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The Distraction Alliance is a zany series of an unspecified (probably until the author gets bored of the setting) number of short books written by jukyter. It is set on a distant future where robots have taken over the world (Played for Laughs, of course, in the first book with references to Terminater and Space Odessy: 2001-this is written by a troper). But unlike most of this type of work, there is no hope for salvation for humankind, since they have evolved into a number of species, including Minis (small people) and Yinyanas (banana-shaped savages, though that notion is dispelled by a kind-hearted tribe of Yinyanas in the first book, though there is an evil one).Currently, the second second book is in progress (the first second book was uninspired) called The Way, a martial arts movie parody.The first one is hosted here and here, though the second book has an exclusivity deal with the first site and is hosted here.


This book series contains examples of:

  • Played for Laughs: Basically the whole series but paticularly noticable in the 'Dear Diary' chapter, with references to the Terminator. It also has a very unprofesional prophecy and slightly parodies the 19th Century Enid Blyton and the like novels, with a dash of diary parody.


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