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Vresun Ciraian Ruins is a webseries revolving around the events that happened before Vresun, during Vresun and after Vresun. As such, each season is split into 10 episodes, with each Season Finale offering various theories on what may have happened behind the scenes.

Metal Gear Shane (Season 1) revolves around Shane having to deal with the nefarious The Eternal Darkness. The Eternal Darkness's goal is to ruin Shane's life by impersonating him and causing trouble in various places. However, there's more to the situation than meets the eye and it might be possible that Shane isn't who he seems to be.


After Metal Gear Shane comes the second season, Metal Gear Vresun (Season 2). King of Despair joins Shane and his fellow members within Vresun. However, trouble strikes and once again, things aren't what they seem. It's up to the Vresunites to put things right before it all goes to hell...

With Vresun now gone, the Vresunites created Astrum on top of it and rebuilt their way of life before moving forward. Metal Gear Astrum (Season 3) gives us a glimpse of what happened after Vresun's death, while Kushagra drifts in cyberspace as a lone wildcard. However, once Shane "dies", things take a turn for the darker and trouble returns once again...

The final season, Metal Gear Symfora (Season 4) heralds the return of Shane with Symfora now being the main base of operations after Astrum is taken over by King of Despair, [HisSleepiness] and Bloom. However, during their infiltration of Symfora, things proceed to go wrong, causing everything to go downhill. After that, everything has changed...


After Season 2 was finished, the series went into it's first (but temporary) hiatus before returning on November 9th 2017. Season 3 was finished on February 1st 2018 and now Season 4 is currently in the works; so far it has 6 episodes finished. As of now, the series is in an

Tropes that apply to the series in general.

  • Absurdly Huge Population: Vresun appears to be this at first until it's revealed that all the members are sockpuppets.
    • The same also applies to [Astrum5Ds] before Gwyneth banned Shane and co and Symfora.
  • All There in the Manual: Several of this show's pages tend to cover a lot of things that don't appear in the show itself.
  • Dysfunction Junction: The series tends to be this as a whole. Season 2 makes it obvious and takes it from there, wheras Season 3 actually gets to show it off.
  • Easter Egg: A few of the thumbnails are references to obscure Vresun lore or other things related to the series:
    • The Fears of Shane Neumann and Shane~The Battle have an Ice type Pikachu, referencing Shane's desire to have an Ice type Pikachu.
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    • The thumbnail for KarjamP~The Battle is a redeco of Goku's SSGod Form designed to resemble PK Supreme, complete with afro.
    • Karjam's Curriculum Chaos's thumbnail has two screenshots from Kim's Lunar Shadow mod hidden in the two screens seen on that episode's thumbnail.
    • The Break-In's thumbnail has 3 sticky notes, one of which is an orange palette swap of Metal Gear Rex. It also has a list depicting a basic plan.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: Vresun tends to have a lot of varying pronunciations over the series with "ver-oo-sun" and "Ver-ee-zun" being the most common pronunciations.
  • Palette Swap: The thumbnails tend to use this frequently by giving other objects a new coat of paint.
  • Rule of Cool: All of the thumbnails are designed to be visually appealing, regardless of how accurate they appear to be.
  • Running Gag: Some of the characters tend to trail off into utter nonsense, with the Masterminds doing it the most often.
  • Synthetic Voice Actor: All the voices used are from at least 3 different Text to Speech programs.
  • The Conspiracy: Each season finale delves into theories about Shane's roles in the Vresun Conspiracy.
    • Later seasons expand beyond Vresun, with various different theories on events that happened behind the scenes.

     Season 1: Metal Gear Shane 

Tropes that apply to Season 1: Metal Gear Shane.

     Season 2: Metal Gear Vresun 

Tropes that apply to Season 2: Metal Gear Vresun.

