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Literature / Tales from Cherryshrub, Mississippi

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Tales from Cherryshrub, Mississippi is a collection of short horror stories centered around the eponymous county as well as the rest of the southern states.

This work provides examples of:

  • Almighty Idiot: Bgorr had created space, but does not interact with it with little realization that he created it. Serves as the brawns to his sister's brains.
  • Ambiguously Evil: The Old Man who visited the narrator's hometown is implied to have started the fire that killed 200 people because of him killing the grass every time he walked. Yet, he took his apparent time to warn the protagonist about its imminent destruction.
  • Animalistic Abomination: The narrator of Beware Two-Toed Tom speculates that the titular alligator came from Hell itself.
  • Cult:
    • Several of the gods have cults dedicated to them most primarily D'regorra and Morpheus the Wise.
    • The Illuminated Ones which is led by a man named Ash Mystique who claims to be the reincarnation(s) of Christ; Buddha; Confucius; and Moses. However, he also turns out to be Morpheus the Wise/The Magic Man as well.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Several. Of those, there are:
    • Mgorr and Bgorr, two twins birthed from a mindless being known as The First Cause. Mgorr can best be described as a gelatinous mass with multiple eyes all over her body with a scorpion's tail and praying mantis-like claws.
    • The Many, an aqueous-beast that assimilates organic matter into itself.
  • Humanoid Abomination:
    • The Old Man from An Old Man Visited a Town who has an emaciated face and sunken in yellow eyes. The narrator notes how he wobbled around as if he did not have feet.
    • The Magic Man. He appears as a tall man wearing clothes unfamiliar to the town's denizens.
    • D'regorra, a multi-armed woman who is knowledgeable on all forms of torture and stitches every orifice of her victim's body to ensnare them to her.
    • The Dreaded Morpheus the Wise appears as a cloaked figure who gives knowledge to those that seek his name.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: The cult leader in Morpheus the Wise melts into a purple sludge when Morpheus granted him his hidden knowledge.
  • Hate Sink: Two-Toed Tom, a Serial Killer in alligator's skin, moves into a town one day, making it his domain. Egotistical, Two-Toed Tom vows vengeance on a hunter for disfiguring it. He murders his young son Timothy Meier alongside his other children as well as massacring the women of the town.
  • Human Sacrifice: Many of the old gods demand this of their cults.
  • Jackass Genie: The Magic Man gives the citizens of a town he visited their heart's desire, but he bends the wishes in ways that instigate harm to them. One example is when he gave a woman sight...but did so to transform her into a hunchback monstrosity.
  • Mad Artist: D'regorra from Into the Catacombs, which is also one of the many aliases she goes by. She has a massive wall dedicated to her depravity composed of the living bodies of those who refused to be her servant.
  • Primordial Chaos: The First Cause predated space-time having created Mgorr and Bgorr in its idiocy.
  • Serial Killer: Two-Toed Tom is a sadistic alligator who initially killed humans as an act of vengeance against a hunter for blowing its fingers off, but segues to murdering women gruesomely.
  • Snowlems: The Snowman from The First Snow, better known as "the Many."
  • Womb Horror: Immaculate Conception sees an infertile woman giving birth to a monstrosity.
  • Would Hurt a Child:
    • The Many in First Snow assimilates organic matter into itself, being indiscriminate with who it absorbs.
    • Two-Toed Tom kills the hunter's children out of revenge of him blasting his fingers off.
    • Ash Mystique sentence a group of 10 to burn to death when the family tries to deflect from the Illuminated Ones.