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Rytex* is a rather eccentric troper. He found TVTropes when searching for information on My Immortal and My Inner Life due to an interest in badfics at the time. From there, he went on to become a regular contributor on the site.

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Rytex spends his time reading, writing fanfiction (and the occasional original fiction), coding, playing video games, and watching CGP Grey and Kurzgesagt. Rytex is currently a programmer in some random city on earth.


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He writes Fan Fics. There are links to his pages above., however, is old and mostly garbage (with the occasional good story). Feel free to ignore, or laugh at his earlier pathetic storytelling attempts.

He often speaks in third person, as evidenced, and enjoys listening to good music.

He is known for his vague references and currently has the death sentence on twelve systems.

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(He wanted to sneak something in down here, but couldn't think of anything. Also, don't you hate it when someone opens a parentheses without closing it?

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