  • A God Am I: YHVKarjam is presented as this, being designed to lampoon Karjam's obsessive need to bring up his religion and how he behaves in a somewhat dogmatic manner.
  • A God I Am Not: This is Karjam's reaction to being presented Yhvkarjam.
  • Arc Villain: Unlike Season 1, this season has several characters take the role of antagonist depending on the episode.
    • Karjam is the main antagonist of the Religious Turnabout, though Pteri may also count as one as well.
    • King of Despair is the main antagonist of the Crusader Turnabout, Rebellious Turnabout and Italian Turnabout.
    • Kushagra is the main antagonist for the Infinity Turnabout and the Apocalypse Turnabout.
  • Apocalypse How: Episode 19 shows that Vresun ended up deleted, rendering everything lost forever.
  • Another Side, Another Story: During the Memejam, Italian and Infinity Turnabouts, events on Discord were occurring between King of Despair, Kushagra, Alfasketer and Bloxxin.
  • Ban on Politics: Shane ends up restricting discussion on religion and politics to prevent a repeat of the Religious Turnabout. It doesn't take and is eventually ignored.
  • Big Bad: The Eternals are this season's antagonists, carrying on from The Eternal Darkness and causing trouble.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Yhvkarjam and the Meckarjam Supreme DX both have these. The Masterminds are also have these to match their darker colour scheme.
  • Burn the Witch!: Episode 12 has undertones of this due to it's use of the song Hellfire amongst a fiery backdrop.
  • Call-Back: The thumbnail for Episode 20 Part 1 sees the return of TED's Metal Gear REX, only it's bugged now.
  • Cassandra Truth: Kushagra tells everyone on Lunar Shadow that Pierre is King of Despair. It blows up in his face.
  • Courtroom Episode: Episode 11 has Karjam and Pteri battle it out in a courtroom.
  • Cruel Twist Ending: The Eternal Turnabout has ended, the Eternals have been driven out and things seem like they're going to change for the better. Seems like a happy ending, right? Nope. Kushagra deletes all of Vresun and everything was all for naught.
  • Darker and Edgier: Unlike the first season, several events in the series aren't as amusing.
  • Death of Personality: Vresun's final fate ends up being this. As such, it eventually becomes the Astrum Forums.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: Once the Eternal's control over Vresun is undone, Kushagra ends up deleting the forums.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Episode 17's thumbnail has a serpentine creature called Deleet. It never actually appears in the series.
  • End of an Age: The Apocalypse Turnabout ends up being this for Vresun.
  • Evil Overlooker: Episode 18's thumbnail depicted a half masked Lynn holding Vresun within her holds.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Lynn pulls this at the end of the Crusader Turnabout. She's later the second in command of The Eternals. The Revelation Turnabout has several of the members become The Eternals, who are the main villains of the second half of Season 2.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Episode 18 plays this laughs with 'Shane's Vresun SEALS' copypasta.
  • Humongous Mecha: Episode 15's thumbnail has the Meckarjam Supreme DX as it's main subject. In the actual video itself, the Meckarjam is seen instead.
  • Mood Whiplash: Episode 18's first half is serious and kinda disturbing. The second half is a variation of the Navy SEALS copypasta with the music unchanged from the first half.
  • Multi-Part Episode: The Season 2 Finale is split into two parts: the first reveals the Masterminds and the second part is about the methods used to maintain the game.
  • No True Scotsman: It's pretty much stated that The Eternal Despair isn't a true Eternal but is merely one in name only.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: Episode 20.2 depicts Kushagra, Pteri, King of Despair and The Eternal Darkness/Shane with this.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Despite being the leader of the Eternals, The Eternal Zero doesn't really do a whole lot.
  • Otaku: Shane and Karjam are considered this, to varying degrees.
  • Palette Swap: Meckarjam Supreme is a palette swap of Meckarjam (who appears in the video). The Masterminds are darker palette swaps of Shane, Ellen, Kim and Karjam. TED's Metal Gear REX also returns with a darker palette and appeared to be bugged.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Part of the Rebellion Turnabout happened because Kim thought King of Despair was insulting her (and by extension everyone else) by calling them wretches.
    • The entirety of the Crusader Turnabout is driven by King of Despair's aggression against Rita. Had Alexis bothered to inform anyone of Rita joining them or bothering to explain who Rita, a lot of the Crusader Turnabout (and by extension The Rebellious Turnabout) wouldn't have happened.
    • The Infinty Turnabout would have happened differently had Kushagra told King of Despair that he was planning to trick The Eternals. Instead, King of Despair proceeds to be a thorn in The Infinity's side until The Eternal Turnabout occurs.
  • Rainbow Motif: Episode 20.2's thumbnail has a rainbow Tower of Babel amidst a blackened desert.
  • Rain of Blood: Episode 18 uses this as a visual effect, adding onto the already dire atmosphere of the episode itself.
  • Red Baron: King of Despair sounds fearsome, except he really isn't.
  • Red Filter of Doom: Episode 13 has the screen covered in a red filter. This is accompanied by the sounds of gunfire and the main theme to Cheers.
  • Refusal of the Call: Kushagra tries to get Karjam to join Discord with the latter rejecting his offer.
  • Songs in the Key of Panic: Episode 18 uses Demon Sonata to set the mood for the episode.
  • Stealth Insult: Episode 14's music is Toxic Love which is a potshot at Shane and Ellen's relationship.
    • Episode 15, though comedic, uses the song Evil Incarnite, a song associated with YHVH and YHVKarjam.
    • Episode 16's thumbnail shows that Pierre has no audience due to all the seats being empty.
  • Surreal Symbolic Heads: Both Kushagra and Alfasketer are portrayed this way and are the only characters to portrayed this way.
  • The Conspiracy: Unlike the Season 1 Finale, the finale for Season 2 is split into two parts. The first part gives the viewer an explanation for who the Masterminds are while the second explains the methods used to keep the charade going.
  • Theme Naming: The Eternals all have a naming convention that goes like this: The Eternal [Insert Word Here].
  • The Dragon: Lynn is the second in command of The Eternals.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 14 and Episode 19 end up being these for differing reasons.

