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Scamic is uh.. erm.. a bizarre Stylistic Suck version of Sonic the Hedgehog created by user MetHurdlenote . The show features surreal takes on all the Sonic characters with butchered names. It can be best described as Dada meets Sonic the Hedgehog.

The series doesn't follow Scamic, but instead focuses on Mails, the Only Sane Man forced to protect the Jewels of Not Goodness from the evil clutches of Eggnog and his long-suffering badnik sidekick named Motobug #58. Supporting characters include Sam, a news reporter who is caught in between the crossfire of Mails' and Eggnog's rivalry, and Ame, a Yandere taken Up to Eleven.

More times than not however, the show ditches it's original story and instead puts spotlight on the main character's incredibly absurd and often insane adventures, such as attending a wedding where the bride is a body pillow or getting trapped in a hostage situation where their captor is a small house spider. The show revels in it's Stylistic Suck, using static images as "characters" and having text-to-speech voices.


     Episode List 

The Show

Requiem for a Jewel

  1. Jewel Thief: Scamic and Mails try to stop Eggnog from stealing the Jewels of Not Goodness.
  2. Home Invasion: Eggnog invades Mails’s home in search of the jewels.
  3. Phone Sex: Mails gets into a phone call argument with Eggnog on live TV.
  4. Ame: Mails deals with a fan who proves to be more deranged than initially thought.
  5. An Anime Love Story: Mails attends Eggnog’s wedding. His spouse being a body pillow.
  6. Spider Situation: A spider in the living room spurs into an all-out hostage situation.
  7. Crossover: Mails has a bad dream full of giants, abominations, and unfunny comics.
  8. Furry Convention: Moto Bug #58 infiltrates a furry convention.
  9. Star Allies: Mails is forced to assist Kirby in stopping a communist.
  10. Jewel Thief II: The Great Offensive: Mails and Eggnog team up to take down Ame.

The Second Coming

  1. The Hero's Return: After a long break, Mails must return to his duties.
  2. Escape the Couch: Mails is stuck to the couch and his “friends” try to help.
  3. Blizzard!: Mails is forcibly kidnapped to attend Eggnog’s Christmas party.
  4. Shad Dick: Mails encounters an evil version of himself.
  5. Fantastic Journey to McDonald's: Eggnog drags Mails into a trip to Mc Donalds.
  6. Nightmare in 97: Mails, Eggnog, and #58, try to fight off a monster.
  7. Courtroom Conundrum: Eggnog sues Mails when the former breaks his legs.
  8. Backrooms: Mails is lost in the eponymous Backrooms.
  9. Surgery Circus: Mails is hospitalized after a t-rex induced accident and Ame tries to help.
  10. The End: In this Series Fauxnale of Scamic, Eggnog enlists Mails to protect him for the night, but things slowly go awry as several events, characters, and problems from throughout the show all collide.

Alternate Mixtape

  1. Virus: 58 goes berserk when a virus is implanted in him.
  2. The Pass: Eggnog says the n word and is going to get publicly hanged. Mails tries to find the “N Word Pass”.

Scamic Bites

  1. The Grandfather Clock Catastrophe: Mails buys a grandfather clock. Hilarity Ensues.
  2. Phone: Eggnog upgrades his phone.
  3. Office: Ame becomes the boss of an office floor.
  4. Revenge One: Mails finally gets his revenge.

Other / Missing Episodes

  1. Legs
  2. Closet
  3. Summer Break

The show can be found here.

