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"Just call me the Pirate Prince, because I'm going to prove One Piece exists and become the Pirate King. Even if it kills me, even if my journey takes me to the ends of the earth, I will find it!"

One Piece: Pirate Kingdom is a a fanfic written by Shonen King 69. The story takes place 108 years after the death of Monkey D. Luffy and follows the story of Vincent, a boy bearing a Snake's Mark, a mark of evil that almost got him executed, as he searches for the legendary One Piece to prove it real with his crew called the Vincent Pirates which is made up of:


  • Ignacio Sulblack, Vincent's slightly schizophrenic First Mate. He ate the Oni Oni no Mi, a Mythical Zoan, that gave him shapeshifting abilities as well as the ability to manipulate flames. His dream is to find and kill the man who killed his his father.
  • Aria, the crew's ditzy Musician. She ate the Kuji Kuji no Mi, a Paramencia that gave her the power to shrink any objects she touches at will. Her dream is to see the world she was sheltered from all her life.
  • Camen M. Carter, the crew's Navigator and resident Sane Woman. She along with Vincent are the only members in the crew with no Devil Fruit powers, but she makes up for it by have many martial art techniques under her belt. Her dream is to become a strong warrior.

Currently, the story is in the middle of the Ragnarok Saga which can be read here or here: This mainly name comes to a plan deigned by the Marines, which objective is to destroy all the pirates in the world. Details about it have not been revealed. During this saga we have seen 3 important fights. One between Vincent an his old friend Eugene, one between Carter and Mary Sue and one last between Ignacio and Monksir, the man who murdered his father. The current arc of the story is the Garden of the Celestial Dragon Arc.


The previous arcs are the following:

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