic's design in footage is angular and similar to his Sonic CD or Sonic OVA designs.

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