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Tetrapod Zoology is a blog by British paleontologist and zoologist Dr. Darren Naish that covers varied topics regarding tetrapods (which is to say, land-dwelling vertebrates). It is widely considered one of the best (if not the best) zoological blogs in the blogosphere, for although Naish is a dinosaur paleontologist by profession, he maintains a healthy interest in tetrapods of all kinds and his knowledge on them can border on almost-terrifying levels.


Due to the blog's diverse content as well as its frequent coverage of obscure tetrapods and obscure facts on well-known tetrapods, readers are almost guaranteed to learn something new. Unusually for the Internet, the comment sections on the blog are often just as valuable and informative as the blog posts themselves due to a tendency for readers (as well as Naish himself) to provide additional information and discussions in the comments.

Tetrapod Zoology is also associated with a podcast (which Naish co-hosts with artist John Conway), as well as a Twitter feed. The blog started out on Blogspot in 2006, then moved to Scienceblogs in 2007, and then to Scientific American in 2011. In 2018, it moved to the independent website, thus sharing the same platform as the podcast. Naish has also made the majority of his technical papers (several of which were covered on his blog) freely available here.


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