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"Harmony. Without it, there can be no peace. Even the most different things can co-exist with each other if there is harmony between them. Two worlds, as different as night and day, will be joined together, forever changing both when the dust settles. For one, an idyllic paradise that thrives off of everypony and everything working together. For the other, a rampant whirlwind of chaos that fuels the adventures of its inhabitants. Can the two actually be one? Some say no, as such things were never meant to be together. As this tale will show, harmony can be found in the most unlikely of places, and from the most unlikeliest of people. This is the tale of what transpired when visitors of the chaotic world entered the land of a peaceful existence. What happens then would forever change the balance of both parties, but most importantly, the visitors who first needed harmony with themselves."
The first paragraph of the story.

Chaotic Harmony is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover fanfic by MaroxXIII.

After an argument splits Sonic and his friends apart, they find themselves suddenly Trapped in Another World. The series will revolve around how the characters adjust to their new setting, while uncovering a mystery that's been kept hidden in Ponyville for years.

List of episodes in the series so far

  1. Arrival: Prologue detailing how Sonic and his "friends" got to Equestria. [Finished!]
  2. Race: Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash. [In production]
  3. Strategy: Tails and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Moreso Scootaloo) [Coming soon]
  4. Adventure: Applejack and Knuckles [Coming soon]
  5. Smile: Pinkie Pie shipping Amy and Sonic [Coming soon]
  6. Jewel: TBA
  7. Understand: TBA
  8. Showdown: TBA

First episode can be found here.

Tropes featured in Chaotic Harmony so far include:

