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Well, now that that is out of the way, TheSonicShow is iTunes' Number 1 Podcast on Sonic the Hedgehog. Its members premiere trailers, conduct interviews, and do weekly Let's Play's and Livestreams. They are a part of Sonic Stadium.Their YouTube channel can be found here, and their home website here!

Members of TheSonicShow

  • Discoponies (Jay)
    • Owner of TheSonicShow, and player of the games for Livestreams.
  • Goodbye18000 (Tanner)
  • MetalHero727 (Fuad)
  • LunaEC (Tom)
  • DonnieSPNews
    • Stream team member. He also does the news for SonicParadox.
  • Turbo
    • Stream team member.
  • Spotyloe (Grace)
    • Stream team member, and a girl!
  • CobraRoll (Jon)
    • Stream member, filmmaker and reviewer of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise.


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