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«once it starts it cannot stop»
Hexode is the music project of Draven Stedman. The music that he puts out is mostly able to be put into the Ambient genre but can also be described vaguely as being experimental electronic. The project first started producing music in April 2014, and has slowly started building up release after release.

All of his music can be streamed and downloaded for free from his Bandcamp.


  • dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hd0 EP (2014)
  • Carnivorous Flora (2014, remix album of Macintosh Plus' "Floral Shoppe")
  • acid. (2014)
  • music for abandoned buildings EP (2014)
  • halfconsciousness (2014)
  • Sleep Sequence A™ (2014)
  • Sleep Sequence B™ (2014)
  • LP3 (2014)
  • Tagträumer (2014)
  • Melancholy (2014, last album as /dev/random)
  • Nightmare Hallucinations (2014, remix album of Nmesh's "Dream Sequins" as a four-part mix)
  • An Act of Senseless Violence (2014, his first album post-name change)


This music project provides examples of:

  • Album Intro Track: On all the full-length albums.
  • all lowercase letters: His first two albums and first two EPs use them for their titles and track names.
  • Boléro Effect: Used often on acid and halfconsciousness.
  • Concept Album: Or rather, Concept EP; Sleep Sequence A™ is a loose concept album about falling asleep to the sound of the television.
  • Cover Version: Covered "Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)" by Eurythmics on the hidden track of halfconsciousness.
  • Epic Rocking: Prevalent on the first EP, not so much on later recordings.
    • Also, "Please Help Me" from Melancholy is 26 minutes long and consists nigh-entirely of one repeated melody.
  • Fake Radio Show Album: The end of every track on Sleep Sequence A™ and Sleep Sequence B™ has a short interlude in which bits of commercials are heard.
  • Hidden Track: On halfconsciousness, an instrumental Cover Version of Sweet Dreams (are Made of This)
    • Also, "Omnicidalism" from Melancholy
  • I Am the Band: Consists of one person, Draven Stedman.
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  • Long Title: The début EP (actually a Unix command which does absolutely fuck-all) and most if not all of the track names from the first two albums.
  • Miniscule Rocking: The first and last tracks on most albums, with the latter being an example of Last Note Nightmare.
  • Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: Shifts from 1 to 3, given the Ambient nature of the music; The last track on acid is about a 5 and the last track on LP3 is about a 7 due to Last Note Nightmare.
  • New Sound Album: Sleep Sequence B™ marks a shift away from the sample-based Vaporwave plunderphonic nature of the first releases towards a more sinister dark-ambient inspired sound.
  • Sampling: Incredibly prevalent on earlier releases, less so on others. Came back for a lot of the newer stuff.
  • Textless Album Cover: halfconsciousness and all releases after it.

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