     Season 3: Metal Gear Astrum 

Tropes that apply to Season 3: Metal Gear Astrum.

  • A God I Am Not: PK says this about himself during his introduction.
  • Another Side, Another Story: Any episode taking place in Symfora and Lunar Shadow tend to be these, since they focus on Kushagra's side once Astrum and Astrum 5Ds gave him the boot.
  • Back from the Dead: Shane combines this with He's Back, unfortunately for him, King of Despair has turned against him.
  • Been There, Shaped History: PK claims that Yoshiro started several bands during the 70s/80s after Re:King of Despair asks PK if he went back in time just to start a band.
  • Big "NO!": Ariana does this no less than three times, all of which is an edited version of Darth Vader's NO. Gomakashi's final line towards Re:King of Despair is one of these as well.
    • Ariana's NO returns in Episode 27 after Bloom turns Karina into a flower dragon.
  • Breather Episode: After Episode 25 introduces the concept of "The Mastermind", Episode 26 is a silly off the wall episode that takes place before Shane's death.
  • Call-Back: Not to the series itself, but the ending is a reference to The Cosmic Dancer, a video made by the series's creator.
    • Episode 26's thumbnail is supposed to resemble Episode 21's thumbnail, but with Charlotte replacing Ariana.
    • The thumbnail for Episode 28 references the Season 2 Finale thumbnails, only with Shane's Metal Gear destroyed and Ellen possessed by Shane's Soul.
  • Cliffhanger: Episode 28 ends on one in a reference to Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, leading into the next episode.
  • Darker and Edgier: The events here are darker than in Metal Gear Vresun and the episodes themselves gain more horror based qualities.
  • Downer Ending: Gomakashi succeeds in killing off King of Despair by shooting him. He's just fine in the next episode.
  • Easter Egg: When the screen inverts during Episode 27, you'll notice some backwards gibberish. They're actually secret messages.
    • The screen inversion appears again during Episode 29 during Karjam's speech. The message sounds like a more dictatorish version of an already fascist sounding statment.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Shane's Soul is this, appearing at the very end of Episode 23.
  • Final Boss: Shellen takes this role during Episode 28. The next two episodes consist of the aftermath of this battle.
  • Flashback: Ellen has one of these during Episode 27, with a slowed down YEAH playing in the background.
  • Genre Throwback: The tone of A Neumann's Death is a throwback to the Remastered version of End of Star Wars.
  • Jumpscare: A Neumann's Death has 3 versions of Angel Ellen and ends with Shane's Soul attacking the viewer.
  • Hilarity Ensues: Compared to the last 3 plot heavy episodes, Episode 26 consists of Gomakashi and Alfasketer reacting to King of Despair's antics.
  • Leitmotif: Kushagra uses a Vapourwave remix of Shadilay created by Soundae.
    • Bloom's leitmotif is Just Monika, befitting of her true nature.
  • Motive Rant: Kekshagra and the Flower Dragon has Kushagra reveal his motivations for destroying Vresun.
  • No Antagonist: Unlike the last two seasons, the conflicts in this season are driven by internal conflict amongst the members.
  • Nightmare Face: A Neumann's Death introduces Shane's Soul as this. It reappears on The Hijacking of Shane's thumbnail attached to Ellen's body.
  • Ominous Fog: The thumbnail for Karjam's Curriculum Chaos has PK at a podium with pink fog around him.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: A Neumann's Death has this throughout the episode, adding to the dark tone of the episode.
    • Kekshagra and the Flower Child's thumbnail portrays Kurumi with this, possibly to highlight her nature as being off.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: The Hijacking of Shane's intro consists of the intro from The Kingly Serenade, this time, it reveals that Ariana was crying because Shane had died, effectively placing that episode after Shane's death.
