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The Mansion is a Clock Tower fan game created by Alicia Jewel in RPG Maker XP. You play as 10-year-old Bobby, who is dared by his friends Tiffany and Billy to enter an abandoned mansion with his little sister, Nina. Unfortunately, Nina quickly gets lost, and Bobby finds himself being pursued by an animated doll appropriately named Dollie. In traditional Clock Tower fashion, you have very few weapons against Dollie and must rely on various hiding places (some of which are fake) scattered about the mansion.


The game was in development for about a year and a half before Version 1.0 was finally released. The game is currently at Version 1.2, and 1.3 is currently in public beta; the latest download can be found on the official website.

Not related to the 2017 French Film, Le Manoir, released in the States as The Mansion.

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