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"John and Jade do stuff."
— MS Paint Fan Adventure website summary for Sweet Jade and Hella John.note 

Sweet Jade and Hella John is a deliberatly badly written fan adventure of Homestuck by Great Pikmin Fan, obviously inspired by Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff with a little bit of Problem Sleuth. It's also the fourth installment of the SBIG series and something of a Spiritual Successor to Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (especially given how Millennium themselves make an appearance). The story itself is rather confusing: For nine months it was about an immersive Mario game that John and Jade go through in order to defeat one The Evil. However, two rival organizations, the Fox Crew and the Millennium, have also been warring within the game. Aside from this, which is the closest thing the comic had to an arc by that point, it's implied it will be a Random Events Plot. And during the opening of Act 2, it was. Then, however, one of the Millennium's members gained increasing role in the story, and it turns out several more of the characters are prone to evil than thought... this sets the stage for the second part, John trying to beat through Dave, one such person who has became villainous. Early into June 2013 this arc has ended and for a month the plot was about the "Blue and Yellow Team," the group consisting of John, Jade, Jane, Jake, and all of their alter egoes, going to Heaven for a grand showdown against the comic's Big Bad. This has also ended mid-July, afterwhich the comic had its epilogue that ran until an ending in July 29th. The thread can be found here, and the mirror can be found here.


A similar story (in that they are both sucessors to HUC) is Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals.

Years after its conclusion, Great Pikmin Fan announced a text-only remake hosted on, which "officially" replaces this comic's place in "canon." The remake's introduction chapter was released in late August of 2017 and can be read here.

Possible spoilers below! All details of canon prior to the "Gigapause" are unmarked unless they are related to events of this, moreso if they are from this page earlier (everything afterwhich took place after the day of SJAHJ's last update).


Tropes seen in the retcon text-only remake:

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    Tropes A - Z 
  • Adaptational Badass: Jane was already badass in canon, and moreso in the original SJAHJ as she was able to pull off many feats without even having any God Tier powers. In the new one? Hoo boy... she manages to, without effort, carve a giant canyon that goes deep enough in the planet to draw out lava.
  • Compressed Adaptation: Done not because of the "medium change," but because Fan thought that the original was way too bloated and confusing, not to mention it was made up as he went along. This time, he has the whole story planned out ahead to a far greater extent, so elements like Jade's bullying issues where she's the bully to Dave can come a lot earlier. The first chapter in particular already established how much better Jake and especially Jane are compared to John and Jade, introduced Nepeta and suggested her high importance, set up the "friendship" between Jade and Kanaya, and suggested to Dave's sheer skill, sanity (sort of), and relationship with Rose. All of these were things not present in the "introduction" to SJAHJ — technically Intermission Act One (Act One itself was literally just John saying "fuck, let's be... MARIO AND LUIGI!") — did not have any of that at all and was just John and Jade dicking around on a ship with Good Yoshi. One of the largest examples is the fact that the Mario Intermission, which took up roughly one half to one third of the original comic, was completely nuked — Act 1 instead has an original plot about John and Jade being stuck in their rooms, and they still quickly and anti-climactically get out.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: It took a while before Dave, Rose, Jane, Jake, Kanaya, or Nepeta appeared in the original, particularly Rose. In the new version, the latter four are all involved with John and Jade's antics in the first chapter, and there's one cut leading to Dave and Rose having a conversation as well.
  • Establishing Character Moment:
    • Jade waking up in the afternoon butt-naked and being reluctant to help out John out of laziness. Establishes her more jerkass-y incarnation from the old SJAHJ pretty well.
    • Nepeta's "importance" is hinted at since her first conversation with Kanaya, and through the first chapter when she talks about being "busy" a lot.
    • Jane does an attack in Chapter 1 that's strong enough to rip her and John's house in half. In the end of the chapter, we see that it manages to carve a gigantic canyon in the planet.
  • In Name Only: The new SJAHJ is close to being a completely different story from the old, and it still does not have that much in common with Homestuck canon.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Chapter 1 has Jade getting out of bed nude and (half-)joking about immediately coming to John's rescue prior to even getting dressed.


Tropes demonstrated in the original Fanventure version:

