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All in the Family is a Superjail! fanfic written by Voltalia as a sequel to An Unexpected Child. The plot revolves around the Warden and the Mistress's love/hate relationship and their roles as little Marguerite's parents and, well, prison wardens. It is twenty-one chapters long and considering its wordcount to be over 20,000 words, qualifies as a Novella.

Obviously, this ain't a fanfic for this, Meathead. If ya want that sorta thing, go here or here.

This fanfic contains:

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     Tropes A-G 
  • Abandoned Playground: Subverted. The Warden and the Mistress head out for this in Chapter 3. It then turns out not to be abandoned after all, as a mom with a young daughter comes along and kicks them off a swing.
  • Amazon Brigade: A group of girls show up, totally enamored by the Warden, and chase him and his friends all throughout Chapter 4.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Octavia in Chapters 6 and 7.
  • Ambiguously Jewish: Dr. Lana Mumford is said to be this in Chapter 15 when she reveals she's at a cousin's bar mitzvah.
  • And I Must Scream: Chapter 17 talks about Mistress telling her children stories about the leader of Cuba, Acacia Castro-Avila, ordering her troops to execute foreigners in some of the worst ways possible. One of her favorite methods of torture (at least, according to Mistress's stories) is gouging out the victim's eyes while permanently sewing the mouth shut and amputating the arms and legs.
  • Baby Talk: Marguerite exhibits this two years later in Chapters 8 and 9.
  • Bee-Bee Gun: The "Psychedelic Warpers" in Chapter 16.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: The Warden and the Mistress. Does there even need to be a reason to bring this up?
  • Birth-Death Juxtaposition: Mistress gives birth to brother-sister twins in Chapter 15. A chapter later, a swarm of genetically-engineered hornets kill D.L. Diamond.
  • Bungled Suicide: This is why Warden's suicide attempts in prison never worked, according to the narrator in Chapter 9.
  • The Bus Came Back: Remember Anais Jacobson, the girl who assisted Mistress for most of her pregnancy with Marguerite? Yep, she comes back in Chapter 12 to be there for her former boss when she gets married.
  • But We Used a Condom!: Warden lampshades this in Chapter 11 after Mistress tells him that she's pregnant again.
  • The Cake Is a Lie: Chapter 14 has inmates coming to Marguerite's birthday party because they were promised free lap dances.
  • Call-Back: In Chapter 12, Warden recalls in his wedding vows the past two times he and his bride were mistaken for brother and sister.
  • Conjoined Twins: To Mistress's surprise, the wardens of the prison Warden is at are this. Each woman has a separate head, but they share the same organs in their body.
  • Crowd Song: In Chapter 9, Syna and Lace are forced to sing "Let's Do It" by Cole Porter, with everyone (including Warden and Mistress themselves) soon joining in.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Mistress's mother Marge as depicted in a flashback in Chapter 5.
  • Delivery Guy: Justified. Nikolai Troy in Chapter 15 is a three-year medical student.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Mistress in Warden's arms in Chapter 19.
  • Driven to Suicide: And how with Warden. He later burns himself to death near the end of the fanfic.
  • Dying Speech: Mistress has a dying conversation with Warden in Chapter 19.
    Mistress: Superjail out of danger?
    Warden: Yes.
    Mistress: Don't grieve, Warden. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh...
    Warden: ...the needs of the few...
    Mistress: ...or the one. I never thought I would be the one to end this war until now. What do you think of my solution?
    Warden: It was very good, Mistress. It was very good.
    Mistress: I have been and always shall be... your friend. I love you, husband.
    Warden: I love you too, wife.
  • Famous Ancestor: Cuba's leader Acacia Castro-Avila claims to be a direct descendant of Fidel Castro. Whether or not this is true is never said.
  • Forever War: Not literally, of course, since the war between Japan, Superjail, Cuba, and the United States (along with the help of some Greek, Nordic, Japanese, Aztec and Mayan deities) lasted fifteen years. But according to the narrator in Chapter 18, it sure felt that way.
  • Girlfriend Bluff: Mistress attempts to use this to protect Warden from the girls in Chapter 4. It doesn't work.
  • Go Out With A Bang: The Mistress decides to step in for Marguerite and ends up getting killed while fighting Leader Acacia.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Mistress comes back covered in blood in Chapter 5. She's kind enough to explain that she stomped down on a crazy woman's trachea and her skull.
     Tropes H-M 
  • Hilarity Sues: Warden is nabbed in Chapter 6 because he murdered some of his inmates and somehow destroyed the Greek city Athens and some Scandinavian cities as Cuba through a game similar to Risk.
  • Kangaroo Court: Chapter 7 takes place in one of these. To top it off, not only are the judge and attorney totally convinced that Warden is guilty (of being in cahoots with Cuba), but they also put him through another trial and sentence him to several years in prison, until Mistress breaks him out two years later.
  • Karma Houdini: This happens to Mistress more than Warden. She manages to escape being nabbed by police for murdering a woman out in broad daylight and breaking her lover out of prison.
  • Lookalike Lovers: The blonde mother in Chapter 3 lampshades this when she mistakes Warden and Mistress for brother and sister:
    "I don't care if you and your sister are tapping into your childhood nostalgia." the blonde woman replied. "My daughter wants to get on the swing and I'll see to it she gets her swing, whether you like it or not."

