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Shadownov is a now defunct Webcomic, written and drawn by troper Mark Alda.

Shadownova tells the story of Iris Kolrick, an antisocial teenager who finds herself drawn into an ongoing war between the Everto and a ragtag human resistance group. There is a fair amount of action, but the main focus is on the characters and their growth, particularly that of the three lead characters Iris Kolrick, Jacob,Freeman and Nikki Fawkner.


It all begins with Iris innocently walking to school one morning. However, just before she arrives, a fighter plane swoops overhead and shoots several missiles at the school, destroying it. Iris quickly discovers that no one besides herself can see what happened, including a schoolmate who was half killed in the blast. Soon after, a man called Cameron Hunter arrives and, after introducing himself as a member of a group called the Everto, tries to kill her. Iris is injured but manages to escape.

While hiding from Cam and the Everto in a shopping centre Iris is approached by Jacob, who is unaware of her situation and tries to flirt with her but she coldly brushes him off. The Everto attack again, interrupting the one-sided would-be romance. Iris goes against her character and saves the still-ignorant Jacob's life, but finds herself cornered as a result. Right when Iris is about to be shot the Everto soldiers (and almost everyone else in the area) are wiped out by a massive firestorm which Iris stands at the centre of.


The artwork has a distinctly manga influenced style reminiscent of David Gonterman. If you want to find the comic, you can try copying the url from this link and putting it on the Wayback Machine, but even then you'll only be able to wiew a few pages at best.

Also, if anyone (more specifically the troper who drew the thing in the first place) would happen to have a file with the comic, we would greatly appreciate if a link to said file were to be suddenly added to this page. It would also be great if said file wad posted on and not on Mediafire.


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