    Tropes A - E 
  • Aborted Arc:
    • It was implied around Intermission Acts Three and Four that Meenah would kick Dave down a notch somehow. Meenah hardly does anything to Dave himself, though she does work with Eridan to arrest him. Dave's actual death will not come until later, where he is killed by John tricking him and Jade finishing him off.
    • It was blatantly foreshadowed that Dave would die and Dirk would have to step into his shoes; a sort of inverse to what happened with Dave and Bro in canon and fitting the events of the Shipping Intermission to an extent. Either this was a Red Herring or Dave and Dirk, as well as the Lalondes, turning evil wasn't part of the original plan. That being said, Dave does in fact outlive Dirk. Three times, counting Jade reviving him and the familiarization.
    • The patronage. Or more specifically, Jane and Equius's relationship. The other three groups (John and Nepeta, Jade and Kanaya, and to a lesser extent Jake and Feferi, though the latter was muddled by Terezi constantly being involved with them) had a decent ammount of interactions and arcs. Jane and Equius, on the other hand, just have a few neutral conversations with Equius occasionally hitting on Jane for some reason. Him being her patron troll is practically informed.
  • Absentee Actor:
    • Intermission Intermission 2 has the distinction of being the only subact/subintermission completely free of John or Jadenote , their counterparts getting the focus instead. The pair has perfect attendance otherwise, even if John doesn't get any speaking/typing roles in Act Two Intermission One.
    • Apart from aformentioned Mario sub-intermissions, Jane and Jake have appeared in nearly every subact of the comic since their debut in Intermission Act Two. With the exception of Act Two Intermission One.
  • The Ace: Dave and Nepeta. Jade is also inexplicably good at the Mario game.
  • Aerith and Bob: John, Jade, Jane, Jake, Jean, Jude, Joan, and... Jaka. Also Jenn.
  • All Men Are Perverts / All Women Are Perverts: Every human kid seems to be a pervert; they all have some form of porn collection except John and Rose (Dave doesn't either but he looks at Dirk's), and it's been very slightly implied that there is something with Rose too. John is the only one who had not really done anything perverted, and even then his fire self has been shaped up to be a stereotypical Jerk Jock or agressive alcoholic (in spite of never actually drinking).
  • All There in the Manual: Certain details about comic-within-a-comic Coolstuck and what's different between it and Homestuck are not actually covered within the comic itself, but instead through an author's note at the very end.
  • The Alleged Car: The Nissan Shitbox makes a return here. It's so shitty that its explosion can wipe out a juju, and it explodes seven times just from touching the steering wheel. Its driver, Monster Howie Mandel, survives it thanks to his Nigh-Invulnerability.
  • Always Someone Better: All over the place within the Blue and Yellow Team. There's Fire John to John and Ice Jade to Jade (which was examplified in the paintball battle), implied Jane to John and maybe Jake to Jade, and possible Vampire Jade to Zombie Jade. Outside, we have an obvious Dave to John.
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Believe it or not, this is averted more often than not: Asymetical features such as John's slimer on his shirt are flipped on his sprite. Hair, however, plays this straight, even in mouse-drawn images.
  • Anachronic Order: When it comes to John and Jade, the plot is surprisingly chronological for the most part. Anyone else, including their alter-egos, on the other hand?
  • Angrish: Very frequent. Of note, various characters shout "Magmaargh!" Which is actually the name of a Mario enemy.
  • Angry Guard Dog: Rose and Roxy face with one. Which promptly mauls them. Said guard dog is also a part of Tom Landry Middle.
  • Anime Hair: All eight kid ancestors, except Betty Crocker. (Who's a real person in this instead of a brand logo.)
  • Anyone Can Die: As of March 17th 2013, nobody is truely safe except for the titular characters and their evil twins. The trolls have finally begun dying off, starting with Aradia, then Aranea enters Slender Mode and "assimilates" Rufioh, essentially mind controlling him and adding him as an appendage to her. Terezi and Gamzee are killed and later assimilated as well, then Sollux, Meenah, Horuss, and Kurloz get assimilated while Elitaa is killed by Aranea offscreen. Vampire Jade kills Karkat, then Aranea continues with Porrim, Mituna, Cronus, Damara, Latula, and Kankri. Puerco is killed by AR. Roxy and Dirk die, and then the remaining trolls (except for the Leijons) are slaughtered by Rip, and finally Mutant Nepeta, as Nepetazilla, has killed Aranea for real and by proxy the 14 trolls she took over. None of these trolls fully come back from the dead, unless you count getting new bodies as part of going into Heaven, which in any case hardly counts since they're still in the Land of the Dead. The very large number of troll deaths could be attributed to Pikmin Fan's admitting to not like writting them.
  • Arc Number:
    • 616 in a similar manner to 413/612/1025/111 in Homestuck.
    • Arguably, 214 fits this as well.
    • 496 becomes one from the second act onwards. It's the number of "beings" that Darkhorse spouted in his "WTF Attack," the number of Vampire Dave's shirt in an alternate universe where John and Jake are dead, and it's the last three digets in the comic's final total page numbernote .
  • Arc Symbol: Rip's iconagraphy of a hat, which resembles Ezekiel's touque. Also, Edith is apparantly wearing a hat similar to that, and she looks like she's in an outfit that resembles Ezekiel's as well.
  • Arc Words: "Rip." Usually as a Written Sound Effect.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In this page, when Kanaya is listing off Jade's flaws:
    GA: Like Your Opinion Dictatorship Over Your Group
    GA: Your Neglect To Have Any Empathy Towards Others If They Dont Have Black Hair And Glasses And Even Then Its Iffy
    GA: You Claiming Youre A Lesbian When You Are Really Bisexual If That
    GA: And Your Unhealthy Obsession With Marge Simpson
  • Art Evolution: More like de-evolution, but the same effect is given. At first, only copy-and-pasted art is used for most characters, but then they get SBAHJ-styled sprites that progressivly get crappier sometimes. Here's one of the uglier images that took advantage of the new MS Paint tools.
  • Art Shift.
  • Art-Style Dissonance: By the second half. It's a violent, lethal, Black Comedy comic about best friends turning against eachother due to their own slight issues, with everything getting increasingly worse. It is also drawn sloppily in MS Paint constantly. The first half is less this and fits more with the art style, having an Obviously Evil villain with only one Ambigously Evil character.
  • Artifact Title: Around the latter parts of Intermission Act Two, the story actually starts to resemble Problem Sleuth more than Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.
  • Ascended Extra:
    • Nepeta, to the point where she's orcastrating something massive and is behind quite a few of the comic's events.
    • Kanaya, Equius, and Feferi within the series, who started off as rather minor characters before becoming the designated "main" trolls along with Nepeta.
    • Jane and Jake, who were originally parodies of the "villainous doppleganger" archetype before becoming a part of the main cast in Intermission Act 3.
    • Aranea is arguably one of the most important of the trolls, right behind Nepeta. For starters, she gets an entire intermission centered around herself and stories told by her — something none of the other characters have had. And now she's the cause of most of the troll deaths.
    • Dotty/Dottie Campbell was a one-shot-then-twice-cameo extra on Family Guy, but became a semi-recurring character here. For one, she's the last member of the Fox Crew to die.
  • Author Appeal:
    • All of the Big Bang Theory references.
    • Pikmin Fan does not like Gamzee, as he said on his fan profile. When the deaths start happening in the Shipping Intermission, no points for guessing who's one of the first characters killed off. When the trolls finally start dieing for real, guess again who's one of the first to go. To make matters worse, his ancestor is the only one to die who was not killed by another person, but rather died in an accident.
    • You can tell Pikmin Fan has a thing for nudists.
  • Author Avatar: A green Pikmin without any features. He sometimes speaks directly to the audience in his own quirk. And he is now dead.
  • Ax-Crazy: Most of the cast rolls into this sooner or later. Notably, the thirteen Nepetas provide a whole range of sanity, taking the offhand mention of trolls closer to tyrian being more agressive and violent. Tyrian Nepeta, on the far end, will occasionally try to kill people out of fits of frustration.
  • Back for the Dead:
    • Peter Griffin, moreso than Cleveland and Stan who suffered from similar fates. But this was so that Peter's soul would just be on Earth along with Stan's, and have not entered the afterlife waiting room, so he can capture them and use the energy to transport the pyramid in World 2 over towards World 7.
    • Non-revival example: Boomhauer, Bill, and Dale all die shortly after their third appearance.
    • Bowser and the Ice King. The latter has been getting more screentime as a ghost, however.
    • Tavros gets blasted by Rip among three rather important trolls (and Eridan and Vriska). He goes through three challenges in the coliseum, and comes back to life... only for Monster Howie Mandel to stab him with one of Luke's bowie knives and kill him off again.
  • Beige Prose: Especially the narrator.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Between Rip Van Winkle and Hank Hill. No, really.
  • Berserk Button: Played for Laughs. John and Jean did not take kindly to the Coolstuck update where Geromy gets killed off. It makes them grow in size, their skin turns red, and they go into an Unstoppable Rage mode in an expy of The Hulk.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Aranea turns out to be a real asshole. Please note that this happened before she got the Ring of Life in canon.
  • Big Bad: The final villain is Rip Van Winkle. However, the big bad of the Mario Intermission was clearly The Evil, and the big bad of Act Two specifically was Dave.
  • Big Ball of Violence: This panel, due to the animator's lazy-ness.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: Between Dave and Rose after their character select paths meet, accompanied by a random rainstorm and a lightning strike. Dave and Rose's kiss is mirrored — right down to the lightning — during Act Two Act One with Dirk and Sollux, for laughs, and towards the very end of the comic there's a literal big kiss between John and Jade. (Which does not have a lightning bolt occuring, but does take place in an exceptionally large panel the size of the Jake/Dirk and Rose/Kanaya kisses in the canon comic.)
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Invoked with Mitt Romney coming out of nowhere on a winged elephant, giving Jade the ten million dollar bill, and breaking into Rip's castle only to get killed shortly after. Pikmin Fan even says "BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT" in an author's note.
  • Big "NO!": Jade's reaction to John proposing him and Jade being Sonic and Tails after the events of the Mario Intermission.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Jade's ancestor story reveals that all of the human lead's families except the Egberts were this, and Act Two continues this as the kids get into battles with eachother. The Lalondes got this the least, their mother being seemingly normal if a little rich and powerful, before getting assassinated by Katherine, Jade and Jake's mother. Speaking of Katherine, she is an asshole. She kidnapped Dave and Dirk's father and kept him as what is basically a slave, before they entered an unexplained relationship and had a son (which slightly ties the four kids of both families together; they are related by sharing an older half-brother), which later both she and Dave and Dirk's dad would have sex with other people in front of. That incident was also where Mr. Strider would both go back on his prior implied relationship with Rose and Roxy's dad even though they have the oppertunity to reunite and cheat on Katherine. Dave (and it's implied Dirk too) is pissed at the story, but Jade taunts him for it which leads to said battles. Though Jade and Dave are the most likely to go full-on Cain and Abel (counting as siblings through their half-brother), Jade survives and killing Dave was John's job. Jade does, however, kill Dirk, thanks to an incident that also included Jake and Roxy.
  • Big, Stupid Doodoo-Head: Sometimes.
  • Bizarrchitecture: It's first heavily implied, then confirmed, that Jade's house is built on top of John's house.
  • Black-and-Gray Morality: Of all the Homestuck fancomics, this one uses this trope to an extent. As of a certain line in Act 2 Intermission 1, the characters can be devided into four rough classes: Egomaniac jerks who try to fight for their own, in some cases self-considered "right" side (Fox Crew, Jade on a good day, the redder Nepetas, Dave and Rose, Roxy, possibly Terezi and Auto Responder depending on whether or not we can take what Spongebob thinks of them worth a grain of salt, Eridan's gang consisting of him, Kurloz, Cronus, and Meenah; Aranea); downright sociopaths (Jade on a bad day, the purple-r Nepetas, the Mario villains, the Millennium, Rip who doesn't count for the Millennium following her betrayal, Gamzee and Kurloz); Living Props (most of the trolls, the Mario game constructs who aren't evil); and John, Jane, Jake, and their counterparts. And Act 2 Intermission 1 revealls that Spongebob thinks that everyone except the titular characters and their "Evil Twins" are evil.
    • invokedTo give a more specific example, Jade is far from the nicest character in the roster (Word of God says she was writen to be a horrific inverse of fan fiction that simplifies her as a dependant, supernice cheerful girl) and compared to the cast of Homestuck canon she's only slightly better than Caliborn, yet compared to the bunches of sociopaths and murderers in SJAHJ she's practically a saint. She only kills people when it's in self-defense, in a Bad Future she attempted to revive Jane's boyfriend instead of her own, she very much cares for John (as evident by her insults being playful and not carrying a tone of spite or hitting low blows), and unlike the world-hating, in some cases racist rest of the cast she's only unreasonably pissed off at one person who conveniently turned out to be evil anyway. In fact, if it wasn't for John, Jane, and Jake, she is very much a contender for one of the nicest characters in the comic.
  • Black Comedy: Showed up occasionally at first, then pretty much dominated the plot of Act Two. One of John's longest best friends Dave has undergone a complete mental breakdown, and Rose, Roxy, and Dirk slipped with him. Dave is essentially commiting acts of terrorism by unleashing an army on a school, at least one member of which gets mauled to death by a dog from before. The only group of heroes, as everybody else is either dead, mind controlled until they couldn't do a thing about their situation, or evil from the start, is constantly mocked by one of their own members that repeatedly sexually harasses her own sister to the point of implied insanity. Said member's entire family is screwed up, with both of the major children having actual incestuous feelings and their caretaker having been watching his parents sleep with different people right in front of him. An alternate John has been brainwashed into Trickster Mode, and later on an alternate Jade suffered the same fate, staying that way for at least months with only the slightest signs of their condition improving. Finally out of what's notable, Jade's little issues with Karkat? Eventually Cumulates in a copy of Jade shooting him and ripping him in half before familiarizing half of him, implied to be a Fate Worse than Death as all he can do is flail around in that half body of his until the Red and Red Team themselves finally (though accidentally) put him out of his misery by blowing up the familiar so that his soul can finally go to the Afterlife, of which he's sent to (the) Hell(s) for apparantly trying to come up with evil plans and he's abused at least once by the Blue and Yellow Team members that volunteered to help out. All of this is Played for Laughs.
  • Bloodless Carnage: In the beginning, although it's played for Stylistic Suck laughs rather than censorship reasons. Dead people, like a certain point in Trol Seasson, are drawn normally but with Xs over them.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The Afterlives in terms of how it's determined where you go. Also, their exact political system hasn't been revealed; Vampire Dave asks if there's an election (due to his past experience in the Afterlives he might be right) and Vampire Rose responds with "That probably doesn't concern us."
  • Bonus Boss: Robosanta is outright described as being one of these. Plus the creature made entirley out of dollar bills, gold, and a diamond.
  • Book-Ends: Interestingly four of these examples occured at nearly the same time.
    • Hank's flaming sword is what ultimately causes the first on-screen death (Doctor) the the last on-screen death (Rip), as noted by one of the titles.
    • The very second panel of the comic has a dialoglog that begins with "— JOHN [JE] BEGAN TALKING TO jade [JH] —" and the second to last panel has a dialoglog where after Jade announces that she forgives Karkat thanks to his random outburst in Intermission Act Two influencing John and Jade's relationship there's a line reading "— JOHN [JE] STOP TALKING TO jade [JH] —" This implies that every form of dialogue in the comic was supplied by a 2,494 page-long log (yes, by the way, there are pages without any logs. Several, in fact) that spanned from John's initial conversation to Jade. Interestingly, the two panels outside this do not have logs, as the first is the title screen and the last was just before John answered the twelve Nepeta clones trolling him at once. (And Jade answered Jake.)
    • "fuck" is the first and last word spoken in the comic.
    • The comic begins and ends with John and Jade at John's house. The thing is, what building is considered as "John's house" is what changes.
    • The first image of the actual story (as in, not counting the title card) and the final image are done in the "standard" Homestuck sprite mode that the player-characters are often depicted in.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Countless times.
    • In one point, while Jade was accidentally sent back to World 1 and attempts to catch up with John, she somehow ends up briefly running through Great Pikmin Fan's room while he's explaining the inspiration for that particular scene. GPF himself questions exactly how Jade got in there, but this isn't answered until much later.
    • Rip Van Winkle blatantly asks FIRE John to speak in a more readable text color than white. Similarly, back in Intermission Act One, Jade insists that John "tolks the Pincess in pink." [sic.] Both of these where spoken conversations, not typed. The second one is called back to, but through pesterchum rather than being spoken.
    • Once John and Jade finally meet up, John remarks that if the mario session was a play this would be the end of act two. Jade answers with "not yet." This is about half of the way into Intermission Act Two.
    • When someone was about to exposit, Jade remarks that this isn't Homestuck Act 6 Act 3, but Sweet Jade and Hella John Intermission Act 4.
    • In a plot point, Aranea kills Great Pikmin Fan's self insert and uses the recaps to get information on the comic's events. She also attempts to hijack the narrative (again) and contact Dave, but this only resulted in Dave blowing up the computer with his sharingan powers and causing her to lose a leg and a tooth.
    • When John and Jade's various alter egoes confess love for eachother and kiss at the same time, John and Jade's jaws drop out of the image and into the dialoglog box itself.
  • Brick Joke: Very early on, John is shown to have a list of friends and enemies (Jane and Jake are amusingly not on this list, even though John knew about them; Dirk and Roxy aren't either, but John and Jade hardly interacted with them at all, the former especially since Dave practically keeps him a secret from them). One of them is "Wolf Head," a reference to the mounted wolf's head in canon that haunts Hussie's self insert. John refused to elaborate on it. In the epilogue, one of the three bank robbers that Fire John and Ice Jade fight during their portion of the Where are they now Portion resembles the wolf's head pasted on the same "criminal sprite" that the other two robbers use as a base.
  • Brother–Sister Incest:
    • One-sided, Jade outright tries to make out with Jake. Er... Jaka. This happens several times.
      Jaka: GAH!!!!
      Jaka: Jade you no wer sisters rite?
      Jade: dont care
      John: o man if roes sees this shell freek the fuck out.
    • A bit more subtle because them being siblings isn't reminded to the readers: Karkat and Dave are half-siblings. (Don't ask.) Karkat sees Dave's new "emo" look (Don't ask about this either) and thinks he's some kind of cute girl. John points out that it's a guy. Karkat in unphased due to him being bisexual. Then John says it's Dave. Karkat's responce is silence.
    • "Jake: Blow everyone's minds." Jake confesses sudden love for Jade. Jade is freaked out by it. This preceeds Act 2 Act 2 Intermission 5, and right after that Jaka confesses feelings for Vampire Jade.
  • Bullying a Dragon: This is quite possibly the first Homestuck fan fiction with a scene that makes you wonder why Dave didn't rip Jade in half right there. See Dave's entry under Super Power Lottery for why this qualifies.
  • Butt-Monkey: Out of the characters who are not out-right demonized to sociopath levels, Karkat definitely has it worse than anyone else. After nearly getting killed by a water ghost, his accomplishments include soon getting possessed by the same ghost, having Jade yell death threats at him, get caught up in a large and dragging conversation about Fantastic Racism, nearly getting killed by Jade when they finally reunite (dialogue much later implies that she wasn't kidding; she was actually going to try to kill him), being ripped in half for doing what he thinks is a noble cause, having his soul locked up in a writhing half-body of himself, getting the familiar of him uncontrollably blown up, and finally his soul is electrocuted by Yellow Demon Jade in the epilogue on top of the days and days of torture he got simply for thinking about rebelling and turning to the evil side.
  • Call-Back:
    • Many, many gags to Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals: Frown of worry, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TAKE CHANGE, the liquid metal man vs. judge in a court case... one of Spongebob's fan fics has a similar summary to chapter 9 of HUC. However, this stops pretty abruptly after the Mario Intermission.
    • During the Jane-Jake-Joan-Jaka romantic dispute, Jake in a desperate attempt to prove some sort of point yells for Dirk (who had a crush on him in the past) to kiss him. Dirk's reaction there, and for a good chunk of the remaining intermission until Jade snaps him out of it, is ":O!!!!" And nothing else. Much later on, and coincidentally right after Dirk's (and Roxy's) death, Jake cries out for Jade to kiss him, and Jade reacts in the exact same way as Dirk did. Well, except for the fact that she managed to snap out of it on her own near-instantly.
  • Canada, Eh?: uranianUmbra (AKA Edith Quimby) types, and talks, in a very heavy Canadian accent, complete with adding a "U" after every "O" unless it's the first of a double.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The Trol Seasson crossover is never mentioned again (barring the recap and a very brief mention by Dave that actually took place in the past) once both characters leave the story; which is odd, considering how Karkat's duel match against Anger was supposed to be a huge move in Troll History and how continuity-filled the webcomic is. The flashbacks we've seen in relation to the trolls do not mention the trol race at all.
  • Casting Gag:
    • Unintentional at first, but Jade as Luigi and Jake as Waluigi. And John and Jade as the Mario brothers.Note 
    • Nazz as the princess that everyone wants a kiss from.
  • Celebrity Crush: Jade thinks Marge Simpson is attractive. However during the Epilogue she's shown to have gotten over it.
  • Censor Box: On everything naked.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: For a while during Intermission Act Two and Intermission Act Three.
    • Reverse Cerebus Syndrome: However, now the story seemed to be reverting back to it's old, silly ways with little care towards characterization (what with Rose randomly speaking in Austrailian dialect), but the plot's still complicated. And dark. And it flips right back when Dave snaps.
  • Chekhov's Boomerang: The yellow ship John and Jade ride on. It crashes early into the story, yet it get repaired and is then utilized by several people many times, before Mandel finally drives right into it, breaking it.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Early into IA2, Jade captchaloges a random vacuum cleaner. Four hundred and seventy pages later...note 
    • John fainting at the thought of Rose becomes important as Roxy uses this within a dream to get a look at his medical records, and eventually have a dream body to turn into Johnsprite, who becomes Trickster John. The scene itself counts because the part with the medical records doesn't come up again until near the end of the comic.
    • The Chinese Food black hole/the antilife hole.
    • Early on in the beginning, in the very first memo, Karkat yells at John and Jade asking them if they're so close why don't they forget the trolls and date eachother. Remember that line. Remember it. It turns out that John's subconcious took that at heart in the form of Jenn, who proceeded to do a very complicated plan formed as early as before John reaches the inn in 8-4 in order to hook John up with Jade.
      Great Pikmin Fan: Um so yeah. In order [sic] news Karkat basically telling John and Jade to go fuck themselves ended up saving the universe I think.
    • Biggest one in the entire comic by far: the bucket John carries in his sylladex.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The entire cast except for John and Jade. But Pikmin Fan admitted that this isn't from being planned as much as legitimatly not finding a good spot to bring closure to a character's arc until much later. But even with that, there are some notable examples:
    • In Intermission Act One, Hank Hill seems to be a one shot side character used for the sake of a joke. Then he kills Vriska's doctor, and is revealed to be the leader of the FOX Crew with said doctor actually being a part of a rival group of Felt expies, the Millennium. The Millennium also contains the comic's Big Bad. And no, it isn't the Lord English stand-in.
    • John's inner female self, and inner selves in general for that matter.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • All alter egoes eventually adopt different text colors from their original, whether immediatley or a few pages after. Eventually they even start up making a rainbow of their own, like the combined humans/trolls colors from canon.
    • Dream selves taken outside of dreams normally have a pale tinge to them. And if Temporal Replicsimile is used, the same color-coding key from PS applies: Green is the copy that goes in the past, red is the copy that goes in the future.
    • The Hydra's heads.
    • This is the reason why Link-Dirk is in a blue tunic instead of the trademark green: To prevent the color color from being too similar to either Good Yoshi's or Luigi-Jade's.
  • Color-Coded Multiplayer: The Mario session. This even extends to the character's counterparts.
  • Continuity Cavalcade: About half of Act Two Intermission Two has at least some focus on most of the background characters.
  • Conveniently Common Kink: All four of the main characters share a common fetish for people of a more fantastic skin color. In order of reveal: Jade is into yellow women (even more inhuman ones like Marge Simpson); Jake retains his blue-women sexuality (again, even for more inhuman-looking ladies), which is the only one that's actually canon; Jane loves green men with 'staches, and just before the epilogue John deveops a crush on red giantesses.
  • Cool Bike: Dirk (when he's playing as Link) can transform into one using a mask. Too bad he loses the mask later.
  • Cosmic Deadline: Near the end, all of the important parts of the plot have been closed at an extremely quick pace. The second portion of Act Two Act Two onwards has a much higher and more permanent death count as several plots were being resolved at that point, quite a few of them being resolved at the same time.
  • Cosplay:
    • Edith Quimby cosplays as who Rip "wants to cosplay as," which in turn resembles Ezekiel's outfit but half blue and half yellow instead of green and teal. Edmund's outfit losley resembles Alucard's.
    • Dave starts doing this a lot in Act Two. From Andrew Hussie's sepulchritude outfit, to Sasuke's pre-time skip outfit + Carrie's hairstyle, to Lord E-Bro's outfit in an alternate universe.
  • Country Matters: Vampire Dave drops a c-bomb here. (Context contains spoilers.) Of course, he's refering to one of the most jackassish and perverted major characters whom he had a bitter rivalry with, so this would be expected. Also, there's the matter that calling someone a "cunt" is the least troublesome of Vampire Dave's crimes.
  • Crack Fic: It may be simpler, but it's arguably more confusing than Homestuck itself, due to the typoed (but still comprehensible) speech of most of the main characters, extremely frequent perspective switches and Anachronic Order, and less concrete rules on reality in the universe. The fact that there are things you should be paying attention to makes it even worse, and the narrator frequently taunts you by asking if you remembered a certain character. Then there's the fine details, which include the main protagonists having a wide number of alter egoes each with an attempt at a unique personality (not counting the 600 alts), the main villain of Act 2 being a cosplayer who parodies New Powers as the Plot Demands (who is actually Dave Strider. This is probably one of the very, very few Homestuck fan works to have pre-scratch Dave as an antagonist), Aranea eating a piece of wood and gaining Slender Man powers, a one-sided romance between Hank Hill and a side villain from Hellsing, and, most strangly, Mitt Romney coming out of nowhere on a flying elephant just to die, which makes even less sense in context.
  • Crack Pairing: Invoked. There are several bizarre ships in this, such as Karkat/Equius and Terezi/Feferi. And then there's teased Jade/Kanaya, Jake/Terezi, Jake/Feferi, and Dave/Roxy (Roxy is his biological mother in canon, but not in SJAHJ) The ones that do not involve the kids are weirder, such as Cleveland Brown/Tubalcain Alhambra. (But they break up over Doctor Who.)
  • Crap Saccharineworld: This AU is probably one of the biggest examples of such worlds out of the AUs in the fandom. It may be brightly drawn and comically portrayed and Death Is Cheap, but soon the negative details of the multiverse is revealed: Every universe is always in danger of being ret-conned out of existance, the legal system is so incompetant that characters are able to out-do the higher-ups, there's an entire country at a cold war with the United States to which, thanks to legal loopholes, is unable to do anything about it, the entire case of the ancestor's backstory, there's an "Antigod" who can easily destroy spacetime itself and is only locked up in a barely-sturdy door, and then there's everything involving Dave and Jade...
  • Crossover: As a fan fic, even moreso than Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Although most of it is part of the Mario game.
    • In a memo, sporesInfection from Onionstuck makes a brief appearance before Pikmin Fan himself comes in and bans him.
    • In the final battle, Jaka is about to unleash the finishing 33 blows against Rip before she warps them both out of the SJAHJ multiverse. They then continue battling, through the worlds of The Eds' EDvenutre, Kids Fit the Trolls, and Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals before getting warped back. The significance of this on the other three stories is currently unknown.
    • invokedWord of God says that his stories can crossover with eachother with little to no bounds as long as it's not too stupid, and implied that crossover can only happen if it would make sense. He denied the John from Roxy's hallucination to be the canon John, and stated that if that were true than the Leijon-immortality code would apply to Homestuck.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The Captain. He acts like a complete idiot until one of the people who ranks below him starts attempting to murder several trolls.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • The first battle against The Evil just consists of a two-panel gif of John and Jade attacking him. He escapes with low health, and fuses with a shipperworm and the Chinese Food Black Hole. But that form is killed off by Good Yoshi, transforming him into Boshi, making it another curb-stomp.
    • The battle against Vampire Dave. It consists of him cutting off John's legs, then John talking him into thinking that he wants to join his forces, before revealing that John really just wanted Jade to get a clear shot at him. Boom, Headshot!, Dave's dead.
  • Cut-and-Paste Comic: It had been using sprites taken directly from Homestuck, but use of them slowly toned down over the course of the story. Of note, Karkat's one pose during an argument between him, Elitaa, Terezi, Feferi, and Eridan is repeatedly copy-pasted into other panels where he's really angry. As a joke, this is also the image representing him when he dies. This trope is especially used in the parts involving the Fox Crew/Millennium. It was even worse during the part before the author actually drew sprites for them, since images were straight up ripped from Google, Sherlok Holms style.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Rose and Roxy are revealed to be this towards the end of their portion at the beginning of Intermission Act 4.
  • Darker and Edgier: Relatively speaking since the comic still never fully takes itself seriously, everything from Act Two Intermission One onwards. Most of the Fox Crew dies, including Hank Hill. Dave, Rose, Roxy, and Dirk all join on the path of villainy, most of the named characters die, and at the absolute least Texas and some surrounding area is blown up by Rip.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "Sweet TROLLS and Hella MORE TROLLS." And "Sweet Rose and Hella Dave." Well, the latter only applied to before Act Two, where Dave, Rose, Roxy, and Dirk take up much more major roles in the story. There's also "Sweet Jake and Hella Jane," and the Trifold Battles and Act Two Act Two Intermissions. The latter of which has more emphasis on side characters and not just "the Blue and Yellow Team vs their biggest enemy and whoever might be relevant on their journey to fight on any side."
  • Death Is Cheap: There are many ways to get extra chances at life. 1up mushrooms (which are everywhere), drinking 7up soda, being transformed into a vampire/zombie/familiar/trickster, getting spirited, using World 6's "life spring," and the latest introduced one as of Act 2 Intermission 2: Beating the three specially-picked challenges in a coliseum in Black Hell/Dark Gray Hell grants life to whoever signed up, along with other, unspecified prizes. And being dead in this world is hardly a big deal either, considering how unlike the chaotic dream bubbles in canon, the Afterlife is being continually developed as having a well-structured system and being something of a society.
  • Deconstructive Parody: Intermission Act 3 (and John's encounter of his inner female self a little bit before) is for the most part this in regards to selfcest.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • Pretty much every troll except Nepeta. Word of God stated that he even hates writing for them because he can't come up with anything for them that isn't walls of hemospectrum=racist, romance discussions, and plot exposition. Notably, Vriska, opposite of Nepeta, turns from one of the most important characters in Homestuck who deliberatly tries to force herself into the plot into an Earl expy early on in the comic. This was intentional. Lamshaded in the Shipping Intermission when Tavros asks Vriska what the last big plan she had was. She answers with a long pause, followed by a "fuck you."
    • Rose, Roxy, Dave, and arguably Dirk. (The "arguably" meaning that he actually joins John's group for most of Intermission Act Two, but he doesn't do anything until after he separated himself from the group to look for rupees.) It's also heavily implied that the lines on the "==>" arrows stand for John, Jade, Jane, and Jake, and not any of the blondes. The reason for this being that dashes and equals are added once a gender flipped counterpart is made, including counterparts to Jane and Jake. Thankfully, this only applies for the first three Intermission Acts; from IA4 onwards, they get a lot more focus.
    • Within the fan fic, Elitaa and possibly Puerco. Elitaa was at first quite the spotlight taker and her introduction and surrounding initial mysteries heavily took up most of Sweet TROLLS and Hella MORE TROLLS. There was even a segment where she wandered around the yellow ship and looked at what all of the trolls there were doing; unfortunately, nobody suggested, so that didn't go anywhere. She's now a Living Prop who hasn't made a physical, non-cameo appearance in over several hundred pages, and never really contributed to the plot. (Everything she did was tied directly with another character, such as destroying the T-800s with Eridan.) The "possibly" for Puerco is only because she was almost never important at all and is one of the few characters who didn't actually contribute anything to the story.
  • Designated Villain: invokedParodied with Rip, who towards the end of Act 2 Act 2 has been mocked by Vampire Dave for being irrelevant, then later on when Jade acts like her killing off a Marge Simpson experiment somehow makes her a bigger villain than Dave. The Blue And Yellow Team as a whole doesn't even really feel required to fight her.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? Jade and Jude vs. Lord Major Quimby. They shoot him a little, causing him to back off and time/space travel out of there. Outside of context, this doesn't sound impressive... except that this is the ectobiological son of Alucard we're talking about here.
  • Distressed Damsel: The Pincess [sic].
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Lord Major Quimby. In spite of filling in the "place" of Lord English, he's not the Big Bad or even a remotley big villain from the perspective of the heroes. To add insult to injury, his death is extemely anticlimatic and one of the weakest members of the Millennium manage to kill the two that killed him (though to be fair he did catch them off guard).
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Jade's incredibly hostile reaction to Karkat directing her into the wrong pipe by accident. Once they meet up she and Jude charge at him, and it's implied that without Jean and John there they would have killed him. Even worse because Jade navigates through the Mario world just fine in spite of being set back, and the pipe does in fact lead to John and Jade reuniting sooner.
    • Dave lets Dirk and Roxy die just for failing to kill Jade and Jake, respectively. He doesn't bother using his vampire powers to revive them, and as the other two vampires at the scene are either dying herself (Rose) or against them (Vampire Jade), they are Killed Off for Real.
    • Waterwraith runs over people who enter "his" house. Quotes used because it's not even his house — it's Nepeta and Meulin's.
    • Rip stealing Lord Major Quimby's sash, powers, and souls because he ate her fried chicken.
    • Joan trying to fight Jaka after she left him to get "caught" by Jean and gotten to play Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Ed Ventures.
    • Tubalcain Breaking up with Cleveland just because he's into Doctor Who, and killing him over it at the same time and re-joining the Millennium.
  • Divergent Character Evolution:
    • John and Jade. In the beginning, the only real personalities given to them was that Jade was the more savvy expositor while John just listened, and he seemed to be a little bit dumber. The only hint of Jade's pervertedness was her owning a softcore porn magazine. Intermission Act 2 did not actually focus on her as much as John, or the other non-troll characters for that matter, and John stayed static throughout most of the act. It wasn't until Intermission Act Three where Jade's "gangsta" personality really kicked in; and in fact that subact really focused on the main heroes of the adventure and was the first time Jane and Jake got some actual characterization beyond being John's rivals.
    • All of the alter egoes. All of them. Whether to their originals (IE Jude to Jade) or to another one (IE the Tricksters to... eachother).
  • Doomed Hometown: Arlen, which is blown up along with most of Texas and its surrounding areas after Rip goes berserk following Dave blowing up the Captain. The only parts that remain are a chunk of the forest and the Valley of the End: Everything else is just a huge crator. Subverted in that the main four characters are still living on its remains, rebuilding a few houses and with some of the alts making a pseudo-farm to get supplies from.
  • Door Stopper: It officially out-updated Homestuck in terms of pages per the first year early in January. It's now longer than the first three MS Paint Adventures AND Homestuck Beta combined, and about halfway through May its length exceeded all of Act 5 in Homestuck. It's being implied that the adventure is close to ending, but still. There is an option to skip the first thousand+ pages. Act Two Act Two alone is implied from author's notes to be the comic's longest subact, at 709 pages, passing through two seperate 500 panel filler celebration comics.
  • The Dragon: Three examples: Omega Drew Pickles to Lord Major Quimby, Captain to Rip, and Rose to Dave.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: SJAHJ is essentially one long ad for Great Pikmin Fan's future fan fics.
    • One of the movies available for viewing at World 7 was "Onionstuck," however the option was struck out because it wasn't out yet. Not too long after, the actual fan adventure Onionstuck was out on the forums.
    • A future duoiligy of John/Jade and Dave/Rose fan fics has been hinted at in this, both times through Spongebob; Temples, the John/Jade fan fic, had its premise hinted at during the part where Spongebob sends John a fan fic called "Eerie Temple," with the plot about John and Jade "exploring buildings." Attack of the Killer Time Beetles! the Dave/Rose fan fic, had been hinted at in the synopsis for the Spongebobfic with a title mentioning them.
    • Jade links to a The Amazing World of Gumball video after saying that her love confession to Kanaya was just a prank, to tell everyone that they just got trolled. This happened around a week after Pikmin Fan confirmed the next SBIG fan fic will be one of said show. Later on, the narrator admitted to having a crush on Nicole, from the same show. More amusingly, the character featured in that video in question is who Dave sorta-ends up dressing like (likley a coincidence in-universe).
    • In the Bad Future, Dave's Lord E-Bro shirt reads "496" instead of Eddy's brother's "62." 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems would be made by the author.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In short, the beginning of the story is quite different compared to what it has became.
    • The tone and formatting in general. The first intermission act and the first chunk of the second focus a lot more on randomness for humor, with very little of the actions actually coming up again. Around the very first character select to Sweet TROLLS and Hella MORE TROLLS, the plot becomes a lot more structured and the adventure, as hard as it may be to believe, takes itself a little more seriously and events and characters from before starts becoming relevant. However, around the boss fight of Intermission Act Three, the adventure reverts back towards comedy and keeps up the hijinks, albeit keeping the plot organized. Even the formatting is different now: With the command arrows since becoming longer during Intermission Acts 3 and 4 and Act 2 Act 2 as alter-egos to John/Jade/Jane/Jake are added (though this has since reverted) and the Mario Intermission actually ending at one point — eliminating the "[I]" tags that are on over 900 pages, plus Jade's cheat code that makes it so that commands don't refer to characters by initials anymore, it could be easy for one who made it up to IA3 but before the mass alter-ego creation to look at the "latest commands" on the mirror and think that pages of another adventure were accidentally uploaded instead of this.
    • Early into Intermission Act Two, there was planned to be "as much romance as possible," possibly that the whole story would eventually decay into a makeout fest. (Parodying Homestuck's increasing numbers of romance themes.) At some point this plan was dropped without a word on it and the story basically went for the polar opposite goal of that.
    • Pikmin Fan used to be a lot looser with the characterization. In Act 2 it's obvious that he's making an effort to make everyone vaguely in-character now, with some very intended exceptions.
    • Intermission Act 2 contained several references and in two cases downright crossover with other fan adventures. This has toned down significantly later on, then stopped altogether.
    • Prior to the Shipping Intermission, the "evil twin" designation to Jane, Jake, and to a lesser extent Dirk and Roxy seemed to be a lot more literal. John seems to be genuinley annoyed by Jane and acts rather unsympathetic towards her (willingly punching her and not caring if he kicks her in the groin in his sleep), and on the flip side Jane is willing to injure John and hardly seems sympathetic of what happens to him — both of which are something unthinkable once their past as an actual set of twins raised together with no obvious complications is revealed. The fact that neither of them are on John's friends/enemies list makes this more confusing. It's only around Intermission Act Three (or arguably said subintermission) that their rivalry is more or less ret-conned as a friendly sibling thing.
    • Taking into consideration the almost-kiss between John and Jane, the Running Gag of the Harley siblings crushing on eachother, the slow buildup to the reveal that Dave and Rose are a couple, the pile of John/Jade teasing, and pretty much every other fanwork by Pikmin Fan involving Homestuck (even the ones not out yetnote ), it's very odd to note that the number of incest jokes in Intermission Act One and very early Intermission Act Two is firmly at zero.
    • As mentioned in Art Evolution, the story started out being incredibly reliant on copy-pasting. Around Act Two Act Two, the number of images taken from Homestuck canon quickly decreased (it decreaed over time, but A2A2 was the first time it happened this much), especially once the "Blue and Yellow Team" template was made, which uses tiny MS Paint drawings to stand-in for the canon images.
  • Easily Forgiven: Edmund's first conversation is him chewing out Elitaa for trying to "replace" him and Edith.For reffrence  Elitaa says she's trying to replace Karkat instead. Edmund answers with "o ok then" and immediatley leaves.
  • Easter Egg: In one page, Karkat shouts what seems like gibberish on the first line. If you run it through ROT13, it becomes a message that reveals the third elimination of one of the author's competition fan fics, Total Zeksmit Plains. Before the chapter with that particular elimination was published.Note 
  • Embarrassing Nickname: The nicknames for the ancestors. Especially Sleepy Dogwoman and Reddy McCoolshades.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Darkhorse is a parody/in-universe example. He's the only member of the Millennium Hank Hill actually likes. And, of course, he gets killed off three pages after his first appearance.
  • Epic Fail:
    • Karkat promises to direct Jade to a pipe leading to World 8-4 is she can help him get a rare card for a duel match. But it turns out, he sent her to the wrong pipe. A pipe which leads to the beginning of the game. Jade... isn't happy about that.
    • Near the end of the story, Roxy's ghost rages a portal back into the living world in anger at the kisses between Fire John/Ice Jade, Jean/Jude, and the Trickster duo, and tries specificially not to get the "main" instances (really just the ones with no defining power, or without a power they used to be defined with in the case of the Fire/Ice duo) not to kiss. Jade technically does end up kissing John because of Roxy's interfearance, as she gave a mouth-to-mouth transfer of epinephrine after the epipen containing it was snapped in half... also thanks to Roxy, possessing Jane.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Rip's first full appearance is her after she blows up the Death Mecha, which also may foreshadow her increasing tendency to kill members of the Millennium, whom she used to work for.
  • Even the "Not Homosexual" Guys and Lesbians Want Him: Dave.
  • Everybody's Dead, Dave: While the cast starts dropping like flies around Act Two, Rip completely blows up Texas and a lot of the area surrounding it, aside from one little section in the Arlen forest that Trickster John protected with a magic barrier, and the Valley of the End, protected by Trickster Jade because she really wanted to see John and Vampire Dave fight. It's debatable as to whether or not Vampire Dave could have survived the blast, and many of the major characters are already dead, but the overall known group who lived is as follows: The entire Blue and Yellow Team, Nepeta and her clones, Meulin (everyone listed after her died later in a point as said in their parenthesis), Pop and Dick (cut in half by Vampire Dave almost instantly after), Aranea (laser-blasted by Nepetazilla), Vampire Dave (gets his head blown up by Jade) GHES (stomped on by Rip), and Rip herself (the only person bar John and Jade's respective guardians who survived the explosion and was in fact in the epicenter, but died much later in the story thanks to a plan from the B&YT). So basically, the main characters, some supporters, the main's guardians who die right after, and four villains.
  • Everyone Is Related: Sort of. A running gag is the story setting up everyone as being related except John and Jade. Dave's father and Jade's mother were a wedded couple, before they each had their respective twin sets with their eventual partners. John's biological father is named Harl Makara, which Gamzee points out several pages later that this was because Gamzee's ancestor somehow adopted him, and thanks to some obscure Alternian legal loophole Gamzee can act as a guardian figure to John.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Vampire Dave switches into a Sepulchritude-esque outfit (think Author Avatar Andrew Hussie's default outfit) the first time he's shown after becoming completely evil, and later he dresses as an emo supposedly like Sasuke Uchiha. Vampire Rose downplays this, not switching until she dies, and it's only for convenience in being able to tell the difference between the two Roses and the only outfit switch was her shirt being black and the symbol being her text color.
  • Evil Twin: All of the human and troll kids who were post-scratch players in canon are seen as this, whereas their pre-scratch counterparts are the "good twins." A conversation between Dave and Aranea reveals that what denotes as being "good" or "evil" depends on what type of magic they are naturally good with. Also, Yoshi has one, which actually stemmed out from a suggestion that was supposed to compromise with there only being one Yoshi but two kids to ride him.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Boobs magazines and their Spear Counterpart Penis.
  • Excuse Plot: The entire series of events is set off just because John, one day, randomly declares "fuck, let's be... MARIO AND LUIGI." Even the stuff seemingly not related to John and Jade is kicked off by their adventure due to time travel; had they not been involved, things would have been completely different. Rip points this out at the end of her flashback.
  • Expy: Every Millennium member who appears in Hellsing canon acts the same way as they did in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, bar Major (until Lord Major Quimby dies) and Rip (who is considerably less stable). Captain's still loud and egotistic, Schrodinger is a near-literal Exposition Fairy in regards to his own powers and Weird Quantum Shit, and even exception Rip remains as one of the few typoless characters until typoes were essentially made into complete rarities.