    "What? Sister?" Mistress asked, puzzled.

    "Aren't you his sister?" the blonde replied with another question.

    "No, I'm not. But he is the father of my little girl." Mistress replied, glancing at Warden behind her. "Also, who do you think you are waltzing in and announcing that this swing is your daughter's for the taking when we were here first?"
    • In Chapter 9, even Jaakko seems to think that the two lovers are brother and sister.
      • Warden lampshades these incidents in his wedding vows in Chapter 12.
  • Mama Bear: The Mistress displays this after Marguerite is nabbed from her father by a crazy woman.
    • Mistress later takes over for her daughter in Chapter 19 and fights Leader Acacia. It ends up killing her.
  • Meaningful Name: The conjoined twin wardens are named Syna and Lace, both names meaning "together" and "united".
     Tropes N-S 
  • Pietà Plagiarism: How Warden holds his dead wife in Chapter 20.
  • Power Gives You Wings: In Chapter 1, the Warden is inspired enough to sprout a pair of green Luna moth wings after seeing one flying outside his window.
  • Promotion to Parent: In Chapter 17, the narrator explains that because Mistress is pregnant again, young Marguerite has to take on the role as the "second mother" to her siblings.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": In Chapter 14, an androgynous Original Character inmate called Lemur goes off into one of these when he/she finds out the free lap dance was a ruse to lure him/her and the other inmates into Marguerite's birthday party.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Marguerite (AKA Mistress Minor) gives one to Leader Acacia in Chapter 19.
    Mistress Minor: Hey! I don't know who you think you are, but if there's one thing I'm sure you could never be, it would be God.
    Warden: Marguerite... No...
    Mistress Minor: Dad, butt out. (focuses on Leader Acacia) You think you're so tough, don't you, Acacia? You think you can just sneer all you like and rule from your throne until your son Fidel is ready, don't you, Acacia? Well, I've got three words for you: Go. To. Hell. And I'll say them again. Go. To. Hell.
    Mistress Major: Maggie, darling, I don't think that's a good idea.
    Mistress Minor: And those threats about reducing me and my family and my friends to limbless, blind, deaf and sewn-up dummies? Guess what? They don't scare me one bit! Ha!
    Warden: Marguerite, I think that's quite enough.
    Mistress Minor: Dad, let me handle this. (focuses once again on Leader Acacia) I'm tired of waiting for this STUPID war to be over. And I'm tired of people like you who insist that the world revolves around them and that they know their destiny when they know nothing! I don't know my destiny but I don't feel the need to act confident that I do. And that's your worst flaw of all: overconfidence. You can't hurt us, like you say you can, anymore than my father's father has, or Lord Stingray when he first came to us, or the man who killed Grandma.
  • Schedule Slip: Voltalia began to work on this fanfic in February around the same time she had just ended An Unexpected Child. The first three chapters were published that month. Three months later, Chapter 4 was published and Voltalia took straight away to explaining why she took so long. She went back to updating regularly after that, with the exception of the May 19th and 20th tornadoes in Oklahoma that delayed production of Chapter 7.
  • Screaming Birth: Played straight with Mistress in Chapter 15.
  • Screaming Plane Baby: Marguerite fills this role in Chapter 7 while at the Supreme Court where her father is on trial. Her screams are so insufferable that the judge is Driven to Suicide.
  • Self-Immolation: How Warden ultimately commits suicide in Chapter 20.
  • Shotgun Wedding: Mistress is approximately four months along when she and Warden tie the knot.
  • Shout-Out: The plotline starting in Chapter 6 is inspired by the film Wargames.
    Leader Acacia: Sloth-men. My God.
    • Chapte 20 also sees Warden committing suicide by way of burning in the funeral pyre like at the end of Superman: At Earth's End.
     Tropes T-Z 
  • Textual Celebrity Resemblance: Nikolai Troy in Chapter 15 is said to look like Matthew Broderick.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song: The Warden starts singing "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra in Chapter 2 while flying in the air with the Mistress and their daughter. It continues into Chapter 3 and actually advances the plot by having Warden be so distracted by his own musical number that bullets aiming for him catch him off-guard and force him to seek lower ground.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: In Chapter 2, "It's magic, bitch. You don't have to explain it."
  • Time Skip: Chapter 8 skips ahead to two years into the future. Chapter 10 then proceeds to take place two months later. Chapter 12 takes place two months after that and Chapter 13 skips ahead to three and a half months after that. Chapter 14 then skips ahead to when Mistress is full-term and she has twins. Chapter 17 then takes place four years after that. Chapter 18 then skips to eleven years later.
  • Unexpected Positive: Chapter 10 has Cherice, who thinks she may be pregnant. Mistress decides to come along with her to the doctor for some tests, because no one else will. Guess who turns out to be pregnant.
  • Unto Us a Son and Daughter Are Born: Mistress gives birth to a daughter they name Zenobia and a son they name Hiram in Chapter 15.