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"Welcome to the Second League, the club for superheroes who just weren't cool enough."

Second League is a weekly webcomic written and drawn by Insanity Inside. Our story begins when a young man called Larry accidentally reveals his secret: he has superpowers. His friend Steve, who turns out to be a superhero himself, persuades him to join the League, a group of wacky superheroes, lead by the mysterious, powerful and slightly disgusting Pooperman...


Or maybe it begins when a boy named Bobby is rescued by Pooperman. A few days later he overhears Larry and Steve's conversation and decides to become Steve's sidekick...

Either way, Hilarity Ensues.

Tropes present in Second League:

  • Badass Normal: She-Man, Bobby and possibly Lord Anger, who fights Awesomeguy with nothing but a sword and survives.
  • Freak Lab Accident: One was more of a Freak Toilet-Next-To-The-Lab Accident, another happens to Professor Head, but fails to give him any powers. Also, Super Rat got his powers from being bitten by a mutant superhero.
  • Mind Screw: Who or what is Nobody? If she's even real.


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