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The episodes that made All in the Family a television legend.

Note: This page also includes an episode guide for the After Show, Archie Bunker's Place (which aired from 1979 to 1983). A total of 285 individual episode listings — 195 for All In the Family, 90 for Archie Bunker's Place — are provided on this page. With the exception of "The Bunkers and Inflation" (a four-part episode that opened the 1974-1975 season), all multi-part episodes are combined into a single listing, as tropes apply to both parts. In actuality, 207 AItF and 97 Archie Bunker's Place episodes were aired, including those that originally aired as hour-long episodes and were later split into two-part episodes for syndication.


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    Season 1 - Spring 1971 
  1. "Meet the Bunkers": The pilot episode, where Archie and Edith come home from church and interrupt Mike and Gloria, who are in heat and want to get it on.
  2. "Writing the President": An early example of an episode in any television dramatic or comedic series portraying the sitting president in a less-than-positive light. Here, Mike writes President Nixon to criticize one of his economic policies. Archie gets wind of this and writes a letter of his own, countering Mike.
  3. "Oh, My Aching Back": Archie, envious of Lionel's parents' recent financial windfall that allowed them to open a dry-cleaning store, decides he has injured his back, the result of a recent car accident.
  4. 'Archie Gives Blood': Archie decides to give blood, but wants it earmarked only for a white man.
  5. "Judging Books By Covers": Archie mistakenly concludes that an oddball friend of Mike's is a homosexual, but then finds out that not all gay men are effeminate or readily obvious at first glance.
  6. "Gloria's Pregnancy": Archie flips his lid after learning unemployed Mike got Gloria pregnant ... but then has to be the father to Gloria when things take an unexpected turn.
  7. "Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit": Archie's blood pressure raises another notch when Mike's friends — an unmarried raucous, hippie couple — decide to spend the night. Eventually, Mike realizes that even he has limits as to how much he can take.
  8. 'Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood': The Jeffersons move into the Bunkers' neighborhood, despite Archie's concerns that it might affect his home's value.
  9. "Edith Has Jury Duty": Edith is the lone holdout in a highly publicized murder trial, irritating many people.
  10. 'Archie Is Worried About His Job': Archie keeps his family all night after worrying that he has to be the bearer of bad news: As foreman at the dock, he must lay off some valued co-workers and friends.
  11. 'Gloria Discovers Women's Lib': Signs that ultra-liberal Mike might have his own streak of male chauvinism surface for the first time when Gloria supports a cause.
  12. "Success Story": Archie's friend, a tycoon in the used car trade, has come for a visit to (purportedly) celebrate his success. But at what cost has it come?
  13. 'The First and Last Supper': Just as Archie is campaigning to keep black families out of the neighborhood, Edith accepts a dinner invitation from the Jeffersons.