  • Our Lawyers Advised This Trope: Upon asking PK about Jenny Everywhere, a voice reads a paragraph like this, much to Bloom's confusion.
  • Psychological Horror: Unlike the other episodes, A Neumann's Death veers more toward psychological horror akin to the Twisted Cuts videos by the same creator.
  • Pun: Assimilating Pi opens with puns based on Pi.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Gwyneth makes her debut in The Birth of Astrum 5Ds though nobody makes a big deal of this, as if she was always there.
    • Kurumi states that she's been around during the Vresun Apocalypse. Kushagra lampshades that she can't have known about Vresun's history unless she had been around since 2009.
  • Reality Ensues: After what he did at the end of Season 2, Kushagra winds up banned from Astrum and Astrum 5Ds, though he's forgiven.
    • After Shane dies in A Neumann's Death, the other members have to relocate to a new place because both Astrum and Symfora are defenceless with Shane gone.
    • When confronted by Rainy Day about the Mastermind during Masterminding Sympathy, Karjam doesn't know who they are because he and the Masterminds have never met in person.
    • Kushagra gets sick of Ellen's attention seeking behavior and chews her out for it during Masterminding Sympathy.
    • Having to deal with Ellen's self serving crazy behaviour, King of Despair chews her (or rather Shane) out when he suspects that Ellen has hijacked Shane's account during The Hijacking of Shane.
    • Karjam's speech in A Rainy Reunion is met with revilement from the other cast members, with King of Despair in particular taking umbrage to it.
  • Record Needle Scratch: This occurs once Gwyneth realises that the other members wanted to vote for their founder once she creates Astrum 5Ds.
  • Roleplaying: Karjam spends the entirety of Karjam's Curriculum Chaos role-playing as his character PK.
  • Rule of Three: Ariana screams exactly 3 times throughout the video.
    • Gwyneth repeats the phrase 'How do you know' at least 3 times in the intro segment.
  • Serenade Your Lover: King of Despair attempts this twice on Ariana, the second of which ends badly for him.
  • Tempting Fate: This line:
    King of Despair: Shot to the heart and you're to blame, you give love a bad name!
  • The Bus Came Back: PK was last mentioned in Karjam P~ The Battle and makes his return here.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Shane's Soul distorts into a Giygas-like entity before lunging at the screen during A Neumann's Death.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: PK's image in his intro has this, which gets used to hilarious effect during the end of it.
  • The Ghost: PK brings up Yoshiro once Re:King of Despair references the "Waifu" meme, though Yoshiro never actually appears in the episode.
  • To Serve Man: Kurumi claims that she's an alien that eats humans. Kushagra even dares her to fly over and eat his arm.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Despite being shot by Gomakashi, Re: King of Despair appears in Episode 22 as if nothing happened.
  • Wham Episode: A Neumann's Death starts out by Ellen revealing that Shane has died. The rest of the episode takes on a darker tone as a result.
    • During The Hijacking of Shane, we learn that Shane faked his death. King of Despair doesn't take it well and thinks that Ellen has hijacked Shane's account.
    • Flowering Falsehood reveals that Bloom Seymour is the fourth Conspiracy Mastermind and that she and Kim were trying to break away from Shane.
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: Kurumi pulls one of these in her debut to help Bloom out of her depression.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: Discussed by Ariana stating that the opponent in Big Rigs doesn't even move.
  • Zoom: After PK finishes his intro speech, the screen rotates around, turns red and zooms in on his face while he makes a silly noise.