  • Action Girl: Chapter 5 has Twilight defending Sonic from Eggman. Rainbow Dash gets in on the action as well.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Eggman completely thrashes Twilight Sparkle's library looking for...a book.
  • And Knowing Is Half the Battle: Twilight recites a lesson about friendship dedicated to the visitors to Princess Celestia near the end of Episode 1.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: You know Twilight Sparkle, the nerdy bookwormish unicorn that seems harmless, right? Yeah, she just stopped an incoming barrage of missiles aimed at Sonic. Not so nice now, huh?
  • Big Bad: Dr. Eggman.
  • Big Damn Heroes: First, Twilight steps in intercepting a near fatal attack aimed at Sonic, and sends it back to Eggman. Then Rainbow Dash pulls an impressive one, saving Twilight and Sonic while totally Sonic Rainuking Eggman's machine
  • Bond Breaker: Sonic and his pals split ways after a HUGE Humiliation Conga wrecks havoc on Cream's birthday party. But it started earlier than that when he confessed that their friendship isn't as strong as it once was.
  • Boss Battle: Sonic's Encounter with Eggman is actually read like one, complete with life bars and music to match.
  • The Cameo: Big the Cat makes an appearance at Cream's party.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Pinkie Pie naturally. Nobody from Sonic's world understands her.
  • Crossover
  • Continuity Nod: So far, a few have been made to the MLP side, but this is averted for the Sonic universe.
  • Cool Airship: Dr. Eggman's newest flagship, the Egg Skylord, appears at the end of the battle safely carrying the doc away from his captors.
  • Dark Secret: Princess Celestia is implied to have one near the end of Episode 1.
  • Dead Fic: With no update since 2012 and the author's disappearance, it's safe to assume that this fic is dead.
  • Dudley Do-Right Stops to Help: Sure, he's on the run from everypony trying to get a hold of him, but even Sonic couldn't resist helping out Rarity with her new design.
  • Everyone Chasing You: Somehow, they're able to keep up with Sonic!
  • Fantastic Racism: The arrival of Sonic and the others is not met well with the citizens of Ponyville.
  • Fish out of Water: Thanks to Chaos Control, the gang now find themselves in Ponyville.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Pinkie Pie. She even comments on Sonic's rank at the end of his battle against Dr. Eggman!
  • Gasp!: Everyoune's reaction when Sonic calls Amy a stalker.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Sonic made very clear that he doesn't like his "friends," hates Ponyville, and finds all of the residents there crazy. But he won't think twice about stopping Eggman from tearing Ponyville apart.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While Sonic is moody due to a lack of adventure, he isn't uncaring, as he did help Rarity with her dilemma even though he could've chose not to.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Twilight of all ponies, goes from freaking out over catching that hedgehog, to saving Sonic and facing Eggman head on. She even intercepted the mad doctor's missiles and fired them back at him!
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Sonic calls himself the Fastest Thing Alive more than once.
    • The first page of the "My Little Pony: Adventures in Equestria" book is taken straight from the opening narrative of the first episode.
    • How does Sonic enter Ponyville for the first time? By falling flat on his face, of course!
    • Sonic uses one of Rainbow Dash's memetic lines during the duet with Rarity in Chapter 4.
    • Eggman's first appearance in Equestria is announced by a very familiar line (uttered by Pinkie, no less!):
      Pinkie Pie: Hey look everypony! It's a giant talking egg! Hehehehe!!
      Dr. Eggman: Silence! I am Dr. Robotnik! The greatest scientific genius in the world! You will address me as such!
      Pinkie Pie: Okie dokie lokie...*giggle* Eggman! Hehehe HAHAHA! Eggman! Get it? Hahahah!!!
    • The story mentions past Season 1 episodes "Mare in the Moon", "Boast Busters", and "A Bird in the Hoof".
    • Knuckles mentions getting lost on Route 99 instead of going down Route 280.
    • Both of Celestia's guards warn Twilight if she's caught hiding the visitors, she'll be sent... to the moooooonnnnnn.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Rainbow Dash goes from a Sonic Rainboom splitting the Egg Viper MK-III into pieces, to a Sonic Rainnuke to finish Eggman off.
  • Owls Ask "Who?": In Chapter 3, Sonic gets into an argument with Owlowiscious when he mistakes the owl's hooting for him asking the question "who?"
    Sonic: Whew... it's just an owl. You aren't going to start talking, right?
    Owlowiscious: Who?
    Sonic: You, duh.
    Owlowiscious: Who?
    Sonic: You! I'm talking to you right now!
    Owlowiscious: Who?
    Sonic: You! You, okay!? Geez, and I thought that pink pony was annoying!
    Owlowiscious: Who?
    Sonic: Alright, that's it! Say "who" one more time. I dare ya, birdie! I. Dare. You.
  • Protect This House: Ponyville Library comes under fire when Eggman arrives.
  • Painting the Medium: Like Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, there are links to some of the music from the Sonic franchise to be used as events in the story. Word of God confirms that there will be more music coming from both franchises in later episodes.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Look Your Best" is "Art of the Dress" re-written as a duet between Rarity and Sonic. And it's freaking hilarious.
  • Shout-Out: Combined with a stealthy Take That!: Rarity mentions how rubies and sapphires are her favorites. To her, they're even better than gold and silver.
  • Sequel Hook: At the end of Episode 1, Eggman managed to survive that horrible beatdown Rainbow Dash gave him, Princess Celestia knows about the Chaos Emeralds, and she orders the gang to find them before more trouble ensues. Sonic ends the first episode telling Twilight that he's going to stick a while longer.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Sonic is one irritated dude in this fiction, mostly because since Eggman's last defeat, things around his world have been a lot more peaceful. Everyone else adjusted to a quieter lifestyle, but for him, the lack of adventure turned him into one hell of a grump....
  • Wham Line:
    Sonic (to Amy): Gee, I dunno... maybe you can find somebody else to chase around. Or better yet, perhaps you can do something besides stalk people.
    Cream: Mommy, what's the use of having friends, if everyone fights all of the time?
    Tails (to Princess Celestia): Wait! How do you know about the Chaos Emeralds!?
  • We Used to Be Friends: "They're not my friends... not anymore."

"This is so exiting! Are you excited!? I know I'm excited! I've never been so excited in my life! *GASP* I just can't wait! This is going to be the best cross-over ever!"