    Tropes F - Q 

  • Face–Heel Turn: Dirk may provide the dumbest example in all of media. He joins the villains' (well, one group of villains, that is) side just because Roxy offered him cookies.
  • Fan Disservice: The Revenge Five (especially Homer, with the idea of his giant junk visible out the window (though it's censored)), Dave's "sexy no jutsu" with Drew Pickles heads, Jane/Jean/later on John's long and saggy breasts, and Jade's (and to a lesser extent, Dave's) ridiculously high amount of body hair.
  • Fan Fic: The Shipping Intermission is revealed to be a fan fiction... by Spongebob Squarepants. Who is wearing shades. Which arguably raises more questions.
  • Fanon: Invoked. Trickster Jade's design is based on a pixel by Feastings. The same pixel was used in-comic for the panel marking her first clear appearance. Other than that, however, Sweet Jade and Hella John may be the ultimate anti-fandom-meme comic, flat out defying or even criticising at points jokes that are commonly shared within the fandom and annihilating popular couples.
  • Fantastic Racism: Apart from the whole hemospectrum thing (which GPF admits that he actually hates writting), Karkat is against troll/human dating to the extent that he completely breaks up with Nepeta over it and ends their friendship, or at least what could be considered friendship. And then there's Jade's conversation with UU/Edith:
    GG: wait wait wait can this be avoided????
    GG: i dont wanna live with a bunch of simpsons charcters if theyre gonna be dull and personalityless and theyre not marge!!!!!
    GG: o yeah and i dont want all humans ded too
    UU: ...
    UU: that almoUst soUnds rasist.
Darkhorse hates trolls. All trolls in general. John thinks it's racist.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: Red Hell plays this straight; the other fractions of the Afterlife do not.
  • Final Boss, New Dimension: The battle with Rip takes place in a large castle in Heaven, a location which prior to the Blue and Yellow Team's trip there has never been seen. While the Afterlife dimension has been featured in Sweet Jade and Hella John many times before this point (increasing significantly once the kid-characters star dying off), the Heaven subsection itself has not.
  • Five-Man Band: The Red and Red Team.
  • Five-Man Band: At first, it was just John, Jade, and later Good Yoshi. Intermission Act 2 changed their team around often (dropping Good Yoshi for Jade and FIRE John, for one). However, as of Act Two Act Two, they seem to have finally settled onto this:
    • The Hero: John.
    • The Lancer: Jade.
    • The Big Guy: Fire John, Jane with her Crocker Blade.
    • The Smart Guy: Possibly the counterparts (yes, all four of them), especially due to them getting more information pestered to them than their originals.
    • The Load: Jake.
    • The Sixth Ranger: Dirk (throughout the adventure; ever since IA2; then Roxy convinced him to turn evil), Rose, Dave, Roxy (before all three of them became evil), and the trolls.
  • Five-Token Band: Ethnicities have been hinted at here and there, or outright revealed in the very rare "in color" pages, but Spongebob's Shipping Grid provides a handy (if ret-conned) image: The Striders are blondes with the same pinkish skin color used for Hank Hill (and most Millennium members), the Lalondes are black blondes, the Egberts are Latino, and the Harleys originally had the same skin tone as the Striders, but with the same hair color as Rip, before their skin matched Rip's as well.
  • Fluffy Cloud Heaven: Averted. Heaven, at least the portion seen, resembles a peaceful field. That's drawn with the text colors of John (cloud outlines), Jade (general grass), Jane (sky/atmosphere), and Jake (tall blades of grass sticking up). It's revealed later on that Heaven can be manipulated by its inhabitants into whatever they want, giving it a Patchwork Map look.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Happens a lot.
    • In Intermission Act Four, when one of Dave's dreamselves finally meets up with Rose and Roxy, Roxy teases that she will try to steal one of the four quest gatorade containers and force Dave to drink it, making a female version of himself that Roxy presumes Jade will fall in love with. Given that Intermission Act Three was all about John, Jade, Jane, and Jake on thier inward journey and each of them drank their gatorade, "Dame Strider" never came to be. (Though Dove sure as hell did. Briefly before dying, yet getting a permanent ghost.) The funny thing is, given Dave's ability to charm anyone regardless of sexuality, that wasn't even really necessary.
    • When Darkhorse is finally elaborated on, pretty much everything else about him had been revealed through snippets, including his death. This means that his creation was the absolute last thing we find out about him, except what he does in the Afterlives. Shortly after such, the narrator recaps his entire story.
    • Aranea apparantly uses time travel from the future's confirming her to still be alive in order to get quantumly favorable rolls for her. Although given how she was probably only alive in the first place thanks to this bizarre loop, this plan doesn't really make any sense at all.
  • Flanderization: Jade, Karkat, and Roxy got hit with this pretty badly. The former got more perverted as the series went on (she was originally surprised at a misunderstanding comment; now she outright tries to make out with her "sisterbrother" and jokes about her parents sex life), and the latter two got more and more focused on ships. Although Roxy's had been Retconned with the reveal that she had been infected with a "shipper worm" that Cerulean Nepeta knocks out of her shortly after... and now it's been changed right back again and Roxy is still a sociopath.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In the Shipping Intermission, Vriska asks Jade if she's going to nuke everybody. Her responce? "not yet." Granted, she doesn't do the nuking, but still. The Shipping Intermission in general is basically just one big foreshadowing of events in future subacts, and was what retroactively determined Jade, Jane, and Jake's supposed patron trolls. (Kanaya, Equius (originally Elitaa while Equius replaces Nepeta for John's), and Feferi respectivley.)
    • Dirk saying that the conflict between John and Dave is like that between Naruto and Saskue, but with the hair colors flipped.
    • A few signs pointed towards Rose being Dave's girlfriend before the reveal at the end of Intermission Act Four's character select arc. For one thing, earlier in the story Dave told the trolls that he would get his girlfriend into the Mario game — later (but taking place earlier), just before the reveal, Dave asks Rose if she can enter using the tank.
    • Nepeta saying that she's not going to die until Simpsons ends. It turns out, she literally can't. And this goes for Simpsons in Real Life.
    • Karkat asking why, if John and Jade are so close, don't they stop trying to hit on the fellow trolls and instead date eachother. At first this seems to be lampshading the number of teases between John and Jade, but then it cues in Spongebob's... catch line when conversing with them, and it turns out to be a part of Jenn's ploy to get John and Jade together.
  • Four Lines, All Waiting: Several instances in Intermission Act 2. It's gotten to the extent that Good Yoshi, previously a semi-regular, had vanished for over a hundred pages before John and Jean finally hear of him again. Intermission Act 3 attempts to avoid the "all waiting" part by having a heavy focus on the kids playing as Mario brothers, but at a cost most of the other plots run even slower.
  • Freak Out: Dave's reaction to seeing his dead dad's corpse and Rose and Roxy's mother's corpse in Rip's coffin. Notably the first time he really freaked out like this in the fan fic.
  • From Bad to Worse: The entire adventure itself. While it's never meant to be taken seriously (especially given the sheer ammount of self-deprecation humor and lampshade hanging), the beginning was completely lighthearted. The second half of the Mario Intermission onwards features things such as Rip showing Dave a pair of corpses (but it's Nightmare Retardant due to the art style), one of them being his own dad's corpse; main characters dying and being teased for a long time to be completely unambiguously dead; and more and more characters turning out to be a part of an evil plan. And now there's things such as Aranea bragging about the comic's death count. And being responsible for a good chunk of the death count, especially in regards to the trolls.
    • The Shipping Intermission. It starts out... bizarre, but harmless. Then Dave gets into a fight with Dirk's Auto Responder. And then the deaths start happening. More (of the evil twin/post-scratch) trolls are permanently killed off than in Homestuck canon so far, and two of the humans die as well. And that's before the nuke hits and kills everyone else off, including the previously unseen good twin trolls.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: One of the films in the Ice World's dating theater is about a man robbing a bank naked. And another is about a nude woman ghost/monster thing who is supposedly invincible. They later get brought to life and play this trope in a greater effect, along with Homer Simpson who decides to go naked because he noticed everyone else in the little group at the time was naked.
  • Gag Boobs: Jane and Jean are both implied to have "freakishly large boobs," although this isn't visible from the typical sprite style of the characters. Anything implying breasts rarley show up in "hero mode" poses, and even then it doesn't look that freakish. Appearanty "freakishly large" is shown by (or just means) the character having them period, since no other character aside from Dottie and the Curser Woman (who are both supposed to be naked) is drawn with breasts. The Trip Intermission shows that Jean's breasts are sagging. (Link SFW.) At the age of 12.
  • Gambit Pileup: Oh, yes. Word of God has said that this comic can be described as a three-person chess game between Dave, Nepeta, and Rip. A COMPLICATED three-person chess game, as demonstraited by him linking to this video.
  • The Game Plays You: The Mario session averts this when it comes to the main people playing it, but for the trolls in Troll Town, their houses are pretty much forced to be warped into the game world. Granted, it's easy to take a pipe into 1-1 and leave, but still. Eridan actually gets fed up with it to the point that he sends Dave a large (literally) "fuck you."
  • Gender-Blender Name: "Joan." Worse, it's actually a commonly-used name for a genderbent John, not Jane. The angroginy is pointed out in the narration:
    (Wait isn't joan a girls name?)
  • The Ghost:
    • Due to not being seen in the comic outside of sillouette at the time of writting several pages of the story, the "good twin" trolls aside from Aranea and Meenah have not been seen for some time. They haven't even been involved in pesterlogs due to their quirks not being revealed back then, until they became necessary to the plot, wherein Damara's has been guessed. (The irony is that Pikmin Fan's guess of her personality was not too far from how it actually turned out.) Elitaa's hasn't either, but she has no real excuse due to being an original character.
    • There's also numerous side characters who have never been seen. This includes Jake's Inner Female Self (and just about every inner self except John's and Dave's, though Jake's is notable because she was mentioned in story and is the reason why he kicks Jaka upon first meeting), a few of the ancestors (never seen visually; do get some dialogue), Dave's fanclub barring the first six we always see, any of the classmates (aside from a few — which for some reason have faces that look like Horsesprite's, presumably just from sloppy drawing and not because of anything related to horse/human hybrids. Hopefully), any of the kids of the Fox Crew's members (never even mentioned; it's possible that they all died when Texas was blown up), most of the lusii, the friendly inhabitants of every Mario world except 7, backstory characters like Obama and the gang he fought at Valley of the End, and Andrew Hussie, who's only hint at even existing in this world is a shot of Dave's MSPA forums showing that a user who goes by "S_O" posted something. A bit unusual for a comic that goes an extra step to make the Wolf Head into a Brick Joke.
  • Ghost Extras: Justified during the intermission, where only the key characters are playing the game and the NPCs are... well, more-or-less treated as NPCs. During Act 2, however, very rarely are extras outside of the main cast are seen, and if they are then they mostly don't do anything. One notable example is the cop who helps the Blue and Yellow Team down into the Wasteland after Texas is blown up.
  • GIS Syndrome: Like its inspiration.
  • God: It turns out that the Gods of this multiverse are Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
  • Good Bad Bugs: In-universe. The Mario game has a few, which are exploited by the characters. Such as the backwards long jump being possible again. It's implied that these are only in the beta.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: Jade (Yes, that is Jade in the picture) wears boxers with what looks like a number of blue slime ghost patterns on them, and her undershirt has the same kind of blue slime ghost pattern as John's overshirt.note  Near the end it's stated that the underwear was actually a gift from John, and he also has a matching green set he wears too.
  • Granola Girl: Ice Jade.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Occasionally, both said by the characters and written in the captions/panels.
  • Groin Attack: Actually happens to a girl first. And then another girl. And then another. Finally used on a guy with Jack:
    "Ow! Right between the dick!" [sic]
  • Grossup Closeup:
    • Most "hero mode" shots of Dave after his Evil Costume Switch (where he's in shorts) exposes his legs as being really hairy.
    • Far worse than Dave is Jade, as seen here. Probably the only fanwork in the Homestuck fandom where Jade in her underwear is pure Fan Disservice. Similar to Dave, she lacks long sleaves and pant legs for the first time in the comic, and it turns out all four limbs are arguably even hairier than Dave's legs. Her armpits also have large bundles of hair. And she drools. And she's a messy cheeto-eater.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: A pretty common death.
    • How Vriska, Tavros, and Karkat die in the Shipping Intermission.
    • Cleveland slices Zorin in half with her own scythe. Jaka slices Zorin in half again after she is brought back to life by Jan, except this time it's horizontally instead of vertically.
    • Karkat's "main" instance is ripped in half post-death by Vampire Jade.
    • Sort of the ultimate fate of Roxy and Dirk, who are pushed against eachother so hard and with so much force (by Jake catapulting the former and Jade rocketboard-hitting the latter) that they explode.
  • Hand-or-Object Underwear: At one point, Homer Simpson (who is giant and naked) covers his crotch with Jade and Jake's bedroom. Unfortunately, the window is right over his crotch, giving everyone in the room but the viewers a full view.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works:
    • The trope is lampshaded here:
      KEKKEI GENKAI: none dood he needs to LERD how to strong not give it birthed to him
    • Averted when it comes to Dave Strider, at least in the intermission. While the hard work in question was done offscreen before the adventure begun, he got the way he is through extreme amounts of training himself.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: "i am not a homosexual" is apparantly John's catchphrase in the fan comic, although within the comic itself he hardly uses it.
  • Hive Mind: Outside of biology, assigned color, and having knowledge of the inward journey area layout, there are no initial differences between the kids and their gender reversed counterparts, leading to moments such as them typing the same thing on a memo. No, a kid never actually had a pesterchum conversation with their own counterpart (though Jean did contact John to send him the files Spongebob sent her). This amusingly did not happen between the two Johns created after the Robosanta battle, but that's presumably because one of them got the fire flower before meeting the other.
  • I Hate Past Me:
    • Future John outright attempts to troll his past self and his copies, but then Jade from the same point in time bans him from the memo they were in and slaps him.
    • Dave's dreamselves made before his freakout really don't take a liking to his current self.
  • Hope Spot: After many, many of them die, six of the trolls finally escape Springfield thanks to Vampire Jade coming in and saving them! Buuuuut... Vampire Jade leaves them alone for her "fight" with Jaka, and the trolls are suddenly blasted by Rip.
  • An Ice Person: Both the Crystal King and the Ice King appear. The former kills the latter, however. Then there's ICE Jade, and Johnsprite was becoming this due to being prototyped with the Ice King's crown but fixed it by Tricksterizing.
  • Idiot Hero: Really all four main characters barring Jane have moments of this. Jade's not really stupid in any sense, but her ego and personality have destroyed a lot more than necessary.
  • In-Series Nickname: When the Blue and Yellow team forms, Jade gives out nicknames to the twelve people present at the time. She then expands on this to everybody else:
    • John: The Courage.
    • Jade: The Badass Lesbian.
    • Jane: The Girl Who Does Nothing but Baking.
    • Jake: The Fan Service.
    • Jean: The Wisdom.
    • Jude: The Badass Crossdresser. (Joan, for some reason, does not get a title similar to this, but instead...)
    • Joan: The Male PMSer.
    • Jaka: The Fan Service but with a Vagina Instead of a Penis.
    • Fire John: The Fire Guy.
    • Ice Jade: The Ice Girl.
    • Vampire Jade: The Bloodsucker.
    • Zombie Jade: The Milksucker.
    • Trickster John: The Moron.
    • Trickster Jade: the Suga Fuga.
    • Blue Demon Jade: The Object of Jake's Desires.
    • Jenn: The Mentalist.
  • Hulking Out: John and Jean after reading Geromy's death.
    A transformation starts to both of you.

    You slip into the fabled reddeath trance of the raegnerds, quaking all the while in the hotbloodanger throes of the whiner tongues. You advice your teammates not to be alarmed, as they crconikal the event in tomes bound in the Mexican flesh of two tortured hellsingers, with runes stroked in the steaming tears bled from the flippingout-weary eyes of fifty thousand imaginary
    Coolstuck fanatics.

    But they fail not to be alarmed.

    This is because, as is now painfully obvious to anyone with a brain, you have basically gone completely off the deep end in every possible way.