     Season 4: Metal Gear Symfora 
  • Aborted Arc: The end result of King and Kurumi's debauchery ends up derailing Shane's "witness protection" story which is never brought up again after this point.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: If a character's line is long and has to be repeated, the line is read at double speed, complete with Fast-Forward.
    • For example, this happens to Karjam in Witness Protected.
  • Back from the Dead: In A Death Well Faked, Shane claims to have faked his death; which is met with much skepticism.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Shane and the Masterminds serve this role, though Kim has disappeared and Bloom seems to be siding against him.
  • Call-Back: Shane's first is a paraphrase of what he said during The Hijacking of Shane.
    • It's revealed that Symfora has a thread known as The Battle, which was covered in Season 1.
  • Content Warnings: The Sinners of Symfora has this right before King and Kurumi's sex scene., advising the viewer to skip to the end if they're averse to such content.
  • Defector from Decadence: Though Karjam tries to paint the Velkyzrites as KnightTemplars; in reality, King of Despair and HisSleepiness oppose Shane due to the latter's manipulative behaviour.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: Witness Protected shows Shane's face covered in shadow, with his blue eyes being rather pronounced.
  • Idiot Ball: King's Petty Payback is basically King trying to get a rise out of Shane and co by creating posts and deleting them instead of doing smart like leaving Symfora. As a result King winds up banned from Symfora.
  • Long List: Bloom does this at the beginning of Call of Karlien~ The Uprising when she lists most of the members she knows (most of which are sockpuppets).
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: During The Sinners of Symfora, it only takes 3 minutes in before King and Kurumi get it on within the Shoutbox.
  • Missing Steps Plan: The Break-In's thumbnail has this at the centre of Bloom's corkboard, detailing a rather basic plan.
  • Non-Answer: During Call of Karlien~ The Uprising, Bloom gives King of Despair one of these when he points our her difference in behaviour in Symfora and Astrum5Ds.
  • Not Me This Time: Crizelda assumes that the Eternals have hacked Shane's account as a prank. Shane confirms that the Eternals weren't involved.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: Witness Protected reuses Karjam's last two lines from A Death Well Faked and expands upon them by showing Shane's responses.
  • Reality Ensues: Shane faking his own death isn't met with praise. The other members aren't too happy about it and King of Despair has defected along with several other members.
    • Because Shane and the Masterminds use sockpuppets, it was only a matter of time before Cloudflare deemed Ellen's I.P as suspicious.
    • South Africa's high crime rate puts Shane in danger, which provides a reason for why he'd have to go into protective custody.
    • King and Kurumi's shoutbox debauchery during The Sinners of Symfora gets them banned for breaking one of the rules.
    • King's petty attempts at vengeance only screw himself over and end up getting him banned from Symfora at the end of King's Petty Payback.
  • Revenge Before Reason: King's reaction to being placed in the Ghost Group? Proceed to mess with Shane and co during King's Petty Payback.
  • Renegade Splinter Faction: Karjam views Astrum5Ds (later Velkyzr) as one of these, having split off from Shane and co.
  • Something Only They Would Say: Discussed, when Eleanor tells Shane to say something that only he would know, because she's unsure if Shane's actually alive.
  • Squick: Call of Karlien~ The Uprising has HisSleepiness make an error, with King's reaction being a remark about Alfasketer shitting on Karjam's face.
    • Shane is disgusted with King and Kurumi's debauchery in the Shoutbox, causing it to be temporarily suspended.
  • The Conspiracy: When Karjam(of all people) realises an inconsistency in Shane's story, he comes to the conclusion that a conspiracy is occuring and that Shane's parents are in on it. Ironically enough, he's quick to oppose anyone who claims the Vresun Conspiracy is true.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Lampshaded by King of Despair during Call of Karlien:
    King of Despair: Yeah, we all dislike him. The only good thing about him is Memejam since he's good meme material.
  • The Man in the Moon: The thumbnail for A Death Well Faked shows a green moon with Shane's face upon it.
  • Turncoat: Karjam accuses the Velkyzrites of being this, despite Shane and the Masterminds having manipulated everyone.
  • Updated Re-release: The Sinners of Symfora got an updated version that fixed some issues with the voice quality, changed one of the music tracks and re-added some secret messages and an image when King electrocutes HisSleepiness. The original still exists on the channel but is no longer placed on the Vresun Ciraian Ruins playlist.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Lynn's reaction to Shane having faked his death is effectively this. Shane tries to play this off as a heroic act however.
  • X-Ray Sparks: HisSleepiness briefly has this happen to him during the Sinners of Symfora after Shane places King and Kurumi into the Ghost group.

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