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ToonSchool is a multi-crossover fanfic series that is currently ongoing in Fan Originally created on November 2, 2007 by dannyfangirl (who now known as animyx, one of the writers of Time Fixers: Nicktoons of the Future), the series was cancelled in May 2009 when she closed down her account.

However, in January 2012, the series was revived by writers RunnerAwaker and NashWalker and has continued popular and strong to this very day.


The series follows the adventures a group of young characters from some of your favorite past and present cartoons and anime as well as some OCs, as they navigate their way through life as students at ToonSchool, the greatest school for toons.

Originally, the fic had focused on Jimmy Neutron as the group's leader and the new kid in town. The reboot follows The Amazing Spiez's Tony Clark and his OC En-Soul adoptive brother, Daryl Lente (from another one of RunnerAwaker's fanfictions) as they transfer to the school and become nationally known heroes under a series of fortunate events.

The first season, which started on January 21st, 2012, and ended on August 21st, 2015, focuses on Tony and Daryl adapting to their new home and school, and later, how they help the Toon School gang's band, "The Toonsters," rise to worldwide fame and fortune.


The second season which started on September 11th, 2016, will focus on the Toon School gang returning to school, gaining new friends, and teachers, taking on new missions (including an arc featuring an old enemy of WOOHP) and having new adventures in the greatest school for Toons. The teachers also gain some focus in the story as they gain a new ability

Link: ToonSchool: Season 1

Link: ToonSchool: Season 2


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