    You have officially been PISSED THE FUCK OFF.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Averted to hell and back with FIRE John. Having fire powers was pretty much the best thing to happen to him. Same with ICE Jade. And debatebly with Vampire Jade, Vampire Dave, or Vampire Rose.
  • Immortality Begins at 20: It's revealed in the epilogue that this is how vampirism works.
  • Interface Screw: Averted in spite of being MSPA and SBAHJ based.
  • Interspecies Romance: Played straight with John/Nepeta (until they break up), Dirk/Sollux, and discussed several times. Karkat thinks troll/human is like bestiality and compares it to the relationship between Sonic and Ellise. Jude also jokeingly compares it to bestiality.
  • Irony:
    • In Homestuck, 413 was the Arc Number for the kids, while 612 was the Arc Number for the trolls. The update on the day 4/13 actually focused exclusivly on the trolls, whereas the 6/12 update (which was short because the author was away for most of the day) focused exclusivly on the kids. GPF takes note of this and spends the next update -- which is supposed to be the "real" 6/12 update -- making eight panels instead of the average-at-the-time four, none of them so much as mentioning any of the trolls. Next year's 6/12 did show them, but it was also the update where every troll except the Leijons die. Pikmin Fan lampshades this.
    • Karkat, who constantly opposes troll/human dating, turns out to be part-human through ectobiology. His head literally explodes when he finds this out, though thankfully it was in a dream so his realself didn't get any harm from it.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: The entire comic, as surprising as it may seem. However in most cases "context" doesn't come in for a long time.
    • "ok so i think the theory that the female jake created after drinking magical gatorade in the session of the immersive mario game will go back in time and become hank hill, who is aganst her sister but especally aa sexy vampire vversion of her that was created from a game constroct ffrom a ex-frend's comic conjured by a clone of my girlfriend in a moodflippout was jossed a fe pages after it was proposed."
  • Innocent Fanservice Guy: Homer Simpson. (Don't ask.) Also the naked bank robber and the Curser Woman. For all three of them, this is Played for Laughs more than it is for Fanservice.
  • Jaw Drop:
    • Roxy and Dirk after Jaka and Joan (respectivly) suddenly swoop them to them, kiss them, DOOF them to the ground, and have a four-way makeout session with their original versions.
    • John and Jade both pull off one when their genderbends, Tricksters, and fire/ice versions each become couples. Their jaws expand into the dialoglog and basically become what they "say" within the logs.
  • Jerk Jock: Fire John is intended to be a parody of this stereotype.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Jade. It's very much hidden, but it's there. Notable example include an alternate universe version of her attempting to prototype Jane's dead boyfriend over her own, her "Main" universe self defending John from... himself, and trying to revive him when he gets killed by Robosanta.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: Dream related mechanics show up late into Intermission Act Two. For instance, Cerulean and Yellow Nepeta have the power to enter people's dreams. They even both give Fire John an Inception by giving him instructions to a back entrance in World 8-4 in a way that he will remember them. Take notes, because it only gets more confusing from there. An entire arc takes place within dreams, and not even within the same person's dreams at that.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Dave and Rose.
  • Kill 'Em All: The Shipping Intermission ends with everyone getting nuked after a miscalculation. The events prior to the nuking weren't going too well either: Vriska, Tavros, Gamzee, Karkat, Terezi, Dave, Aradia, Rose, Sollux, and Eridan were all killed before the sea gets nuked.
  • Karma Houdini: Jade. She belittles, insults, and threats a majority of characters, and seems 100% sincere in everything, yet barely gets any sort of commupance. Her actions have caused Dave to completely break mentally, which leads to many of the bad things that have happened over the course of the series. Characters do notice how terrible she is, but this usually results in them trying to kill her, only to die instead. Jaka lampshades this. She's one of the very few survivors in the fan fic, not counting duplicates.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Jade has died FOUR TIMES over the course of the story, and always came back. All of which are due to her 7up.
  • Killed Off for Real: Most of the characters who died post-Mario Intermission. Specifically: The entire Fox Crew, the entire Millennium, every troll that isn't a Leijon, Dave, Rose, Roxy, Dirk, both Simpsonians, every carapace (those that aren't killed in the War Arc were killed in the Mario session explosion), and the entire Revenge Five (who amusingly didn't start dying off until Intermission Intermission 2, right after the "main" Mario Intermission).
  • Knight of Cerebus:
    • Dave, post-villainy. Slightly different take because he's not added or introduced to the story as an antagonist right away, however once he develops as one the comic gets notably darker. (By its standards.) And paranoia and the lack of safe places become a more common theme. For one thing, the memo at the end of Act Two Act One is the first time where the trolls are at an actual risk of dieing. (None of the ones involved do until later though.) And in contrast to borderline Harmless Villain Rip (whom the protagonists can't take seriously even during the middle of the showdown against her), he is intended to come off as genuinley unsettling.
    • The comic becomes much more screwed up after Aranea is revealed as a villain in Act Two Intermission One. It's hardly a coincidence that that subintermission ended with her killing Hank, who previously seemed to be a major character.
  • Kudzu Plot: It's one of those stories where a broken window leads to an evil baby doll head being created by the window's owner convincing a stoner clown troll into using his powers into making it, followed by the head starting a small army, one of the army members of which will then be used to ectobiologically create one of the main enemies of the window owner.
  • Lampshade Hanging: In case the title wasn't a big enough clue, this is not a fan fic that takes itself seriously.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In a way. Ever since late into Intermission Act 3, Jade has been periodically hitting on Jaka, who is pretty much her sister. Jaka naturally reacts negatively to this and is understandably creeped out. (The fact that it's Jade makes it worse.) After the Trifold Battles arcs, Jake, her brother in this universe, randomly confesses love for her. Jade is absolutley stunned and can only answer with nervous silence.
    Jade (thinking): oh god its not as fun when YOURE the sibling being hit on.....
  • Last Minute Hookup: John and Jade literally hook up on the second to last page in the entire comic. And the last page only consists of them being pestered/trolled by their respective admirers. (Jake for Jade and the Nepeta clones for John.) Though at the very least there is a few pages of buildup with one last arc, and their clones have a less extreme version of this, hooking up shortly before the epilogue.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Several spoilers for Homestuck are given away without much warning, so it's strongly advized to read through just about all of Homestuck before getting into Sweet Jade and Hella John. For instance, the very first command given in SJAHJ is basically what John and Jade were doing by the end of Act Five.
    • Not exactly Homestuck related: Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals's first AN warns that it will give away a certain spoiler in chapter 4. (Namely, Walter is a traitor.) SJAHJ, however, reveals this exact same certain spoiler casually once the Fox Crew's hit list was seen. While Walter is drawn in such a manner that he could resemble Rip, who wasn't on the list at first, the description pretty much reveals it further.
    • Segments involving Dave during Intermission Act 4 have been revealing or implying certain events of the Total Drama series. The narration cuts itself off before revealing one particularly controversial twist in the third season, (Duncan returning and kissing Gwen) but then the command to a later page pretty much reveals this:
    [I] DS: Pull a Duncan from Total Drama and unexpectedly come out of nowhere to hog up the spotlight yet again. Also, pull a Duncan in that you ignite a really shitty, overdone love n-drangle debate shortly after your appearance.
    And then there's the whole "heather to my alejandro" comparason, whatever that would mean.
    • The premise to Spongebob's final fan fic, when the title is taken into consideration, spoils one of the plot points of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Another one seems to spoil the ending of said fic.
    • Parodied in Rip's flashback with the King of the Hill spoiler of Cotton dying. Jude asks what happened to Hank's dad, Cotton. The first thing the reader sees is an image of him being critically injured as a restaurant taken right from the canon show, and there's some red writting that says that it's not where he died but the author didn't want to put an actual image of the hospitcal scene(s) because that would give away the secret... that he died. The text itself has "He died" said by Rip in a spoiler, yet right after that Rip says "However, far before Cotton's death..."
  • Laws of Gender Bending: It's not traditional gender bending so much as it is Opposite-Sex Clone creation, but from the counterparts' point of view it is.
    • First Law of Gender-Bending: Played straight and inverted. Two guys and two girls each get a genderbended counterpart, and the female-to-male ones seem no less "permanent" than the male-to-female ones.
    • Second Law of Gender Bending: True for Jaka, not as much for the other three. (They hate it at first to varying levels. Joan, who freaks out about it the most, is the first and only one who was upset to get over it on-screen. Jean and Jude might have, but it's not completely clear, and the lack of development given to them following Intermission Intermission 2 makes things more confusing.)
    • Third Law of Gender Bending: Averted with all of the actual counterparts, arguably played straight with John's "inner female self"/Jenn. She even starts wearing a rainbow dress, which also bears the twelve colors associated with the Hat Goddess.
  • Lazy Artist: Most of the time. Animation either happens off screen or — from around Intermission Act 3 onwards — achieved by copy-pasting part of the image and moving it to a different spot.
  • Like You Would Really Do It:
    • invokedLampshaded at the end of Act 2 Act 1. Rose is stabbed with Kanaya's chainsaw, and underneath her "DEAD" caption there's a "for now..." And unsurprisingly, she does not die completely.
    • Then averted with the same character, who was killed along with Roxy and Dirk.
  • Living Prop: The trolls, of all people, are made into this during IA4. To cement this, there's even panels where they appear in the foreground but don't actually say anything on the respective page, apparantly just to remind the readers that they were still there. Elitaa got this the worst, which is ironic since she was supposed to be a borderline Parody Sue. Later onto Act Two Act Two, and Aranea is now pretty much the only remotley important non-Leijon troll in the cast, with the rest being her pawns to serving the Millennium.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: So there's the Blue and Yellow Team (16)note , the four "Derse" kids/the Red and Red Team (4), AR, Dove, the non-vampiric instances of Dave and Rose (they combined with the previous two also make another round 4), the "regular" troll kids (26), the bloodswap ectoclones of one of the trolls (12), the "major" members of the Fox Crew (4), the "side" members of the same group (12), the Revenge Five (...5), the Millennium (17), Simpsonians UU and uu(/Edith and Edmund Quimby) (2), the human ancestors (8, 10 adding guardians Pop and Dick), the troll ancestors (13, maybe 14 since the story's version of pre-scratch Nepeta seemed to be out), the exiles (3), agents (4), royalty (4), odd ones out Good Yoshi and Spongebob (obviously 1 each), the Coolstuck players (3), and countless parts of the Mario game such as The Evil, The Princess, and the other seven world bosses (just Princess and the bosses, 9). It easily totals out to over 100 characters, even not counting sprites (many of which are either prototyped with already established characters or become another character listed here) or background characters, with only about 16% of the cast left alive by the end. The comic started out with just John, Jade, Good Yoshi, and a cameo by Hank Hill, but in Intermission Act 2 the cast exploded, and it exploded again in Intermission Act 4 onwards.
  • Logic Bomb: In a scene based off of the episode-naming situation in "the Dumpling Paradox," Roxy leaves the group of 32Context  in the Chinese restaraunt, meaning that there are no longer groups of four that they can evenly divide the food on. The result? All of the un-eaten Chinese food globs together and turns into a black hole that consumes the entire restaraunt.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father:
    • Dave and Karkat/Kankri are half-ectosiblings thanks to Nepeta.
    • While on meth, Roxy encounters a John that is slightly more similar to canon John. He says that he and Jade are related. Since they aren't in this, the quote makes Roxy freak out.
    • Rip Van Winkle is John and Vampire Jade's ectodaughter. Lampshaded in the narration saying that it is a "reverse Darth Vader."
  • Magic Pants: When Mutant-blooded Nepeta grows into Nepetazilla upon getting her blood color changed to white, she grows to the size of... well... maybe not Godzilla (due to the abstract style relying heavily on interpretation and blank slates — moreso than Homestuck canon — it's hard to tell) but she grows considerably huge and looks like him. And her clothes grow with her.
  • Magic Skirt: This is normally played straight as it is in canon, with skirts and dresses that defy the laws of gravity to keep their wearers modest. To the audience. This does not stop Eridan from catching peeks. Both Rose and Roxy take this to extremes as after being injured by a dog, the rip in Rose's skirt is occasionally drawn to be right by most of her leg, and instead of exposing anything underneath there is a gap. This is an example with major spoilers.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings/Tangled Family Tree: There are seven Egbert kids and eight... "sibling" Harley kids, with Blue Demon Jade being technically a "daughter" to Trickster Jade, and then there's all of the Trickster John-made alts. The real kicker? Each of those kid sets were born as one person, which split into good/evil twin pairs thanks to Rip, which split even more throughout the adventure and even in the end it's showing almost no signs of stopping thanks to Trickster John's eagerness to make more. Also, many of the clones were made via improv from a clear third party: All of the counterparts were made by a special Gatorade coded by Dave and Sollux, which depending on how you look at it could make them have at least three parents (the original, Dave, and Sollux, as well as possibly the other, unseen game coders). Vampire Jade was made from a Jack prototyped by a copy of Twilight biting Jade, and technically he has DNA of (a dream) Dave, (a dream) Rose, Bowser (again, coded by Dave's team), the Ice King (also coded by Dave's team), although she shows no signs of exhibiting traits from any of those four. And Vampire Jade herself transformed Zombie Jade, making Zombie Jade in a way both Vampire Jade's part-daughter and sibling/identical alternate self. Let's not even get started on how Nepeta has twelve clones, each with a different ecto/hemoparent.
  • Meaningful Background Event: Played for laughs in the Shipping Intermission. As Rose and Roxy finally catch up to John, he undergoes his standard fainting-at-the-sight-of-Rose. While this is happening, Terezi breaks out of her rope and prepares to kill Tavros and Vriska — and succeeds.
  • Me's a Crowd: Use 1-ups right, and you'll end up cloning yourself. Which is done accidentally to John. One of the Johns gets a fire flower and becomes FIRE John Egbert, avoiding confusion unless he loses the powerup. He doesn't lose it in the course of the session, but afterwards he switches his outfit, along with ICE Jade, who was made under a very similar situation.
  • Mind Screwdriver: There are several explanations of almost everything in this story.
    • Intermission Act Three begins with Jade reading a Game FAQS entry written by the author in conherant text, explaining the mechanics of the game a little.
    • A few pages after, GPF (the author, not the avatar) actually draws a map of the inward journey area to show exactly how it works.
    • [I] GPF: Recap. There's supposed to be a second one for Intermission Act Four and the Trip Intermission, but that one is still under construction. There's also another unfinished recap, this one spanning from the beginning of Act Two to just before the war arc.
    • The explaination of dream mechanics.
    • "This is getting kind of confusing..."
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Darkhorse is half skeleton monster, half horse. At least, that's what he looks like. In actuality he's a mashup of Horsesprite, a kernelsprite prototyped with a copy of Twilight (resulting in him being a vampire) and a horse poster; and a phantom made of pure racism. So he's part ghost-vampire-horse, part racism.
  • Monster Mash: The very group of protagonists eventually grows into this. The Blue and Yellow Team consists of eight "normal" humans, a human with pyrokinesis, a human with cyrokinesis, a vampire, a zombie, a water demon, two saccharide and vaugley angelic beings, and a ghost that used to be part of one of the human's mind. Similarly, the Millennium consists of several vampires, an illusionist witch, a quantum catboy, a vampire who is a borderline Eldritch Abomination, a werewolf, a cyborg, a mad scientist, a hydra, a ghost made out of water, a giant mecha, and a centaur with a skeleton half replacing the human half.
  • Mood Whiplash: Spongebob's last words towards Jean is one of the few moments in the comic that can be considered genuinley sad/heartwarming, depending on who you ask. The very next page is Edmund asking Edith what the loud sound of Prospit's Moon crashing in the ocean was, with Edith reponding with a Your Mom joke, using one of Dave's smilies from canon, and blocking him for no real reason. Of course before that Jean noticed the details about the Shipping Wall, leading to some really weird fourth wall joke.