    Season 2 - 1971- 1972 
  1. "The Saga of Cousin Oscar": Archie's mooching cousin Oscar dies in the guest bedroom, leading Archie and Mike to decide how to dispose of the body and whether to host a funeral service.
  2. "Gloria Poses in the Nude": Archie and Mike have a difference of opinion over Mike's artist friend offering to paint Gloria in the nude.
  3. "Archie and the Lock-Up": Archie goes to a protest Mike and Lionel are attending when he learns things could get violent ... only to wind up in jail with the "pinkos, commies and fags."
  4. 'Edith Writes a Song': What to do with the money? Edith and Archie quibble when she wants to publish a song she wrote, and he wants to spend it on buying gun to protect the family.
  5. 'Flashback: Mike Meets Archie': On Mike and Gloria's first anniversary, the family recalls the first time the Bunker family patriarch met the Meathead.
  6. "The Election Story": Archie, and Mike and Gloria each support different candidates for city council and intends to vote just to cancel out the Meathead's vote ... but did he remember to register to vote?
  7. "Edith's Accident": Edith accidentally drops a can of "mmm mmm's" (cling peaches) on the hood of someone's car, and it leads Archie to try to stop Edith's honesty.
  8. 'The Blockbuster': Ethics come into play when a black real estate agent offers Archie $35,000 to sell the house.
  9. 'Mike's Problem': ... is that he is nervous about his college exams and it is affecting his performance in bed.
  10. 'The Insurance is Canceled': Archie's blood pressure goes through the roof as he has to deal with his homeowner's insurance being canceled and, at work, having to lay off one of his workers.
  11. 'The Man in the Street': The family is eager to see Archie's "man on the street" interview on the 6 o'clock news ... but can they find a working TV in time to watch the segment.
  12. "Cousin Maude's Visit": What's worse for Archie than one liberal in the house? Two liberals in the house. That's what happens when Edith's cousin, Maude Findlay, is called to the Bunkers to help Edith care for flu-ridden Archie, Mike and Gloria.
  13. "Christmas Day at the Bunkers": Archie has to find a way to tell the family he did not get his expected Christmas bonus.
  14. "The Elevator Story": Archie once again finds himself in a tight place with people he feels uncomfortable around — a liberated woman, a black banker ... and a Hispanic couple whose female half is very, very pregnant.
  15. "Edith's Problem": ... is that she's going through menopause, and Archie's having a tough time trying to deal with "her change of life."
  16. 'Archie and the FBI': An FBI agent visits Archie wanting information about an investigation involving a close friend of 20 years ... and it causes a rift that may never be repaired.
  17. "Mike's Mysterious Son": A nutcase of a woman, who turns to to be a former classmate of Mike's, leaves her 4-year-old son at the Bunkers, claiming Mike is the father.
  18. 'Archie Sees a Mugging': Archie worries about going forward with information in a mugging case he witnessed.
  19. 'Archie and Edith Alone': When Mike and Gloria go on vacation, it gives viewers a chance to see how Archie and Edith get along ... alone. And it can be hard at times, particularly when the two get into an argument.
  20. 'Edith Gets a Mink': Archie is angry with Edith for accepting a mink cape from her cousin, then has a change of heart when the fur gets ruined at the cleaners.
  21. "Sammy's Visit": The memorable episode about the time Sammy Davis Jr. rode in Archie's cab, left his briefcase in the cab and comes to the Bunkers to retrieve it.
  22. 'Edith the Judge': Edith has to decide whether Archie is guilty of causing mechanical damage to a washing machine at the local coin-operated laundry.
  23. "Archie is Jealous": Archie — already upset when he learns that Mike and Gloria slept together before they were married — has his blood pressure go sky-high when he finds out that Edith once had a very serious relationship with a man before they were married ... and no amount of reassurance (the ex-boyfriend died several years earlier) can calm Archie.
  24. "Maude": Archie and Edith attend Maude and Walter Findlay's daughter's wedding.

    Season 3 - 1972- 1973 
  1. "Archie and the Editorial": Archie learns a lesson about reserving his opinions on gun control when he is robbed ... shortly after providing an on-air citizen's rebuttal to a television editorial advocating restrictions on handguns.
  2. "Archie's Fraud": Archie tries to get out of reporting his income driving Munson's taxicab after an IRS agent shows up to audit him.
  3. "The Threat": The much younger wife of Archie's old war buddy, Duke Loomis, seems a little too cordial Archie.
  4. "Gloria and the Riddle": Gloria and her college friend expose male chauvinism in Archie and Mike when they post a riddle that goes over their heads, but Edith is able to solve with relative ease.
  5. "Lionel Steps Out": Archie's 21-year-old niece, whom he has not seen in years, visits and goes on a night on the town with Lionel. Archie is quite aghast at the interracial couple ... and this time, Lionel is aghast with Archie for his bigoted ways.
  6. 'Edith Flips Her Wig': Edith thinks she's become a kleptomaniac after she absent-mindedly forgets to pay for a department store wig.
  7. "The Bunkers and the Swingers": Edith is on the search for new friends, and seems to have met the perfect pair through a magazine advertisement. She invites them over to meet Archie, not knowing they are into swinging, wife-swapping style!
  8. "Mike Comes into Money": When Mike inherits some money, he donates $200 to the George McGovern campaign. Coincidentally, it comes at the same time Archie is demanding $200 for rent, and it results in yet another argument.
  9. "Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding": The Stivics celebrate their second anniversary with the Bunkers by recalling how they almost were never married.
  10. 'The Locket': When an antique locket given to Edith by her grandmother goes missing, Archie — wanting to buy a new color TV set — plans an insurance scheme.
  11. "Mike's Appendix": Just how good is a female doctor, anyway? That is the battle between Archie and Gloria as they decide who will perform an emergency appendectomy on Mike.
  12. "Edith's Winning Ticket": Archie nearly causes an irreparable rift between Edith and Louise when Edith finds a winning lottery ticket in her purse. and announces it belongs to Louise.
  13. "Archie and the Bowling Team": Archie competes with a black man for a position on his district's bowling team.
  14. 'Archie Goes to the Hospital': Archie is hospitalized for chronic back pain, and makes great friends with his roommate. He is in for quite a shock when he gets to meet him in person—he is black. Will that change their new relationship?
  15. 'Oh, Say Can You See': Archie starts worrying about his age when he sees an old high school friend who looks 15 years younger.
  16. "Archie Goes Too Far": Archie snoops through Mike and Gloria's room, and finds plenty of things to start the latest argument. He finds a poem, triggering a fight over the right of privacy. Mike storms out of the house to cool off, and an equally hot Gloria and Edith decide to join him. And Archie is not even apologizing!
  17. 'Class Reunion': Edith attends her class reunion, where she meets up with her old boyfriend. Archie goes along to make sure there's no hanky-panky between the old sweethearts.
  18. "Hot Watch": Archie buys what he thinks is an expensive watch at a bargain-price from a street vendor. When the watch stops working, he tries to have the watch fixed, no questions asked. But he'll find that not all is as it seems to be.
  19. "Archie Is Branded": A swastika is painted on the Bunkers' door, causing Archie to fear he is being targeted by a neo-Nazi hate group. But the misunderstanding leads to bigger problems: A member of a group opposing the Nazi activists has a solution that could only lead to more problems.
  20. "Everybody Tells the Truth": Archie and Mike have different versions of what happened the day an appliance repairman and his assistant came to the house to repair the refrigerator.
  21. 'Archie Learns His Lesson': Archie is trying to keep secret that he is completing night school to obtain his GED.
  22. "Gloria the Victim": A shaken Gloria reveals that a construction worker at a work site she walks by every day tried to make a pass at her.
  23. 'The Battle of the Month': Gloria is fed up with her father's demeaning treatment of her mother, causing a rift that may not be so easily restored this time. But leave it to Edith to come up with one of those weird analogies that, when you think about it, oozes with wisdom and makes perfect sense.

    Season 4 - 1973- 1974 
  1. 'We're Having a Heat Wave': As the Bunkers go through a heat wave, Archie fumes even more upon learning a minority couple is moving into the neighborhood.
  2. 'We're Still Having a Heat Wave': The new neighbors are the Lorenzos, an Italian couple.
  3. 'Edith Finds an Old Man': Archie is not happy with Edith permitting a nursing-home runaway to stay with them.
  4. "Archie and the Kiss": The morality of sexuality in artwork comes to the forefront when Gloria is given a statue of Rodin's "The Kiss" as a gift.
  5. "Archie the Gambler": Twenty years earlier, Archie was a compulsive gambler, and it nearly led the young Bunker family to financial and family ruin. Archie swore off gambling, but evidence soon mounts he didn't keep his promise.
  6. 'Henry's Farewell': The episode that introduced George Jefferson to viewers also bade farewell to the famous loudmouthed black bigot's equally bigoted brother. Now they just have to get the stubborn George to step foot into a white man's house!
  7. 'Archie and the Computer': A 1970s satire on computers and the mix-ups they might cause — Archie is declared dead and Edith gets sent a small fortune in quarters as a dividend to a prune company.
  8. "The Games Bunkers Play": Mike is enthused about a new board game called "Group Therapy," which requires players to ask incriminating questions and answer them honestly and thoroughly. But he quickly finds the game no fun when he is repeatedly the subject of criticism ... and it reveals he can be just as stubborn, perhaps even moreso, than the man who has irked him these past (nearly) four years: Archie. As Mike fumes and really is champing at the bit to tear into him, Edith diffuses the situation by lending some unique insight into his father-in-law.
  9. 'Edith's Conversion': Archie doesn't want Edith to convert to Catholicism, but it might come true when Irene's sister, a nun, makes a strong argument for joining.
  10. "Archie and the Cellar": While the rest of the family is out for the weekend, Archie gets himself locked in the cellar. An empty bottle of booze and a tape recorder lend insight to the others about how he spent his time.
  11. "Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig": Sexual games between Gloria and Mike might interfere in more than their sex life when she tries to spice things up with a black wig.
  12. 'Second Honeymoon': Edith takes a reluctant Archie on a second honeymoon to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
  13. 'The Taxi Caper': Archie is robbed while driving Munson's cab, and finds himself at odds with a corrupt politician who doesn't want him to report the crime.
  14. 'Archie is Cursed': To settle an argument about whether women are capable of competing with men in sports, Archie and Irene play a game of pool. Then Archie makes a remark that leads to Frank putting a curse on him.
  15. "Edith's Christmas Story": When her doctor finds a possible lump in her breast, Edith tries to swear Mike and Gloria to secrecy, for fear of how Archie will respond.
  16. 'Mike and Gloria Mix it Up': Another episode lending insight into the Stivics' sex life further reveals Mike's perception he should be the aggressor all the time after he complains that Gloria is starting to become too aggresive for her own good.
  17. 'Archie Feels Left Out': Archie's age starts getting to him when his friends are still all living young, wild and free.
  18. 'Et Tu, Archie?': Would you give up your job to give it to someone who is qualified for your position, but needs it more? That's the question Archie is faced with when an old friend who is out of work and unable to find work shows up at the Bunker house.
  19. "Gloria's Boyfriend": Archie causes Gloria's new friend — a special needs bag boy at Ferguson's Market — to lose his job.
  20. "Lionel's Engagement": Archie and George are on the same side when they meet Lionel's girlfriend, a biracial girl named Jenny Willis, to whom he just got engaged.
  21. 'Archie Eats and Runs': Everyone thinks Archie may have botulism after eating a can of mushrooms, then learning on the news that the can is part of a recall for a strain of bacteria.
  22. 'Gloria Sings the Blues': Edith helps Gloria rebuild her self-esteem after she fears Mike doesn't love her anymore.
  23. 'Pay the Twenty Dollars': George accuses Archie of passing a phony $20 at one of his stores
  24. 'Mike's Graduation': As Mike prepares for his final exams, Archie is anxious for the Stivics to move out.

    Season 5 - 1974- 1975 
  1. "The Bunkers And Inflation Part 1": The first part of a four-week story arc exploring the impact a job crisis has on the American family. Here, Archie's union has threatened to go on strike to force better wages and working conditions.
  2. "The Bunkers And Inflation Part 2": The strike has come to pass, and Archie would rather be at work earning his paycheck as usual.
  3. "The Bunkers And Inflation Part 3": The strike continues with neither side willing to compromise. With the cupboards and refrigerator nearly empty, and Mike and Gloria's paychecks inadequate to cover costs, Edith finds a job at the Sunshine Home as a nurse's aide.
  4. "The Bunkers And Inflation Part 4": Is a resolution for the strike in sight? And is Archie too eager to accept the terms of a tentative contract that might not provide him job security in the future?
  5. "Lionel the Live-In": When Lionel and George get into one too many late-night fights over Jenny, Lionel has it and moves out ... and finds the perfect refuge on the Bunkers' couch.
  6. 'Archie's Helping Hand': Archie helps Irene get a job at the dock.
  7. 'Gloria's Shock': Mike and Gloria get into an argument after the two differ over whether they should have children.
  8. "Where's Archie": Edith and Gloria start to panic when Archie fails to call from a weekend convention.
  9. "Archie is Missing": When efforts to reach Archie fail, Mike and Gloria begin to speculate where Archie is and who he may be with.
  10. "The Longest Kiss": All sorts of craziness ensues in the Bunkers' living room as they await word on Archie ... and then he comes home to this.
  11. 'Archie and the Miracle': Coincidence or a higher power having direct influence? Archie survives a near-death experience and owes it to God, but agnostic Mike thinks differently.
  12. 'George and Archie Make a Deal': George runs for public office but needs Archie's signature to get enough to get on the ballot
  13. 'Archie's Contract': Archie is suckered into a deal for shoddy aluminum siding, and everyone has to help him break the contract and expose the con man for who he is.
  14. 'Mike's Friend': Mike and a co-worker, who happens to be a woman at the college where Mike is a teaching assistant, have an intellectual conversation and leave Gloria out.
  15. "The Best of All in the Family": Henry Fonda hosts a special retrospective of the success of All in the Family to mark the ceremonial 100th episode.
  16. 'Prisoner in the House': Archie is nervous ... then demeaning ... when he learns that a plumber's assistant is an inmate at a nearby prison on work-release program.
  17. "The Jeffersons Move Up": "They're a movin' on up (movin' on up!) to the East Side (movin' on up!) ... to a de-luxe apartment in the sky-aye-aye-aye." The pilot episode to the legendary situation comedy.
  18. 'All's Fair': Gloria teaches her mother how to stand up for herself and to Archie when he gives orders.
  19. "Amelia's Divorce": Everyone is shocked to learn the truth about cousin Amelia's seemingly rock-solid marriage.
  20. "Everybody Does It": "Everbody does it!" That's the rationalization that Archie gives when he is seen with a "borrowed" drill and some nails he took from work for a home improvement project.
  21. 'Archie and the Quiz': Archie takes too much stock into a magazine quiz that, after being scored, suggests he may not have much longer to live.
  22. 'Edith's Friend': Edith reunites with an old childhood boyfriend when she goes to a family wedding by herself.
  23. 'No Smoking': Archie and Mike wager which one can go longer without their favorite vice: cigars or high-calorie pastries.
  24. 'Mike Makes His Move': Mike gets a full-time teaching job and can't wait to move out of the Bunkers' house, but can't find a suitable place to rent ... until George — who still owns the house next door — makes an offer he can't refuse.

