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Fanfic / Bram Stoker's Ozymandias

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The short version:

A Kink Meme-inspired Fusion Fic by Megan Phntm Grl with the characters of Watchmen in a rather loose adaptation of Dracula.

The long version:

Daniel Dreiberg, a young solicitor for Mr. Mason's legal firm in New York, voyages to Transylvania to oversee the purchase of Carnac Abbey by its mysterious owner, the Count Adrian Veidt. The Count's apparently poor health and advanced age lead Dreiberg to offer to stay as his companion until the Count is fit to travel. Meanwhile, in New York, former actress and Daniel's fiancee Laurel Juspeczyk learns that her mother's onetime fellow actor Byron Lewis has been confined to a sanatorium run by Laurel's ex-flame Dr. Osterman and is now eating moths and rambling on about an entity he refers to as his master. Daniel discovers that his new friend is not all that he appears to be, but Veidt already has a very specific plan in New York involving Daniel's fiancee...


The story is currently in-progress and once available to read here on the author's LJ and now here. The author considers this her Halloween present to the Watchmen fandom, so to speak.

Contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: More serious in tone than most of these, but it's evident the author knows both source materials inside and out and is extremely fond of them. Affectionate Pastiche, maybe?
  • Anti-Villain: Or Anti-Hero, maybe? It's hard to tell, but in any case Veidt is a different sort of antagonist compared to the original Dracula.
  • Blatant Lies: Veidt sleeps in a coffin because of... uh... medical reasons. Yeah. Totally. (And yet he pulls it off pretty well...)
  • Cat Girl: One of Veidt's "brides".
  • Epistolary Novel - Overlapping with Scrapbook Story below, in the manner of the original Dracula
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  • Eye Scream: Veidt in sunlight, before he rejuvenates.
  • Fantastic Religious Weirdness: Averted; when Daniel grows a bit of intelligence and tries to use a cross shape on Veidt, Veidt's merely a little annoyed.
  • Fridge Horror: Two of Veidt's "brides" are Ensemble Dark Horse the Twilight Lady and his canonical secretary, represented here as vampiresses. That's bad enough, but it raises the further question: what the hell is the shapeshifting catgirl?
  • Glamour Failure: When Daniel first meets Veidt, the latter is emaciated with hunger, suffers frequent spells of dizzying weakness, and is nearly blind in sunlight (with some unpleasant-looking side effects)
  • Ho Yay: Veidt and Dan, very much intentionally. There's plenty more where that came from.
  • In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It: Played with.
  • Looks Like Orlok: Less, well, bald, and less rabbit-toothed, but decrepit Veidt has this look down pat, though once you examine this it's more by coincidence than design (he's stooped with weakness, not properly hunchbacked, for example).
  • No Yay: Much of the ho yay in the early chapters takes place with an Adrian who is emaciated, worn and downright creepy-looking.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Generally follows the original Stoker standards: they shapeshift, they have fangs, they can go out by day but aren't as strong as by night, they can climb walls like lizards and turn into elemental dust in the moonlight. However, whether or not they're affected by holy objects varies, and when their eyes water it takes the form of Tears of Blood.
  • The Renfield: Watchmen character Byron Lewis/Mothman, who already had a fixation on insects and was later committed, is used here to fill the Trope Namer's shoes.
  • Scrapbook Story
  • Ship Tease: For pretty much every major ship in the fandom, including the het ones, which don't get too much exposure on the kink meme.
  • Shout-Out: To both original sources, obviously, but also including the following:
  • Tears of Blood: Adrian's eyes have a disturbing tendency to water blood after exposure to sunlight. Dan innocently puts it down as another unpleasant symptom of his illness.