Scamic contains examples of:

  • Advertised Extra: One would think that this show would star Scamic, due to the Protagonist Title and appearing prominently in the first trailer. But nope. He's a Living Prop and the show mainly focuses on Mails.
  • All Just a Dream / Or Was It a Dream?: One episode has Mails trapped in a neverending nightmare. When he wakes up, he's glad that it was all just a dream. Cue Eggnog saying "Or was it?" followed by all of his dream characters crashing through his roof. Then the episode suddenly ends.
  • And I Must Scream: #58 loses his ability to move after he crash lands into a field. Nobody bothers to fix him, leaving him stranded.
  • Ax-Crazy: Ame is more than willing to kill anyone that stands in her way. Eggnog and his army learn this the hard way.
    • Kirby has shown to be a very erratic and highly unstable killer who often swallow random people whole for no real reason at all.
  • Bad Boss: Eggnog is this to #58. He has routinely shown in several episodes that he doesn't give a crap about him and will more often than not use him as a weapon or a meat shield.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Seems to be a running theme with this show.
    • Eggnog succeeds in getting the Jewels of Not Goodness in both episodes one and two.
      • Averted much more often after that however.
    • Ame succeeds in forcing Mails to become her boyfriend in episode four and manages to slaughter Eggnog's entire army against her in the season finale.
      • In season two's Escape the Couch, she glues Mails to the couch and kidnaps him.
    • Kirby ultimately kills Marx, and later Mails, with no punishment.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Eggnog at the last minute is suddenly mauled to death by a bear for no real reason in one episode.
  • Big Bad: Eggnog is supposedly this, but immediately loses this role when Ame makes her debut. Showing that she's much more terrifying and competent than him.
  • Bittersweet Ending: How Season One ends. Ame slaughters all of Mails and Eggnog's cohorts and gets away with it. Eggnog's plan to kill Ame ends up in flames and is suddenly mauled to death by a bear. On the other hand, Mails manages to get the Jewels of Not Goodness back and the season ends on a relatively positive note for him.
  • Bookends: A title variant. Episode one is called "Jewel Thief" and episode ten, the season finale, is called "Jewel Thief II".
    • A more subtle one. "Home Invasion" ends with 58 crashing into Mails' house from the Death Egg. "Jewel Thief II" has 58 crashing into the Death Egg from the ground.
  • Butt-Monkey
    • Mails. On so many occasions his life is made hell by Eggnog and/or some other insane character. Not to mention that his deaths are an extremely common occurence.
    • Eggnog himself is a frequent one. He often goes through the most humiliating deaths this show has to offer. Whether it be being crushed by a giant dildo, suddenly exploding, or getting mauled to death by a bear.
    • Motobug #58 doesn't fare much better either. All of his appearances (sans "Spider Situation") ends with him being greviously maimed or killed.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Eggnog shows shades of this in later episodes.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: The entirety of "Jewel Thief II" is filled to the brim with subtle Continuity Nods and Bookends moments. Such as Eggnog's army made to kill Ame being comprised of nearly every single character that has appeared throughout the season. They're all killed by Ame.
    • The Hero's Return features a supercut of everytime someone dies onscreen, or when something is blown up.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Ame effortlessly cuts through Eggnog's entire army in "Jewel Thief II".
  • A Day In The Lime Light
    • Furry Convention mainly follows 58 as he disguises himself as a furry with Mails and Eggnog having relatively minor roles.
    • Surgery Circus entirely takes place in Ame's perspective when she accidentaly hospitalizes Mails and decides to become a doctor.
  • Demoted to Extra: Scamic is nearly absent or barely seen in every episode starting on the second half of the first season.
  • Downer Ending: Every episode is likely to end on one, if not, it likely verges on No Ending.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The pilot is the only episode to actually use Sonic sprites. Every episode after uses real life images. Also character designs for Scamic and Mails look slightly different.
  • Extra-Long Episode: Most episodes are around 3-5 minutes. However there have been a few noticeably longer episodes:
    • Ame downplays this, as it is only two extra minutes longer, however it does serve as Ame's debut episode.
    • Jewel Thief II and The End are much more longer episodes and they have a much more grander scale than most others. Justified though, as they serve as season finales.
  • Enemy Mine: "Ame" and "Jewel Thief II" has Mails working with Eggnog to take down Ame. Only once does it work.
