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Literature / Saga of Soul

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My name is Watanabe Eriko. I'm an upcoming Nobel Prize laureate, and reality is my bitch.
Watanabe Eriko, internal monologue at her discovery of magic

Saga of Soul, by troper Sun Tzu, is a take on the Magical Girl genre.

The story begins when Eriko, an introverted bookworm, suffers a near-death experience after standing up for her friend Junko. Instead of walking toward the Light, she takes it upon herself to perform scientific experiments, which leads to her acquiring magical powers. Soon enough, she finds herself involved in a complex conflict as several factions of mortal and supernatural entities alike make their play.

For a similar take on magic that also implies it is best off Sufficiently Analyzed and put to good use instead of simply Doing In the Wizard, see Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. note 

This story provides examples of the following tropes:

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