  • Morality Pet: John and Jane to Jade. And no, not in the moirail sense. Both of Jade's Jerk with a Heart of Gold examples listed above involve doing something good for them. The former of the two Morality Pets acts as a genuine friend to her and is one of the few people she doesn't personally insult regularly (playful teasing is fair game though) while the latter has, during a point early into April, started trying to snap Jade into being a proper human being.
  • Motive Decay: The Millennium are a group attempting to take over the economy in Lawful Evil methods, rather than a Chaotic Evil group of Neo-Nazis. The reason being was that Lord Major Quimby essentially broke into one of their meetings, kicked Major's ass, and took over while demoting Major to the Janitor.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: Dave parodies this even before he turned evil, but especially after.
  • Next Sunday A.D.: Though this wasn't the plan at first, later on it was decided that the beginning of the story takes place February 13th, 2012, which is about a month after the first update. Webcomic Time made this an inversion, however.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Hank Hill's revenge scheme for breaking his window eventually bites him when a chain of events leads to Homer Simpson being made, who is then used to create Lord Major Quimby. You know, the guy Hank was after in the first place.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Waterwraith actually kills one of its own comerades.
    • Roxy creating Johnsprite and Jennsprite was actually supposed to be a troll move on her part. Except that Jenn has an excuse to be tossed into an already-existing sprite (in the panel that show Roxy preparing to prototype, Jenn's eye is open, implying that she either didn't faint or recovered quicker than John and was pretending to be asleep either way), and a dream projection of John gets prototyped. While they are mostly useless and this is used as a way to prevent the Blue and Yellow Team from prototyping something more useful, they are killed off and their ghosts end up in the Afterlives. Jenn just stays there until Act Two Intermission Two, while John starts feeling the effects of Ice King's hat getting to him even in death, and he hops into a Tricksterizing fountain since that's said to be the most convenient way to reverse the effect. He begets Trickster John, which starts a chain of events that leads to the Jennerator, which frees the Team from drowning in piss. Jenn herself would later be revived and use her expert neuro-knowledge to seek out Rip's weakness. Roxy, basically, helped the Blue and Yellow Team not only beat out the Red and Red Team (whom Roxy was a part of), but also contributed to Rip's death (at least her and Roxy were on different sides, as a matter of fact they never even interacted) and led to John getting a girlfriend. Whew!
  • No Indoor Voice: The Captain, along with speaking in all caps like he did in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (in spite of his rarley talking in canon), also speaks in rediculously large text. Although subverted when the Waterwraith tells him to quiet down. He does, but his text is still written in all caps, impling that he's still screaming, only not as loudly.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: A few of the antagonists could qualify, but the one definite example is Aranea, whom could also qualify as a Hero Killer. She shoots Hank towards the end of Act Two's first intermission, and late into Act Two Act Two she assimilates (basically kills, but they don't die until she does) a number of the trolls in her Slender Mode.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The Shipping Intermission has little to do with romance at all.
  • Non-Standard Character Design:
    • A few in regards to the Fox Crew and Millennium. Walter was depicted as a stick figure with his face from Hank's mugshots pasted on. (Side note: Mitt Romney is depicted this way too in his appearance much later.) Rip is almost always drawn without any outline in her hair, poses of her outside of her typical sprite tend to lack outlines (though this could be attributed to how Rip looks more "colorful" than most other characters, especially since the main cast is depicted aracially quite often) and she and Hank are both drawn much larger than most of the other Fox Crew/Millennium members. Death Mecha is also the only Millennium member who was never drawn as an individual drawing to represent him, instead being depicted as images completely ripped from Google with a "14" hat added. Even Omega Drew Pickles was drawn, but this was only briefly.
    • In her drug trip, Roxy meets a more "canon" John that's drawn in a style that's more blocky and straight than the usual pencil drafts of the characters, representing how she's speaking to a depiction much closer to canon. Even though it's just a hallucination.
    • Good Yoshi's base (and briefly Evil Yoshi, even though he's a reskin) is the only "default" character MS Paint drawing that uses tools beyond the pencil and fill. In this case, the brush tool.
  • Nosebleed: Happens to Jade towards the end of Intermission Act One, which leads to the separation arc of the duo in early Intermission Act Two. Oddly, this is one of the few points in the comic that human blood is drawn as dark red.
  • Nuke 'em: The ending to the Shipping Intermission.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • Twice near the end of Intermission Act Three. Dirk becomes stunned to the point where he only 'says' ":O!!!!", and later on Dave's reaction to seeing his father and Rose and Roxy's mother's corpses as familiars in Rip's coffin.
    • Dave in Act 2 in general. Although in context, this is not a good thing.
  • Number of the Beast: 616 is a bit of an Arc Number here.
    • One notable example is that the version of the Mario game John and Jade are beta testing is V6.16, which is the reversion where the developers decided to try to make the game constructs be as life-like as possible. They succeeded. Too well.
    • Page 616 was the reveal of the Crocker Blade. Page 666 was when Stan and Peter died for the second time.
  • Obviously Evil: This is the main antagonist, who actually looks sinister compared to the other villains, whom are either derpfacing or frowning.
  • Odd Name Out:
    • The Fox Crew follow a similar pattern to the original humans and trolls; the first four introduced have their handles as GG, TG, TT, and in the place of GT, something else. (Hank Hill in this case, who goes by RW.) This is nod to his prior friendship with Rip, as Rip's handle is HH — they have eachother's initials. Later on the other twelve members of the Fox Crew are revealed in full after a brief cameo of the Red Team, and just like the trolls they add in combinations with A and C. "GT" is revealed much later to actually belong to a Millennium member: the Waterwraith.
    • Dave's chumhandle was, as revealed in the past, the only handle with a lower case letter and an upper case letter (tG), along with Dove (Tg). This was how they addressed themselves when they were fighting over control of his body; once Dave "won," he went back to being TG, all caps. Later one of his dreamselves regrets this and goes back to tG, letting Dove take a bit more of a role before they merge.
    • Out of the nine Blue and Yellow Team members whose names are not names of their otherselves with a title added, Jaka is the only exotic one.
  • Oedipus Complex: Most of the Harley kids show this, having dislike to guardians or relatives of the same sex. There's Jaka's brief period where she wanted to kill all Jades, and all Jades in question seem to loathe their biological mother. On the other hand, the Jades all seem to be fond of the Jakes, but now that's it's going the other way around the two Jades who have heard the love confessions from the Jakes haven't reacted to it positivley. And then there's Dave, who really likes his mother/Sis.
  • Off with His Head!: Hank Hill decapitates Jan. And in the Shipping Intermission, Eridan gets his head punched off by Equius. Oh, and Vampire Dave finally meets his end by having Jade shoot his head into a giant mess.
  • Oh, Crap!: Dave's reaction when Terezi tells his future future dreamself that she's gallowsCalibrator.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Jade never forgives Karkat for accidentally directing her to the wrong warp pipe back in the Mario Session.
  • Only Sane Man: Dave. Even the narration clears when he "be" him or "see" him.Note  Rip also continues playing this from Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, although "sane" might not be the proper word.
  • Only Six Faces: Averted for the crossover characters across eachother; they are all drawn in a unique "default pose" with the exceptions of Peter and Cleveland (though that's possibly for Take That! purposes at how the latter can be seen as an Expy for the former in canon). However, those sprites in question are used a good chunk of the time, but it's less noticable after the Mario Intermission as their subplot doesn't take up as much of the screen time.
  • Opposite-Sex Clone: John, Jade, Jane, and Jake each get one; in fact, most of Intermission Act 3 was about them going through their "inward journeys" (largly inspirted by the spirit quest in Problem Sleuth) and creating them. Each of them also have had an issue once made:
    • Jean (John's counterpart): Back-hurting breasts.
    • Jude (Jade's counterpart): He thinks he can't make dirty jokes without getting away from it as easily.
    • Joan (Jane's counterpart): He's the only one that actually doesn't like being in a new gender, period. Though at first it was just his hair before he realized his change.
    • Jaka (Jake's counterpart): She actually has no problem at all and even likes her new form. (The narrator at first says she has an issue with her name.)
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: One of the bosses in the Mario game is made out of gold and dollar bills. Plus a diamond.
  • Overly Long Gag: Kanaya listing why Nepeta is pretty much the only reasonable female romantic option for John. She leaves out the alter egos, but still.
  • Painting the Medium:
    • During the "Sweet TROLLS and Hella MORE TROLLS" segment, the arrows were turned into "============>" (which became "=============>" after the introduction of Elitaa). Also (forum only), the thread title always remained as STAHMT, with the subtitles still being added. This also applied for the beginning of Intermission Act Four and for the very brief Sweet Jake and Hella Jane segment.
      • After the introduction of each counterpart, the arrows change from "==>" to "=-=>," then to "===>," "-===>," and finally "====>." Fire John complained about not being represented, so it extended to "-====>." Then to "=====>" with Ice Jade. Then to "=====->" for Vampire Jade, post-A2I1. Then to "======>" after the reveal of Trickster Jade, "======->" with the reveal of Zombie Jade, "=======->" after counting Johnsprite and Jennsprite, and finally "========>" when Trickster Jade created Blue Demon Jade. Then Trickster John makes a bunch more alter egoes and the narrator gets fed up with arrows, going back to "==>" and it stays that way until the epilogue, where it becomes "=x308>" because the alts involved are now over a week old. (The rule for being qualified to being on the arrows.)
    • Mirror only: In most cases, the "hide" text for a spoiler is "CLOSE THIS SHIT." However, when we're as Dave or Rip narrates, "Hide X" is used instead.
      • During Kanaya's recap, "CLOSE THIS SHIT" was still used, only written in her quirk. It's written in John's quirk when he was explaining as to how he met Jade.
    • The "Sweet Rose and Hella Dave" segment at the beginning of Intermission Act 4 reverts back to the old "==>" arrows, presumably standing for Rose, Roxy, Dave, and the Auto Responder. Also, at the beginning, the thread was titled "Sweet Rose and Hella Dave," and during the Rose and Roxy updates, it was retitled to "Sweet Rose and Hella Roxy," the updeats on Dave and AR's part being retitled "Sweet AR and Hella Dave."
    • When Jade gets killed by the Caliginous Miles, the title changes to "Hella John."
  • Pair the Spares: Averted. This comic has Jane/Jake and Dave/Rose as couples, but not their "counterparts" Roxy/Dirk (much to Roxy's dismay) and John/Jade (much to Karkat's dismay, since he doesn't like how they keep hitting on trolls). And speaking of the trolls, only about half of them are in flushed relationships: Karkat/Equius, Terezi/Feferi, Gamzee/Aradia, and troll/human relation John/Nepeta. Played straight with the B1 kids by the story's end, with John and Jade hooking up on the second-to-last page. Roxy never ends up with Dirk.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The epilogue reveals that Fire John and Ice Jade have gone crime-fighting. Their identity is only kept "secret" by small masks, other than that they dress exactly the same in their... very recognizable outfits. Subverted because the criminals they are seen fighting figure out that they are alternates of John and Jade, and the only way they can't pin-point which one is because they look the same.
  • Parental Incest: According to Rose's map of Dave's general dreamscape, he really loves his mother. The image representing this is what appears to be a simple family tree depicting sibling inbreeding.
  • Parody Sue:
    • Nepeta.
    • Averted with the Sinoises, who contrary to common Mary Sue OC stereotypes invoked in most parodies, are going to be so unimportant that they came painfully close to being some of the very few characters in the fan fic to never contribute anything at all to the plot. Elitaa died offscreen, and around the update where that spoiled action in question happened, Pikmin Fan flat-out confessed to not liking putting them in the story in the first place and later confirmed that they will not be making any reappearance anytime soon, then later said on his profile that they are unlikely to ever make an appearance in any of his following fanworks (he has a lot of Homestuck fanworks planned and even four out counting this, so this is saying a lot).
    • invoked"Blue Demon Jade," an alter-ego of Jade spawned by Trickster Jade. Specifically of the Sympathetic Sue varriety, and through playing the Last of His Kind trope to rediculous levels.
    • Dave's inner female self/Dove. Also arguably Dave himself, seeing he entry under Superpower Lottery.
  • Patchwork Map: Heaven itself, through previous people customizing it to suit their tastes. Though the only section actually explored by the heroes is a set of plains.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Dave's final redesign has part of his hair covering one of his eyes. (It didn't at first until after the Forum Update Hiatus.) There is no reason at all for this other than him thinking it looks cool.
  • Pet the Dog: During World War II, the Condecse was actually on the side of the Allies. Although this was because Rip made it troublesome for her to take over Earth.
  • Piss Take Rap: Jade and Jude's "Marge Simpson goes commando" rap. Seriously, it rhymes "coitus" with "soy-miss." Also, Kanaya's rap. Pretty much any rap is going to have really, really cheesy lyrics.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: Apparantly John and Jade, but it's really much more complicated than that. They have since moved on to being an actual couple.
  • Plot Tumor: Several. It helps that there really wasn't that much of a plot when it began besides "let's play Mario."
    • Hank Hill and the Millennium. Originally, Hank appeared to be a cameo character that served as John's neighbor, and the story was just about John and Jade goofing off in the Mario session. Then the Doctor comes out of nowhere and reveals himself as Vriska's doctor. Then Hank kills him, and suddenly this subplot is started — and it's originally self-contained, save for stuff like Waterwraith possessing Karkat or the brief moment when Quimby's attacking the main characters. Then the Intermission ended and suddenly one of its members is the main villain. To make up for it, Hank at least gets a long, flashy (by this comic's standards) death sequence where he's gunned down by a revealed-to-be-a-part-of-the-Millennium Aranea.
    • At first, Jane and Jake just seemed to be minor villains, introduced over at least 100 pages into the comic and having no more importance than the other non-John or Jade kids. Then Intermission Act Three happens and suddenly they're main characters and their being "evil" twins is ret-conned and that they were really good and the "evil" just means they were naturally better with darker magic. That trait, mind you, does not come up anywhere in the story.
    • Inverted with the trolls (who aren't Aranea), who start out being even more relevant than Dave and Rose, but then many, many of them are killed off screen through little "intermissions" in Act 2 Act 2.
    • And speaking of Dave, originally his whereabouts were unknown and the only sign of his existance was his name on John's friend list. Then he appears briefly in a gold room. Then it's revealed that that's his mansion, and that his family is even richer than in canon. Then he reveals a ton of abilities. All this, however, and he's still a rather minor character. Until he snaps, then he's placed as the villain of Act Two onwards and most of the arc is about stopping him or any other minions he sends.
  • Polyamory: Between Jane, Jake, and both of their Opposite-Sex Clones.
  • Postlap: The ending of Jade's ancestor story deals with the deaths of Dave and Dirk's dad and Rose and Roxy's mom, with Jade saying that there's a rumor that some vampire stole their corpses. It then cuts to what's in Rip's coffin: said ancestors' dead bodies being controlled by Rip, with Jade still narrating that there isn't anything to proove this rumor.
  • Porn Stash: Jade's Boobs magazines. She seems to have no problems with reading it in front of John, though. Jake also owns some magazines in this series, and during the Shipping Intermission, just about everyone accuses Jane of owning Boobs's Spear Counterpart Penis. Roxy also owns several issues of Penis.
  • Purple Prose: The "Trifold Battles" (Jane Vs Rose, Jake Vs Roxy, and Jade Vs Dirk) are described in extremely long tales written in logs, something nothing else in the adventure before or after had. It's also the only point that's written like an actual third person story, using quote marks and lacking colored text and quirks.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • Trol Seasson characters appear at times, only for both of them to "leave the story," meaning they're gone for good.
    • While not within the story itself (they do get appropriate wrap-ups), Elitaa and Puerco are confirmed to be retired from Great Pikmin Fan's continuity as them returning in any later fanwork is unlikely.

