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Literature / Wind Over The Ocean

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A 2008 NaNoWriMo novel by Kamui Valentine.

Darnell Paprin IX is a prince of a kingdom living the life of royalty. He has servants, friends, a loving family, and a fiancee. However trouble looms on the horizon when his father dies unexpectedly at a party. Someone is trying to take over the kingdom and eliminate anyone who figures out their plan, starting with Darnell. Though an unexpected twist he winds up on Earth, joining a Kendo team in their quest to sweep their first national championships. Can he get back to his world in time to save his world and those he loves?


Currently has a sequel and a weird sort of interquel sequel thing with a character sheet.

This work provides examples of

  • Badass Normal: Ethan, the only human without magical powers still manages to kick as much ass as the magic users.


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