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Roketto/Rocket/RyunoOhi is a long-standing denizen of the Internet, who contributes to better the online world through hunting trolls, instructing in basic syntax, spelling, etc., & consulting for DragonballZ fanfiction, among other things. She has a DeviantArt account under the username RyunoOhi, where she draws fanart, speculates on xenobiology, & illustrates DBZ fanfiction, including Honor Trip & Bringer of Death. She is also known for frequenting the Dragonball Multiverse forums. She also has a FanfictionDotNet account, under the username RyunoOhi, where she writes DBZ fanfiction. Her premiere work is Savior of Demons.

Her hobbies are learning, Martial Arts, Japanese music, astro/xenobiology, & languages.

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