    Tropes R - Z 

  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits:
    • Even though they consist of two sets of siblings, the Blue and Yellow Team is this. Out of the sixteen with actual character, we have a movie fanboy who used to worship the person who became the main antagonist of the act; a perverted hipster who's in love with Marge Simpson and her own brother; an adventure loving dork who has a couple hitting on him; and a powerful cake-baker. Their alter egoes are a female version of the movie fan who was originally the token expositionary character; a more rational male version of the perverted hipster; an even more aggressive female version of the adventure-lover; a tempermental male version of the cake-baker; a pyrokinetic version of the movie fan who is also more rational and something of a Jerk Jock; a kinder, cyrokinetic version of the hipster; dim-witted zombie, pervier vampire, and poser demon-versions of the hipster; a michevious Trickster version of the hipster; an energetic version of the movie fan; and finally, the movie fan's inner female subconcious self.
    • The Fow Crew, once all sixteen members of them have been revealed. They consist of a Badass Normal propane sailsman, his three drinking buddies, three household husbands and their respective wifes, one of the family's dog, two of one of said husband's friends, one of another said husband's frend, a nudist friend, and a foul-mouth guy with an afro.
  • Rainbow Speak:
    • Parodied. So John and Jade have to kill "The Evil" (maroon, also written in comic sans), save "the Princess/Pincess" (magenta), and get "the kiss/the kisss" (blue) from her. Jade was told of this from a "helpful informant" (white). Also, later on we have a "kickass reward" (lime), AKA the chaos emeralds.
    • Jean's exposition in Intermission Act Three to Jade avoids this, using underlining for important terms. Although this really serves as a Shout-Out to the early spritelogs with Nannasprite.
  • Reaching Between the Lines: Non-phone example. Vampire Dave stabs and kills Terezi with his sword through a computer screen. It's implied that he can do this with his Sharingan powers.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason for the "good twin" trolls aside from Aranea and Meenah appearing for so long. This includes Puerco, but for a different reason: Pikmin Fan admitted he simply hasn't drawn the sprite for yet. When the narration does truley focus on them as a group for the first time, only four of the five revealed are mentioned. (The fifth, Meenah, is screwing around in the Captor's house.)
  • Red Herring:
    • There are a few signs during IA3 and a little of IA2 that implied that Roxy has gone sober, became an expy of Sober Gamzee, and attempted to kill Rose. The first page showing them had Roxy in a tank aimed at Rose, then where was a pesterlog where she typed in the exact same way Gamzee did (and she said OH WAIT shortly after mentioning that John must "marry a Rose"), and once Rose and Roxy are seen again, they have bad injuries. Injuries that even slightly resemble what canon Gamzee had after he used Nepeta's claws to scratch himself. Really now, it turned out that the tank she had was only to uncover a treasure map, and the injuries came from a random dog attacking them while they were trying to get the key for a treasure chest. The pesterlog was just Roxy screwing around, plain and simple. What's more, the Shipping Intermission implied that Sober Roxy in this fic is just a really shy geeky girl. However, in Act 2, Roxy does seem to be verging on the mentally unstable side.
    • Implications that Jaka is Hank Hill and Vampire Jade is Rip Van Winkle. Though this was not without warning the second the theory was proposed: John lampshaded how terrible both twists would be a few pages after the former is raised, and characters frequently comment on it. Now that Jaka and Vampire Jade have swapped their text colors back this theory is all but completely sunk.
  • Redemption Equals Sex: Darkleer and the Dolorosa.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Several:
    • John (red) to Jade (blue), up until the ending of IA2. After that, it mostly became Red Oni Who Sometimes Goes Blue (John), and Redder Oni Who Almost Never Goes Blue (Jade).
    • Jake (red) to Jane (blue). Their counterparts, interestingly, are switched.
    • Hank (blue) to the other three major Fox Crew members (red).
    • Captain (red) to Rip (blue), though during Intermission Act Four onwards it's the other way around.
    • Quimby (red) to Omega Drew Pickles (blue).
    • uu/Edmund (red) to UU/Edith (blue). This is even reflected in their ideal text colors.
    • Roxy (red) to Rose (blue).
    • Dave (red) to Dirk (blue).
  • Redundant Parody: Retroactively for all three cases.
    • Oh hey, Aranea being a villain, like that's ever going to happen in canon...
    • Trickster Mode does not seem like it came out of nowhere as much (that was the original intent; for Trickster Jade to just show up while Roxy is trying to free the Curse Women) since it's actually canon, albeit heavily modified from how SJAHJ handled it (which was aknowledged with Trickster John's personality having a closer fit to canon-Trickster Jane/Jake/Roxy).
    • The comic has a mild running gag of tossing in a ton of confusion with using "you" to refer to both the reader and the "player character" in the narrative. Usually whenever Dave's the latter, as most of what he does requires some serious explanation. Homestuck itself uses this gag during Caliborn's recreation of it, almost word-for-word.
  • Reference Overdosed: To an absurd degree, even after the crossover character's importance (except Rip's) began dying down. To give a few examples, there's been references — not crossover — to things such as Conker's Bad Fur Daynote , Yume Nikki, Superhero Movie, and even the edutainment game Pumkin World, the latter of which's only redeeming factor was the "Hungry Pumpkin" meme. (Which was what was being referenced.)
  • Retcon:
    • Parodied with Jade's text color when playing as Luigi. It gets ret-conned back when she answers Rip for the first time in the adventure. Also happens when the author got the color of Tubalcain Alhambra's suit wrong.
    • Pikmin Fan pretty much appoligizes for taking the Shipper on Deck aspect of Roxy and exaggerating it to creepy extremes with the reveal that she was infected by a "shipper worm". And Kanaya's Totally Radical personality is only while she's high. Still no excuse for Jade being so perverted and volitile, or Karkat being physically violent with his friends. The first of all these problems, however, suddenly came back in full force after Roxy decides to join Dave and Rose's group.
    • The running gag that Jade is a lesbian dissipated quickly before ending altogether, and now she's apparantly into guys. Well, at least into her relatives. And people who are her relatives in another multiverse.
  • Rock of Limitless Water: Blue Demon Jade has the ability to spit these out, though she can semi-control them and usually only does it when she's in an area experiencing drought. In the epilogue, the Blue and Yellow Team are implied to have used them to make a lake for argriculture and fishing, and possibly just to have a general water supply for their houses.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Really just about everybody who isn't John, Jake, Jane, or arguably Nepeta or Meulin.
    • In-universe, Auto Responder and Terezi for the Shipping Intermission. Possibly invoked given how the thing was written by Spongebob.
    • invokedThis is probably the only Homestuck fan fic where Pre-scratch Dave, Rose, and post-scratch Roxy, and Dirk are all villains. It really says a lot when the former three have done acts worse than what the trolls have done, especially given how some of the trolls are far from having clean slates. Word of God says that this was due to a lack of any kid vs kid battlefics in the fandom.
      • Between Dave and Roxy specifically, it's hard to tell who got it harder. On one hand, Dave eventually loses any of his recognizable traits (except for the appearance of his pants on the "default" Homestuck sprite, though that's due to lazyness) and becomes a murderous sociopath who kills his former best friends' guardians without batting an eye, and attempts to lead the armies of Prospit and Derse to destroy Earth. He also led a raid against a middle school, though it was really just to get at the Blue and Yellow Team. On the other hand, Roxy is arguably even more crazy, has an implied "if I can't have them, nobody can" adittute towards both Dirk for herself and in regards to the other three couples she "ships", ships based on absolutely no reason at all, got an added social anxiety where trying to talk to guys while sober can result in her pissing herself, and spends a large sequence using rage powers (not the same as the canon aspect) to rise from the dead and kill people because some clones of them got into relationships that she didn't like. To rub salt into the wound, she is the only human kid to not end up in a relationship. It all comes down to quantity (Dave) vs quality (Roxy) of how far OOC they are.
  • Rule of Symbolism: (Fire) John protects Jade from getting his by Red/Flushed miles, then Dave protects both of them from getting hit with miles of the same color. Then Dave and Jade are suddenly hit with Caliginous Miles. John/Jade and John/Dave have been teased a lot, yet Dave and Jade don't really work as a couple in that universe.
  • Running Gag:
    • A character denying any Jade/guy pairing because Jade is a lesbian. This seemed to stop around Intermission Act 4.
    • John fainting at the mention of Rose. The first time this happens, amusingly, Nepeta snaps him out of it before he faints.
    • "Show [Person or type of person group]log" sometimes, replacing pesterlog or dialoglog.
    • To a lesser extent, in the Shipping Intermission, a few characters get sliced in half, Eridan not being one of them even though that was how he died in canon.
    • The phrase "o ok then."
    • During the second character select screen, all four of the paths involve a Nepeta clone in some way. For each of them, once the clone is shown, Nepeta is reffered to as the "most impurrtant character in SJAHJ." Every path aside from the Robosanta path introduces at least one new color, with the Robosanta path in question elaborating on Maroon Nepeta's abilities by showing her other body, which technically counts as a new Nepeta.
    • The phrase "X sucks raw asscocks" and variants.
    • From late into Act Two Act Two (though the first time this was used was back in Intermission Act Four), Lake Arlen is totaly not any sort of lake from the Zelda franchise. Especially not Lake Hylia. Nope, not at all.
  • Sailor Earth: Elitaa was a parody before essentially vanishing to extra. Although her gag was to replace Karkat to some extent; their troll tags even have the same initials and Edmund jeers her to stop replacing him and Edith.
  • Scars Are Forever:
    • Subverted. When mauled by a dog, Rose and Roxy appear with tattered up dresses and have visible, very bloody scratches and wounds. On the following day, Rose eventually uses her vampire powers to heal these up, while Roxy's remain and turn into scars since she lacks said spoiler-upgrade (though there are some pages (spoilers in the link!) where Fan forgot to apply the scars. This is clearly a mistake as she has them in several other pages). Roxy's scars remain with her even when she dies, but they don't stick around her ghost.
    • Averted with Jade's injuries resulting from her final battle against Dirk, which heal up from one panel to another. Another likely mistake.
    • This is all over the place with the trolls. This is the first, and so far only, Great Pikmin Fan work where most of them (except Meulin and technically Aradia) retain their canonical injuries. Tavors still lacks leg use and Vriska later loses her's as well, Terezi is still blind, Mituna is still brain damaged, Kurloz still sewed his mouth shut, and Latula probably still lost her sense of smell. Aranea loses her leg and tooth thanks to Dave blowing her up long-range, and most of these injuries stick — right until everyone is killed off via the Slender Aranea incident (or by some other source, like Rip), where as ghosts they regain these lost features. Vriska and Tavros regain the ability to walk thanks to the super-advanced inns at the Mario session.
    • Finally played straight with John after Dave slices off his lower legs. He is not killed or healed up since then, and the Mario-beds that can heal all injuries have been destroyed by this point, so John stays with robotic legs to the final page of the comic.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Rip bears these from time to time, notably on her first full appearance.
  • Screw Yourself: Rather disturbing examples, because the comic has been comparing alter egoes to siblings. Then again, incest was never new to the comic.
    • Subverted. John has a dream where his "inner female self" tries to make out with him. He responds by kicking her in the groin. When he sees Jean, who resembles his female counterpart, he does the same.
    • Double subverted with Jane/Joan and Jake/Jaka. In this page, Jake and Jane's tounges are notably not touching the tounges of their respective counterparts. Later they say they are dating, after said comparasons between counterparts and siblings have been drawn. Jade even calls Jaka out on this.
    • Hinted at early in Act 2 when Ice Jade says that she thinks John has a crush on his pyrokinetic version. Non-Ice Jade then imagines the two kissing, thinking that it's hot.
  • Self-Deprecation: IA3's openingNote  is Jade reading Great Pikmin Fan's walkthrough on the fictional Mario game. It basically Flanderizes GPF's own writting style, and in the page after the narrator comments that Jade can't understand his walkthrough because he takes too long to get to the point.
  • Sequence Breaking: Jade attempts to do this in Intermission Act 1, by taking her and John to the Warp Zone to skip the first seven worlds. This doesn't exactly work. Especially for Jade.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Getting "the kisss". At the point in the story where the Princess meets with the plumber players and they aren't struggling with a villain, three of them are in a relationship (two of which in a relationship with eachother plus their counterparts), four of them are away, and one of them the Princess doesn't want to kiss because she smells like dead fish.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    Much later on in an image, "'JADE'S A LESBIAN' MY ASS. YOU KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING BETWEEN THEN." He oddly strikes out Jade/Dave in the same image, and his commentary consists entirley of "NOPE." Act 2 reveals that they have a really, really fucked up friendship, so in hindsight there's no wonder as to why Karkat's thoughts on that was essentially a "No. Just... No" Reaction.
    Spongebob ships them as well, although even more agressivly. And there's a reason: He believes that every other romantic option is evil, incestuous, sexuality erasing (this isn't against Jade's sexuality since it's heavily implied that she's not really lesbian), or leaves John and Jake without romantic partners.
    • Roxy ships Dave/Jade and John/Rose, except she does it to such agressive levels that it becomes near-insanity later on. Except that Jade's a lesbian, Dave and Rose are in a relationship with eachother, and John used to faint around Rose until several pages after the story began. And she ships Jane/Jake and Dirk/herself, and while the former is working out, the latter isn't. Karkat thinks that Roxy wanting to be with Dirk is just a wish fulfilling dream of hers.
    • Prospitians and Dersites seem to heavily ship Dave/Rose, partially because of the kernel prototyped with dreamselvs of both of them that was carried into the towers, and they themselves were already a couple.
  • Ship Sinking: This adventure has a nasty habit of axing Fan-Preferred Couples, to the extent that Pikmin Fan actually wishes the reader good luck at the opening Author's Notes.
    • Jake and Dirk's very first on screen conversation basically blows any chance of the two getting together. Jake doing it in a blunt manner doesn't really help. Although there is this... nope Dirk turned to the darkside Dirk/Jake isn't happening close up shop people.
    • Nepeta/Karkat after the former realizes the latter is dating a human. Prior to this, there was actually some chance of them getting together, assuming Nepeta breaks up with John first. Which does happen, but much later. In fact, not until long after Karkat himself hooks up with Equius.
    • If the name of Roxy's Porn Stash is anything to go by, she's straight. There goes "Cotton Candy." (Oh yeah, and now there's how Roxy is now on the side of a murderer simply because of her obsession with shipping.) Also, Jane is straight as well, with the exact same evidence.
    • Every ship with a kid and their patron troll from canon. John/Vriska got it the lightest, with John fully falling victim to Vriska's "irrelevance" gag while Vriska herself gets into a really... odd relationship with Tavros. Dave has Terezi blocked due to an unseen death threat and Rose does not appear amused at Kanaya when she's stoned. Both of these happened before Dave and Rose start trying to kill everyone else. And let's not even get started on Jade/Karkat.
      • Rose/Kanaya specifically was fully sunk during a... sort-of flashback. Whatever this drug trip can be considered. And now Davosesprite (without the Rose part) asked Rose to flat-out kill Kanaya because she suspects them of attempting to get Jade killed. And Rose actually attempts to murder her, which only fails because Kanaya managed to fend herself off just in time, which also very intentionally led to Rose's death.
      • And Dave/Terezi after Terezi crosses one of Dave's many bizarre, unhinted lines by comparing him to Sasuke Uchiha. He stabs her from her computer screen.
      • This comic's designated patrons and their ships aren't safe either, though this isn't as big since the most popular out of them is still crack: Nepeta broke up with John due to picking up on the sheer ammount of Ship Teasing between him and other characters, Kanaya decided to vent out on Jade just before dying and used her death as a sort of end punctuation to the rant, Jake and Feferi are screwed up in many, many ways, and Jane/Equius was never really a thing in the first place.
    • Jade being a lesbian. Although according to her, there are ways around it.... And then there's the several implications that she's only actually bisexual. It turns out she is.
      • ...And Dave/Jade specifically blows all of the above examples out of the water, even the three out of four patron ships. Dave (and Rose) pretty much has urges to kill Jade, and whenever he's blamed for actually attempting to kill her, he gets someone to kill the person who blames him. Not counting how Jade thinks Dave is completely and utterly pathetic, and at one point her vampire ego insults him almost as bad as she insults Karkat. Even more, their hidden hatred was what kicked off the main plot for the last pages of Act 2 Act 1 and all of the plot in Act 2 Act 2, and Act 2 Act 3 while we're at it. Even though this all happened after Karkat's "corrections" to Roxy's shipping grid occured, it's really no wonder why in hindsight Karkat's comment on that pairing in this universe was just "NOPE."
    • In short, any and every possible human Prospit Dreamer/human Derse Dreamer ship. If the attempted murder of Kanaya wasn't a sign that Dave and Rose crossed the line, then them and Roxy and Dirk destroying a Middle School did.
  • Ship Tease: Sweet Jegus, where do we begin on that. John/Jade is by far the most teased couple during the Mario Intermission (even though Jade's a lesbian), with John/Dave supposed to follow that. These two pages are by far the most blatant example of the former. The Trip Intermission and Act 2 implied John/Equius and Jade/Kanaya (even though both people in the former are in a relationship with someone else), complete with Equius finding out John doesn't consider himself a homosexual, and asks if he could... "make him one." But neither of the last ones go anywhere at all, and Jade/Kanaya even "ends" with Kanaya telling Jade off befor dying.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Shipping Intermission has one to Of Mice & Men.
    • The cheat that allows for an infinite ammount of party members to fight in a Mario session rather than just three is the Bolero of Fire, only transfered to keyboard format.
    • Hydra is based off of the threeNote  dragon boss battles in the 3DS Argumented Reality games.
    • Jade's nonsensical and somewhat insulting names for her teammates and self to the "names" of the Troll Slayers in Tails Gets Trolled.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog:
    • The Shipping Intermission.
    • Everything in regards to Spongebob, up to and including the Shipping Intermission, which was his own fan fiction.
    • Anything building up John/Rose or (though this didn't get as much focus) Dave/Jade. The chances of these pairings happening is next to impossible, because Rose, Dave, Dirk, and Roxy are all evil and verging on the insane side. Not to mention how Jade has made it clear several times — once onscreen through a long rant — that she hates the Strider family.
    • Hank's storyline.
  • Series Within a Comic: Coolstuck, a comic by Dave about 3 guys who play a game. Just as SJAHJ is supposed to be Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff with Homestuck characters, CS is supposed to be Homestuck with Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff characters. Also, Dave was the writter of this universe's versions of Jailbreak, Bardquest, and Problem Sleuth.
  • Show, Don't Tell: Inovked with the differences between the alter-egos and their originals. Also, Equius and Feferi are supposed to be Jane and Jake's patron trolls respectivley, but all there is to show for that is that they've been hitting on them during memos. Kanaya's patronage with Jade and to a lesser extent Nepeta's patronage with John are a lot more clear.
  • Sibling Rivalry: John and Jane are rather... competitive in the Mario game. Or, at least they were, before teaming up during the inward journey.
  • Single-Biome Planet: The Mario worlds.
  • Single-Target Sexuality:
    • Roxy only seems to care for Dirk. And Dave, but that's because Everyone loves Dave.
    • Jake and Jane seem to be Janesexual and Jakesexual respectivley for the most part. (Maybe with a little selfsexuality.) Both have been established/implied to be straight but once Opposite-Sex Clones of the other was made hey look they're suddenly into the counterparts of eachother too. Well, Jake did have a brief thing with Feferi but that seems to have ended with him hating her, and there's also his crush on Jade which has yet to be resolved.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Several characters, including John and especially Jade. "Fuck" was the very first word of dialogue said in the entire comic.
    • Taken Up to Eleven with Fox Crew member Fuckass Mike (the only Original Character on the team), who's quirk is that he says "motherfucking" before every noun.
    • UU/Edith has sworn at least once in every conversation she's been involved in.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: It's implied that the relationship between Jade and Jake's mother and Dave and Dirk's father was like this.
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: Between Jade having a modis that repeatedly punches her (as well as getting a nosebleed which leads to being punched off a ship), Kanaya getting hit in the face with Vriska's butt (it makes less sense in context), Rose and Roxy getting mauled by a dog, and Jane, Jean, and Jaka getting kicked between the legs before anyone else, it's safe to say that no female character whatsoever is safe from SBAHJ-esque shinanegans.
  • Split at Birth: All of the "good/evil" twin pairs. The kids thanks to a spell implimented on them by a time-traveling Rip, who came there with Quimby and some of his co, while the troll's case isn't completely clear yet. Except they pretty much know this from the beginning, since the pairs were all raised together.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: While it is inarguably Homestuck-centric and has Hellsing characters making up the majority of the villain's ensemble, King of the Hill fits in an akward middle above "minor cameo" yet below "main series," as compared to the other crossover characters who are not just guests. Hank Hill specifically gets several scenes mostly themed around him (even his top three lackies don't do that much, especially without his help) even if most of what he does amounts to thinning down the number of villains and basically making the plot simpler. Oh, and he has a history with the Big Bad.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad:
    • Dave during the beginning of IA4. Hell, even a bit after. "Sweet Rose and Hella Dave" was supposed to be focused on them, Roxy, and AR equally, and Rose and Roxy's plot does involve only them. However, Dave's part barley includes AR more than the other eight people that contacted him. The part from when the character select screen ended to when the perspective shifts back to John and Jade had Dave as almost entirley the main character, with the Lalondes barley getting any spotlight. This has since been dealt with by making Dave a villain in Act 2... though from there he becomes more relevant and more of a threat than Rip, the comic's designated main villain. Lampshaded when Dave and Rip have apparantly started a debate over relevancy.
    • Dave gets so bad in this that it should be noted that the original plan was leaning for Nepeta to be this. And Nepeta has twelve clones of her able to wander around to make the plot more complicated while she's off somewhere else (such as talking to Jade and Jake's mother during the Inward Journey portion). And yet Dave still nearly beats her plot-wise, partially because most of the Nepeta clones eventually stick together almost all of the time.
    • The Blue and Yellow Team has one in Jade, who in spite of usually hanging around the rest of the B&YT and just about having as much literal appearances as John, she gets far more development, lines devoted to her acting like an ass, and even gets more "main" alter-egoes. It gets to the point where most of what Jane after the Inward Journey does amounts to calling out Jade for something bad she says.
  • Staircase Tumble: Oddly averted. In fact, one of the thread titles was "where stairs are surprisingly friendly." However, it would have been played straight in an older plan for the ending, with whoever John kisses (Jade or Jake) falling down the stairs while John talks about warning them.
  • The Starscream: Rip, who actually succeeds in dethroning Quimby and becomes the comic's main villain.
  • Status Quo Is God: The Mario Intermission was rather static for the most part; none of the human kids or troll kids die permanently, and the Fox Crew and Millennium keep killing off members of eachother only for them to come back. However, in Intermission Act 4, Fox Crew deaths became "permanent," and during Act 2 all of the group in question die.
  • Stealth Pun: The Shipping Intermission's ships are not-so-subtle puns, mostly of fandom Idiosyncratic Ship Naming:
    • The ship Dave starts out in is massive and called the S.S. Slasher.
    • Rose (and Roxy) are riding a plush of Shrek, an orge, with needles in its eyes. Sound familiar?
    • Karkat's (stolen) ship bears the logo of communism. Hammer + sickle, their weapons in both Homestuck and SJAHJ.
    • Jade's ship is the yellow ship from the beginning of SJAHJ. Also nicknamed a "Prospit Ship" even though Prospit doesn't exist, reffering to John and Jade's dream moon.
  • Straight Gay: Jade, Jean, Joan, and Jaka. Although Jade... is pretty perverted.
  • Strip Poker: Cleveland Brown and Tubalcain Alhambra are first seen playing this, even though they're supposed to be fighting.
  • Stunned Silence: Dirk's :O!!!! expression.
  • Stylistic Suck: And yet, it doesn't use JPEGs until the last page before the end of Intermission Act 3. And it barely uses them since.
  • Super Power Lottery: Thanks to being an expert at utilizing dreamselves, Dave can fly, replicate, teleport, time travel, conjure objects (mostly temporarly, but permanent exaples extend to all of Prospit), can instal Pesterchum into his dreamselves which allows him to have conversations with anyone at literally any time since he can communicate across time, his dreamselves can hack into Pesterchum conversations and see what anyone is saying at any point, there's potentially even more dream-abilities not covered, and many of these things he can even do at the same time. With his own smarts he is capable of making size-altering fields, nine mini planets enhabited by very resistant bosses, and even exploit a system that lets you permanently copy yourself and/or come back from the dead; and he held a hand in making the replicating, gender bending Quest Gatorade as well as the Mario powerups, including this comic's rather overpowered iterations of the Fire and Ice Flowers. With the addition of becoming vampirized, he also weilds super strength and speed, and can raise people back from the dead, as well as having generally higher resistance. And then he gets the Mangekyo Sharingan... And this is all in a series where characters who aren't vampires usually get one generic and limited superpower (such as pyro/cyrokinesis) at most and where the four main leads don't have any real permanent abilities to speak of.
  • Tank Goodness: The first page with Rose and Roxy shows the latter in a tank. What exactly is going on isn't revealed until over six hundred pages later, where it turns out Roxy was just trying to blow a hole in the wall to uncover a hidden treasure map.
  • Take That!:
    • This page and the following is one to the "forevver alone" meme surrounding Eridan.
    • The comic frequently (as of Act Two Intermission Two it's been getting a little more common and less subtle) makes jabs at Act 6 of Homestuck, for just about everything except the most common complaints about it. For example, Rip has become a parody of now "irrelevant" Lord English is to the heroes.
      Jade: this official killing of one insignificant and unimportant and unmain character is fully well enough for me to herby designate you worthy of the title "final boss"