  • Everything Explodes Ending: "An Anime Love Story" ends with Eggnog's wedding reception devolving into a chaotic battle arena. One particular badnik places a bomb in the room, causing the whole building to explode. Killing Mails, Eggnog, Sam, and Ame in the proccess.
  • Harmless Villain: Subverted with Eggnog. Despite being acting like a Friendly Enemy and is usually incompetent, his sheer stupidity and insane plans causes chaos and destruction to wherever he goes.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Sam is among the many people that are repulsed by Eggnog's marriage with a pillow. However during the final scene, you can briefly see Sam running around, holding another body pillow.
  • Karma Houdini: The first two episodes ends with Eggnog getting the Jewels of Not Goodness and managing to kill Mails.
    • Ame is a more straighter example. In both of her major appearances she suffers no repercussions for harassing Mails and slaughtering several people.
  • Karmic Death: Much of Eggnog's deaths verge on this.
    • Ame is a zig-zagged example. She frequently suffers no comeuppance for her vile actions in her episodes, while in episodes where she does nothing wrong, ends up dying.
  • Kill 'Em All: Blizzard! and Courtroom Conundrum are episodes that has all the main characters die.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Episode 3 is a giant one for Eggnog. The past two episodes has Eggnog winning while also killing Mails. This time however, Mails gets his revenge on Eggnog by shooting him. He then lampshades this.
  • Living Prop: Scamic stands motionlessly in nearly every episode.
  • Megaton Punch: The climax of the final battle in "Jewel Thief II" has Ame kicking 58 so hard that he crashes into the Death Egg and causes it to explode. Which according to the timecard shown right after it, kills thousands of people.
  • Mind Screw: Everything in episode three, Phone Sex.
  • Negative Continuity: Nearly every episode has our main characters dying in some fashion.
  • No Ending: Happens frequently. Most notably in episode four, where the episode suddenly ends with Eggnog dead, and the implication that Mails is going to have a car-sized dildo shoved up in his ass by Ame.
  • Once an Episode: Almost every episode has someone dying or something exploding — usually both.
  • Only Sane Man: Mails is the most prominent one, often being caught in the insanity that is his world.
    • When the episode doesn't focus on Mails, Motobug #58 and Sam are most likely there to take his role.
  • Only the Leads Get a Happy Ending: How the show possibly ends in The End, Mails and the rest of his "friends" are safe and they have a movie marathon back at the house, while everyone else is either dead or missing.
  • Out of Focus: Ame and Sam in season two.
  • Pet the Dog: Eggnog seems genuinely saddened by the fact that everyone is killed by Ame (sans Mails, whom was spared) in the season finale.
  • Random Events Plot: Episodes One, Two, Three, and Nine, don't really have much of plot.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Parodied. Mails says to Eggnog how he has a well established pet bear named Boris. Eggnog immediately questions this before getting mauled to death by the latter.
  • Running Gag
  • Running Gagged: Mails finally wises up and gets a roof strong enough that no one would be able to destroy it in Courtroom Conundrum.
  • Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Trailer: 58 and Ame, two very major characters, are not shown in any of the three trailers.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: Ame and Sam, while not as frequent as the rest of the male cast, get their share of injuries and deaths.
  • Stylistic Suck: Static images moving around (usually) real life backgrounds.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: Everyone.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Oh boy.. Absolutely no one is safe from this trope. Damn near every episode has the main characters (or at least some of them) dying in some weird fashion. Mainly through explosions or gun fire.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone
    • "Spider Situation" gets the special ranking of being the only episode where none of the main characters are killed or seriously injured.
    • After spending the whole series suffering, Jewel Thief II ends with Mails getting a relatively happy ending, at the cost of everyones elses lives.
    • The End is the next (and possibly last) episode to have all the characters alive and well-off (as in no one is screwed over by the end) and Mails invites everyone to his house to watch movies.
  • Token Human: Sam. She's the only recurring human in the show.
  • Wedding Day: The bulk of episode 5 takes place in Eggnog's wedding, where he marries a body pillow.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Mails lives to have insane stuff happen to him. And it's quite obvious that he hates every second of it.

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