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Literature / Nekojin

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My name is Nathaniel Edwin Kansas Oldman, or Nekojin for short. No, you may not call me Nate unless I say you can.

Somewhere in the City of Cincinnati, in a universe only slightly different from ours, is a man that can...

...wait for it...

...that can turn into a cat. Not a were-cat, or a Cat-Man. He can turn into a cat, and back into a human if need be. Allegedly, he's a pervert, but time will tell how the story is taken. Right now his bragging is just that. Although he is a Straw Nudist.


Oh, and there's a Calvinball-esque game called Jaceball, which is really only important for one expected arc.

Episode 1 (if you can call it an episode) is readable here. The second part is in the writing stage.


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