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Video Game / Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog

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A set of Game Mods made by E-122-Psi in which the pink hedgehog takes over Sonic's role. Hammer in hand, she can bash enemies and perform large hammer jumps, but isn't able to perform spin moves, changing gameplay significantly.

These hacks include:

These hacks provide examples of:

  • Call-Forward: Amy's move set in all of three hacks is based on her abilities in the first Sonic Advance game. The hacks for 2 and 3 (and later versions of 1) add her upward dash from Advance 3 (which itself replicates Sonic's Super Peel Out from Sonic the Hedgehog CD).
  • Difficulty Spike: While Amy's abilities are different from Sonic's, the levels and bosses are unaltered, making some parts easier and other parts harder.
  • Later Installment Weirdness: Later versions of the first and second feature a Giant Steps move performed by pressing Down+Jump, which relegates the Upward Dash (analogue to the Spin Dash) to Up+Jump. The third game doesn't feature Giant Steps, and the Upward Dash uses Down+Jump, same as the Spin Dash in the original games. (In a case of Early Installment Weirdness, early versions of the first and second game also only had Giant Steps and Upward Dash respectively through the same control scheme).
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  • Master of All: Super Amy is, like all Super forms, invincible, negating her inability to spin. While Amy runs slower than Sonic, Super Amy closely matches Super Sonic's speed, and retains her other abilities.
  • Retraux: While her moves are based on the Sonic Advance games, to further the hacks' connection to the classic Sonic games, they use Amy's design from Sonic CD instead of her modern design.
  • Sequence Breaking: Amy follows Sonic's route in 3, but her hammer can destroy barriers that give access to most of Knuckles' routes.
  • Some Dexterity Required: Downplayed; the original games only use the d-pad and jump button, while these hacks add a second button for the hammer. Since Amy doesn't spin for her jumps, hammer attacks need to be timed to hit enemies in the way.
  • Spring Jump: Amy's regular jump is the same height as Sonic's, but Down+Attack triggers a higher jump, sometimes dangerously so. And in a literal case, hammer attacking the games' springs while propel Amy much higher than normally jumping on them.
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  • Too Fast to Stop: Averted; no matter how fast she goes, pressing the Down button will stop all momentum instantly.

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