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Theriomorph Chronicles by ImperatorLuzio also known on TV Tropes as Huthman is a In-Progress Web Serial Novel centered around a 11 year old boy named Warren Hiedler, the Bald Eagle Theriomorph.

The story follows Warren Hiedler, who awakens in an abandoned operating theater finding himself transmutated into a villainous monster, the titular Bald Eagle Theriomorph. Leaving the hospital, he is caught in a cruel world where humankind is cruel and stupid and where a organization named Megiddo who wants him captured and with their army of Theriomorphs and minions sent towards him.


Now Warren finds himself forming the Blood Order to fight against a war between them and Megiddo, who wants to conquer the world with their army of Theriomorphs and minions and their secret plan.

Theriomorph Chronicles provide examples of:

  • Abandoned Hospital: The Andreston Hospital in Manhattan, New York City, New York is the starting place where Warren awakens and encounters Meredith.
  • Abandoned Hospital Awakening: Warren Hiedler awakens in a bloodied operating theater where he finds himself transmutated into a Bald Eagle Theriomorph.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: A Theriomorph is described as a human-animal hybrid that are engineered by Megiddo for minions via genetic engineering, cybernetics and other body modifications, enhancements and augmentations.
  • Starter Villain: The Praying Mantis Theriomorph encountered in the operating theater of the Andreston Hospital in the first chapter. It gives Warren enough trouble and Meredith explained it was chasing her in the hospital.