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Fanfic / Savior of Demons

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Savior of Demons is a Dragon Ball Z fanfic written by Ryu no Ohi (also known as Roketto). The story is a different take on Frieza and King Kold's attack on Earth. With no Trunks to appear and destroy them, it falls to Goku to stop the two villains, and Frieza's life takes a very different turn as Goku doesn't kill him, and the tyrant tries to understand just why Goku would spare him. The fic takes an inside look into how Frieza himself thinks and acts, with heavy emphasis on psychology and xenobiological speculation.

Starting on July 31, 2020, the author put the story on a hiatus in order to deal with personal health issues and polish up the writing for future arcs.


Savior of Demons provides examples of the following tropes: