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Recap / All In The Family S 8 E 5 Archies Grand Opening

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  • Foreshadowing: Mr. Sanders' admonition to Archie that, in essence, it takes work to live the American dream of owning a successful business, and it's a lot harder than it seems.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Despite the fact that she is dressed rather conservatively (although not conservatively enough for Archie), several of the male patrons still pepper Gloria with fresh remarks.
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  • Story Arc: After a few weeks off to present two Very Special Episodes, continues a storyline, lasting roughly a month, about Archie buying Kelsey's Bar and the challenges he overcomes in making his new venture successful.
  • Take This Job and Shove It: Several examples:
    • When Archie — who quickly realizes managing employees for a small business is much different than at Pendegrast Tool & Die — tries to order Harry and Carlos around, he eventually pushes his luck too hard and Harry quits. (Both will return by episode's end.)
    • Archie himself does this, to Mr. Sanders, his boss at Pendegrast. Sanders comes in looking for Archie and an explanation about his use of an unusual amount of sick leave. When Sanders tells him he expects him to report to work on Monday, Archie tells him he's resigning effective immediately! Sanders does wish him well and says he can stop in to get information about his severance, but warns him that owning a business is much harder than he thinks it is.

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