    Season 6 - 1975- 1976 
  1. 'The Very Moving Day': It's indeed a very moving day for the Bunker and Stivic families in both ways — literally, as the Stivics move into the Jefferson's old house, and figuratively, as Gloria has some very exciting news to share.
  2. 'Alone At Last': "Alone at last, alone at last! Thank God almighty, we're alone at last!" So exclaims Archie as he's finally rid of the Meathead ... until Mike realizes he forgot to turn on the utilities!
  3. 'Archie the Donor': Archie has his eyes on a coveted promotion and to do so, he asks to donate his organs ... but then realizes they will be for scientific research and no certainties of what said research is.
  4. 'Archie the Hero': Archie comes home beaming and smiling because he just saved a life today ... that of an incredibly hot young woman named Beverly. Did we say woman? Just wait until he really meets and gets to know Beverly!
  5. 'Mike's Pains': Mike is waffling between being in the delivery room when Gloria is in labor.
  6. 'Chain Letter': Omen or coincidence? That's what Archie and Mike debate after Archie throws out a chain letter thinking it's baloney, but the bad luck follows.
  7. 'Mike Faces Life': Discriminatory firing is the subject as Gloria is unjustly fired from her job at Kressler's Department Store because of her pregnancy.
  8. 'Edith Breaks Out': In the second job-related episode in a row, Edith takes the spotlight as her job at the Sunshine Home as a day nurse is upgraded to a paying job, making Archie break out the high blood pressure pills again.
  9. 'Grandpa Blues': Archie has been warned by his doctor he needs to keep his blood pressure in check in order to pass a work physical. Now, if he can only keep it that way for the weekend. And if only he can avoid Mike and a silly debate over the baby's name.
  10. "Gloria Suspects Mike": Eight months pregnant and feeling unattractive, Gloria somehow believes the incredibly hot young woman Mike is tutoring is his new chick on the side. Archie gets wind of this and gets an idea ... .
  11. "The Little Atheist": Just a few weeks after the great baby name debate, Archie and Mike get into a heated argument over something else about the baby's upbringing: His religion.
  12. "Archie's Civil Rights": Who has more civil rights — the good guys, the cops or the bad guys? Everyone's comes into play after Archie is mugged in his cab but later finds himself in hot water when the mugger complains that he was sprayed in his eyes with pepper spray.
  13. "Gloria is Nervous": Everyone's on edge after Gloria is nine days past her delivery date.
  14. "Birth of the Baby": A wide variety of situations develop as Gloria finally goes into labor and eventually delivers a bouncing baby boy.
  15. 'New Year's Wedding': Mike and Gloria are asked to stand up for friends at a wedding, but could they have cast a bad omen over the new marriage when they get into a heated argument?
  16. "Archie the Babysitter": Archie fires the babysitter on the night he's supposed to be playing poker with his buddies.
  17. 'Archie Finds a Friend': Edith is surprised that Archie's made friends with a Jewish watchmaker, then gets upset when he asks her to invest a thousand dollars in the watchmaker's new invention.
  18. "Mike's Move": Mike has always wanted to see minorities get a fair shake in life and has been supportive of racial quotas ... until it bites him in the rear when he loses out to a less-qualified (and less-than-qualified, as it turns out) African-American applicant.
  19. 'Archie's Weighty Problem': Archie stubbornly refuses to listen to his doctor's advice to lose weight, especially since he is at risk of developing high cholesterol and heart disease. But he finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.
  20. 'Love By Appointment': Mike and Gloria get into a big argument when the new mother, who is spending most of her time nursing and mothering little Joey, can't seem to make time for her husband. Edith helps enlighten Gloria that this, too shall pass.
  21. 'Joey's Baptism': Archie is bound and determined to baptize Joey, even though everyone else is adamantly against it.
  22. 'Mike and Gloria's House Guests': Archie and Edith are forced to stay at the Stivics when the furnace breaks. And what happens when Archie and Mike are together in the same room ... especially when Archie lets slip that he baptized Joey without his consent? As they say, "Just like old times again!"
  23. "Edith's Night Out": Edith decides that if Archie won't treat her to a (rare) night on the town, she'll do it herself ... and she follows through, too!

