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Not Normal People is a Wizards of Waverly Place fanfic by James Doyle, posted on FanFiction.Net. The title is a reference to Justin's last line in the episode "Wizards vs. Werewolves".

After an unspecified amount of time, Justin Russo's grief over the death of his vampire girlfriend Juliet Van Heusen has subsided to the point that he is now willing to consider dating again. Complicating this situation is the fact that his long-time admirer Harper Finkle is still in love with him.


After consulting both his best friend Zeke and his sister Alex, he relents and agrees to go on a date with Harper. While on his date with Harper, Justin discovers, much to his own surprise, that he has feelings for Harper, which may very well have been lingering beneath the surface for some time.

Given this epiphany, Justin must examine whether a relationship is possible, and the problems said relationship would pose against his desire to become the family wizard.

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