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Literature / The Caretaker Reborn

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Caretaker: Reborn is the current novel underway from troper Anomaly, and looks to be the first one that will actually be finished.

Roughly twenty years have passed since the first of the Gifted manifested. In that time, the nations of the world have been growing slowly accustomed to the reality of superhumanity. Laws have been passed to keep the Gifted from taking an unfair advantage over humanity - no precogs are allowed in the lottery, for instance. Superhuman vigilantism has been legitimised, as well as the government-created Federal Gifted Agency, both acting to fight superhuman crime.


The two main characters are Tara "Osmosis" Carter, a new Agent for the FGA, and her unofficial partner, the un-Gifted vigilante, Caretaker. A number of others join them in the battle against Dominic Knight, a Gifted-supremacist mentalist who seeks to subvert the FGA's authority and take it for his own.

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