    Season 7 - 1976- 1977 

    Season 8 - 1977- 1978 
  1. "Archie Gets the Business": When he learns Tom Kelsey is planning to retire, Archie decides this is the perfect time to pursue a longtime dream of owning his own business. But to be able to afford Kelsey's asking price, Archie will need to mortgage the house. And to mortgage the house, he needs Edith to co-sign the loan ... which presents a huge issue when Edith is unwilling to do so.
  2. "Cousin Liz": Archie is hoping for a huge inheritance from Edith's distant cousin, Liz ... but is in for a shock instead when he learns her surviving roommate is more than just a roommate.
  3. "Edith's 50th Birthday": Edith's 50th birthday should have been an occasion for celebration. A young man who visits Edith while everyone is planning for her surprise party has a much different "present" in mind for her.
  4. 'Unequal Partners': Archie is eager to go fishing, but thanks to Edith offering the living room as the place for a wedding ceremony between two Sunshine Home residents, by the time he gets there it might be Monday morning and time to go back to work.
  5. "Archie's Grand Opening": Murphy's law rules at the opening of Archie's Place.
  6. "Archie's Bitter Pill and the Road Back": Archie finds running a business — alone — is a lot tougher than he realized, and to help him cope, he starts taking some little white pills. When the effects of the pills wear off, he realizes he might not be cut out to be in business for himself, and it takes everyone's help to get him on the road to recovery.
  7. "Archie and the KKK": When Mike writes a letter suggesting free enterprise was behind the looting and crime (in the wake of the 1977 New York City blackout), Archie blows his stack and vents to two old friends ... who invite him to join a community action group that appears to share his views. But when Archie realizes said group is the Klu Klux Klan, and the group plans to burn a cross on Mike's lawn, Archie is forced to confront his own racist attitudes to stop the Klan's plans and preserve his family and neighborhood.
  8. 'Mike and Gloria Meet': A Whole Episode Flashback recalling the time Mike and Gloria meet, thanks to an arranged date.
  9. "Edith's Crisis of Faith": Another bittersweet Christmas Episode, this time when Edith questions her faith in God after witnessing a brutal robbery that sees Mike seriously injured and the Bunkers' friend, trans-sexual Beverly LaSalle, mortally injured.
  10. 'The Commercial': Edith is hired to star in a television commercial and is eager to proceed ... until she learns the product she is being asked to endorse is (in her opinion) inferior to the product she uses. The dilemma comes when the producer and Archie — both seeing green — press her to go through with things anyway.
  11. 'Super Bowl Sunday': Archie anticipates big business on the day of Super Bowl XII. But an afternoon of celebrating touchdowns and camaraderie with friends soon take a back seat to the wishes of two customers, who are daring robbers who steal everyone's belongings.
  12. 'Aunt Iola's Visit': Another of one of Edith's nutty relatives, Aunt Iola, comes to visit. Archie can't wait to see her off.
  13. 'Love Comes to the Butcher': Edith gives the neighborhood butcher, a bachelor who is desperately seeking a girlfriend, some encouragement. The butcher takes the compliment seriously and develops a huge crush for Edith.
  14. "Two's a Crowd": A two-man show, where Mike accidentally locks himself and Arhcie in the storeroom. The two get into an argument (as usual), but this time, Archie reveals a secret about himself that gives Mike an unexpected insight into his father-in-law, his attitudes and social beliefs.
  15. 'Stale Mates': Is the lust dying in the Stivics' marriage? Will a trip to the Poconos rekindle that spark and the lustful sex they once had?
  16. 'Archie's Brother': Archie's brother, Fred, returns after a 29-year estrangement ... and Fred's not well, needing an operation and to make peace with his long-resentful big brother.
  17. 'Mike's New Job': Mike gets the deal of a lifetime: After years of part-time work – and before that, often being unemployed – he is offered a teaching job at a major university ... in California.
  18. 'The Dinner Guest': Plans conflict when both Edith and the Stivics friends separately plan dinner celebrations on the same night. Mike's friends approach him first ... setting up the big conflict.
  19. "The Stivics Go West": The Tearjerker of the series comes when it comes time for Mike and Gloria to say goodbye to Archie and Edith ... the highlight being when Archie and Mike admit they do love each other, despite vastly different viewpoints.

    Season 9 - 1978- 1979 
  1. "Little Miss Bunker": A new chapter in All In the Family begins when Edith's cousin, Floyd Mills, visits with a 9-year-old daughter, Stephanie, in tow. Archie is skeptical that Floyd just wants to visit and that he wants something ... and that favor will profoundly affect the future of the Bunker household.
  2. 'End in Sight': Archie is resigned to having just a short time to live after he is told by his doctor that there may be a spot on his liver. Even though more thorough analysis is needed, Archie mopes around the house wondering what's to come when the news finally comes.
  3. 'Reunion on Hauser Street': Archie and Edith try to get Barney back together with his oft-wayward wife, Blanche.
  4. 'What Will We Do With Stephanie?': Archie and Edith learn — and have to break the heartbreaking news — that Floyd is not coming back as he had promised. When Child Protection Services visits and wants to take Stephanie to a foster home, Archie has to make a tough decision and try to shed his oft-gruff exterior.
  5. "Edith's Final Respects": Edith is the lone mourner at her Aunt Rose's funeral.
  6. 'Weekend in the Country': The complex relationship between the Bunkers' friends Barney and Blanche boil over during a weekend at their fishing cabin.
  7. 'Archie's Other Wife': Mixed races and a mixed up night all mix up to create havoc for Archie as he is attending a convention for his American Legion chapter. Already (and still) very uncomfortable with the idea of mixed-race relationships, imagine his horror when he wakes up one morning to find a black woman in his bed ... and she's insisting they were married the night before.
  8. "Edith vs. the Bank": Edith wants a new color TV, but when the store won't sell one to her, she goes to the bank to meet with the friendly neighborhood loan officer. Only to learn he isn't so friendly and won't authorize the loan. So when she asks Archie to help her out ... will she get the help, or is he sexist as well?
  9. "Return of the Waitress": Harry is well aware that Archie nearly went astray three years earlier ... but what he doesn't know is that he's just hired the woman that nearly caused the Bunkers' marriage to collapse. Archie is very uncomfortable with the situation, but fortunately, Edith is there to save the day.
  10. 'Bogus Bills': Edith is arrested for passing a phony $10 bill she got from Archie's Place. Archie has to rely on blind patron Mr. Van Ranseleer to unravel this mystery.
  11. "The Bunkers Go West": Archie and Edith are excited to learn that Mike, Gloria and Joey will be coming home for the holidays ... or are they?
  12. "California Here We Are": "So, let's go ourselves to California," suggests Edith. And their visit to the Stivics' new home leads to some very troubling and shocking revelations.
  13. 'A Night at the PTA': Stephanie reveals she has bitten the performing bug ... and is looking forward to performing at an upcoming talent revue at her school, with Aunt Edith as her sidekick. Then Edith comes down with laryngitis.
  14. 'A Girl Like Edith': Jean Stapleton in a dual role as she plays the part of the Edith lookalike that the butcher (whom last year had a huge crush on Edith) has just married.
  15. 'The Appendectomy': Stephanie needs emergency surgery to remove a bursting appendix, but things become complicated when Archie objects to whom the surgeon will be.
  16. "Stephanie and the Crime Wave": Stephanie has been stealing from school and home, and Archie and Edith are at odds as to how to deal with the situation.
  17. 'Barney the Gold Digger': The Hefners' marriage appears to be finally at its merciful collapse, and it isn't long before Barney reveals his very rich but very ugly new girlfriend.
  18. "The Return of Archie's Brother": A further strain on the already troubled relationship between Archie and his brother, Fred, comes when he reveals he has married an 18-year-old woman.
  19. 'Stephanie's Conversion': Archie finds out that Stephanie hadn't told him a very important detail about herself: That she's Jewish. Archie wants to convert her to Protestantism, but in the end a very heartwarming scene comes to pass.
  20. 'Edith Gets Fired': When Edith lets a patient die at the Sunshine Home, it could mean the end of her days as a day nurse.
  21. "All In the Family's 200th Episode Celebration": A look back at a television series that changed television forever.
  22. 'The Family Next Door': The Jeffersons' house is for sale and might have a new buyer ... except that it might be a black family moving in.
  23. "The Return of Stephanie's Father": Archie shows that he will fight for what's right when Floyd shows up wanting to take Stephanie back ... unless the Bunkers pay him $1,000 right now.
  24. "Too Good Edith": The complicated relationship between Archie and Edith takes center stage one last time (before the show becomes Archie Bunker's Place, that is) after Edith — trying to please Archie, trying to put on a huge St. Patrick's Day dinner at the bar — works her tail off, despite the fact that Dr. Shapiro told her to stay off her feet when he diagnoses her with phlebitis.

And the episodes that made Archie Bunker's Place a continued success.

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    Season 1 - 1979- 1980 

    Season 2 - 1980- 1981 
  1. "Archie Alone": One of the series' Tearjerkers — Archie is having a hard time coping with Edith's sudden death (due to a stroke) and is determined to make everyone ... and the world go away.
  2. 'Home Again': Archie struggles deciding whether to stay at 704 Hauser Street or move into a new apartment.
  3. 'Hiring the Housekeeper': Will old prejudices die slowly? That's what Archie has to decide when the most qualified applicant for housekeeper is black.
  4. 'The Wildcat Strike': A pushy new waitress encourages everyone to go on strike until Archie agrees to unionize.
  5. 'The Health Inspector': Veronica begins a whirlwind romance with the local health inspector, a man young enough to be her son.
  6. 'Murray's Wife': Murray and his ex-wife want to see if the sparks are still there ... or will they realize why they split up in the first place after she urges Archie to turn the bar into an English pub?
  7. 'The Camping Trip': Archie is roped into chaperoning Stephanie's camping trip.
  8. "The Incident": Archie once again is forced to confront his prejudices when he stands up for Mrs. Canby to a key member of his lodge ... and it might cost Archie his membership in the lodge.
  9. "Custody": Christmas once again brings drama to the Bunker household, when Stephanie's wealthy grandmother sues Archie for full custody.
  10. "Barney the Gambler": Barney gets carried away and in hot water when he hits a lucky streak betting on the horses. It's up to Archie — himself a former compulsive gambler — to try to stop Barney before he loses everything.
  11. 'Murray Klein's Place': Fed up with Archie not listening to his ideas, Murray wants to end their partnership.
  12. 'Weekend Away': While he and Archie are at a restaurant and tavern convention, Murray finds himself tied up — literally — in his hotel room by a female robber.
  13. "Stephanie's Science Project": When Archie finds himself struggling to help Stephanie with her science project, he recruits — then tricks — the bar's regulars into helping his niece.
  14. "Tough Love": Veronica, still pining over the breakup of her marriage, is now regularly coming into the bar drunk, and its affecting business. Murray tells Archie he's got to get tough with Veronica.
  15. 'The Trashing Of the Temple': When a crime wave escalates in the neighborhood and vandals heavily damage the temple where Stephanie is a member, a frightened Archie wants to stop her from going.
  16. 'La Cage Aux Bunker': When Stephanie is on the bubble for joining an elite choir, Archie decides that dating the director might influence her decision.
  17. "Death Of a Saint": First Archie, now Murray is dealing with deep-seated grief as his mother passes away suddenly. Her passing comes while Murray was on a date with his fiancé, and he struggles knowing that he could have been at her bedside instead.
  18. 'Goodbye, Murray': Murray gets married and is off to California.

    Season 3 - 1981- 1982 
  1. 'Billie':
  2. "The Business Manager":
  3. 'The Date':
  4. 'Norma Rae Bunker':
  5. 'Harry's Investment':
  6. 'Three's a Crowd':
  7. "Happy Birthday, Stephanie":
  8. "Growing Up Is Hard To Do":
  9. 'Stephanie's Dance':
  10. 'The Photo Contest':
  11. 'Stephanie's Tryout':
  12. 'The Night Visitor':
  13. "Reggie 3, Archie 0":
  14. 'Blind Man's Bluff':
  15. 'A Blast from the Past':
  16. "Sex and the Single Parent":
  17. "Gloria Comes Home": Gloria and Joey return to New York, announcing that Mike — who had since gotten a new teaching job — had left and joined a commune. Archie and Gloria clash when she announces she is determined to make it on her own.
  18. 'Of Mice and Bunker':
  19. 'Relapse':
  20. 'Love Is Hell':
  21. 'The Second Time Around':
  22. 'West Side Astoria':
  23. 'Billie Moves Out':
  24. 'Rabinowitz's Brother':
  25. "Death Of a Lodger":
  26. 'Battle Of Bunker III':
  27. "Gloria: The First Day": The episode that served as the pilot to the spinoff Gloria, wherein newly divorced Gloria takes a job as a veterinary assistant. The kindly veterinarian, Dr. Adams, is willing to help her along.

    Season 4 - 1982- 1983 

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