      fuck that bullshit dave did. he was kind of just ineffective anyway
    • Edith and Edmund (mostly the former) lose many of their traits from Calliope and Caliborn and become pretty obvious jabs at modern Simpsons. Edmund in particular parodies a number of things, including how Simpsons has very outdated parodies at one point. (Where Vampire Dave notes that an Inception reference would already be outdated. That part of the comic takes place a few months before the actual episode that parodies said movie.)
    • Cleveland Brown is a Palette Swap of Peter Griffin. (Minus the lack of glasses.) Everybody else who isn't an alternate self has original, if crappy, MS Paint drawings.
    • One of John's allergies is "Video Brinquedo." For those that don't know, Video Brinquedo is a company infamous for making blatant knock-offs of Pixar and Dreamworks films for direct-to-video movies. In other words, their works are so bad that it gives John a lethal reaction.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Cronus telling Karkat that he's "never in the mood..." the mood for Cronus hitting on him, of course.
  • Theme Initials: Hank Hill and Rip Van Winkle's chumhandles (rightWorker and hellishHuntress, respectivly) have eachother's initials.
  • Title Drop: While the comic's name was refered to sixteen times throughout the narration, those particular 16 times were always through some metaspeak and always refering to the comic itself somehow. However, it's not until page 2,489 (the eighth to last page in the whole comic) that the title gets dropped and not in part of meta humor: When John overreacts and misunderstands the mistletoe play set up by Jenn, he launches into a huge rant about how Jade is really nicer than she looks, and eventually Jade goes into a shorter speech about how John is smarter than he looks. Eventually they start alternating lines, ending with John saying Jade is really sweet and Jade saying John is hella cool. Then, they say that beyond the bond of the 34 chumhandle users, or the eight humans, or the four good twin humans, or the Arlen survivors, or even the Blue and Yellow Team, there is the bond between Sweet Jade and Hella John. To emphasise this, they title drop at the same time, and unlike other instances of simultanious speak in both SJAHJ and canon, instead of being written on the same line, it's given the same script entry, written as "JOHN/JADE:" while the "SWEET JADE AND HELLA JOHN!" alternates between blue and green.
  • Toilet Humor: The later part of Intermission Act One. Which leads you to wonder exactly what John was doing with a laxative.
  • Totally Radical: John and Jade. Was originally supposed to apply to nearly everyone, but the author decided against that, attempting to keep the other characters more true to their canon selfs. Except Kanaya, who fell victim to John and Jade's characters.
  • Troll:
    • Spongebob Squarepants sends threats and manipulates the heroes into reading his shipping fan fics. It's revealed in Act 2 Intermission 1 that this is all an act, in revenge for three different Jades chewing him out in the first conversations from his perspective.
    • John acts like a troll to his own past selves, to the extent that even Jade finds it cruel. Jade.
    • And Jade seems to be taking up trolling tendancies.
    • Roxy, on a more meta level, for impersonating two villains from Homestuck (sober Gamzee and Lord English) in pesterlogs. And the first of which raised a mystery for a decently-long ammount of time (Beginning of Intermission Act Three to beginning of Intermission Act Four).
  • Trolling Creator: Dave in-universe. His responce to when John, Fire John, and Jean read about Geromy getting killed off?
  • Two-Part Trilogy: Act Three is incredibly short compared to the Intermission and Act Two and could easily be mixed in with the latter. A2 itself could qualify: A2A3 is only around ten pages long, in contrast to A2A2, which is over seven hundred.
  • Unexplained Recovery: In this page, it's stated that Jake tried to drink the acid as part of the coliseum course that offers ghosts to come back to life. Except that the acid is meant to harm ghosts. Jake himself isn't even a ghost, and thus is probably more suspectable to lasting damage (and/or possibly pain).
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Invoked. Not so much a constant, but at one point early in the story Karkat and Jade are running from the Waterwraith. Karkat looks naked during this.
  • The Unintelligible:
    • In Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, Zorin occasionally spoke with her dialogue written like a troll quirk. Here, it's turned Up to Eleven, where her quirk pretty much consists of as many combinations of troll/kid quirks without any conflicts as possible, forming things like... this. Pikmin Fan actually had to translate what she said on the forum. Since Zorin's dialogue in that page there has been a troll character introduced who adds at least two more subsitutions to the already used ones and who'se quirk involves mispelling things. So now her dialogue gets even more incomprehensible.
    • As of January 11th 2013, in responce to critisism, Pikmin Fan will go back through the series and edit the dialogue so that the series as a whole will avoid this trope. He already started on the first three panels.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: The Chinese food black hole. For starters, it's implied that it destroyed the Chinese restaurant it formed in, yet the characters outrun it and escape to saftey. And it does nothing to its surroundings unless they actually jump into it. And it's apparantly a huge source of magic. And then Good Yoshi eats it, the magic transforming him into Boshi. Upon Boshi's death, his corpse transformed back into the black hole. Adding the other 7up turned it into the "antilife hole," something that repells gravity and is extremely deadly.
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Jade subverts this with being mostly talk. Then deconstructs this when her words are implied to start harming people, characters actually oppose her more often. As of now she always got away with it, however near the end of Act 2 Act 2 she begins questioning if she's really even a good person. As she's saying this, Rip, who in-comic has been stated to resemble a few of Jade's physical characteristics, prepares to blow up Texas and its surroundings.
  • Unwanted Harem: A mild example, but Dave appears to have had every kid human, troll, and Simpsonian crushing on him. Even heterosexual John and homosexual Jade. uu/Edmund and Meenah (and possibly Eridan) seem to be the only explicit exceptions. Well, that's how it was, when Dave turned evil nobody outside of his lackies likes him anymore. Also, John has gotten a harem of Nepeta's swaps since the original Green one broke up with him, though this is largly ignored throughout the story until the absolute final page when they all troll him at once for kissing Jade.
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon: Two, actually, one in-universe and one out. The in-universe one is World 8-4, which is a very, VERY large complex of towers. The out-universe one is Rip's lair, a large purple castle with Hat Goddess's giant, color-changing wings sometimes stemming from the sides. However, Jade's comments imply that the castle itself consists of only one large main room.
  • Video Game Settings: The 8 Mario Worlds.
  • Villain Ball: Vampire Dave, as his own overt-trustworthiness led to his downfall. Paradoxically, the only reason why Jade didn't shoot John instead and not follow the plan was because of them trusting eachother even more.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: The Millennium, apparantly. They are supposed to do their evil deeds by both abusing loopholes and going on time travel missions while staying hidden.
  • Villainous Incest: While not an antagonist so much as a Jerkass, Jade, the least sympathetic member of the Blue and Yellow Team, is also the most guilty of trying to hit on a relative. Then the story has an inversion (a heroic yet incestuous character) when Jake starts trying to date her...
  • Visible Silence: Again, ":O!!!!"
  • The Voiceless: Planksprite, from the offshoot universe where Rip becomes extremely powerful and Dave wins the battle between him and the protagonists. He only "spoke" twice, but both times he used badly compressed JPEGS of Kurloz's canon talksprites.
  • Walking Spoiler:
    • Dave. He had a big mystery as to who his girlfriend was that lasted for well over half of the Mario Intermission, and it turns out that it was Rose. And that's before his Knight of Cerebus role in the story. Similarly, Rose, Roxy, and Dirk also have many of their actions composed of spoilers, since the reveal of them all turning evil is... a pretty big twist that affects the entire second half of the story.
    • Aranea Serket, for notably pre-dating her canon counterpart in becoming evil (so back in SJAHJ's time, this would have been even more of an invoked Shocking Swerve), and being full-blown evil instead of a Well-Intentioned Extremist (wiping the Pikmin race extinct levels of evil). She also finally kills off Hank Hill, and kills off nearly all of the trolls for real. In fact, she's one of the few characters who could be considered as out-cerebusing Dave in his Knight of Cerebus role.
    • To the extent that her existance is a spoiler: Dove Strider, Dave's own inner female self. She's the only Strider or Lalonde to apparantly be completely good (but still had a mild sentence to Hell), briefly acted as a potential love interest to John, and her existance is Calliope-levels of being in danger (she mentions that she's at a risk of being erased from existance, and due to simply being a part of Dave's mind and not her own person, she does not have a ghost and would normally not go to the afterlives either). Granted, most of her placement is Played for Laughs and she is just about as much of a Parody Sue as Dave is (just on a completely different end of the scale), she still does more-or-less come out of nowhere. The fact that she doesn't come into the fic until after the Dave-induced Cerebus Syndrome helps.
    • Another example where their existances are spoilers: the Tricksters, simply thanks to Trickster Jade's appearance out of nowhere. Also pre-dating their canon appearance (yet here, only alternates of John and Jade were affected. Canon only had Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk affected), back then Trickster Jade appeared the hell out of nowhere when Roxy was going on a trip to Springfield, in a Gamzee-esque fashion. Even Roxy, who at this point in the story was too insane to question a lot of oddities, was confused out of her mind.
    • The counterparts were this, going by up to Intermission Act Three (they were hinted at back when John and Jade finally met with Jane and Jake; between John springing his into existance and the actual counterpart's appearance was an entire 70+ page intermission), though now they're not quite.
    • The Hat Goddess, for not appearing until the tail end and giving away the importance of the Shipping Intermission. And the fact that the Shipping Intermission was actually important.
  • Wall of Text:
    • Jade becomes an increasingly terrible offender of this as the story moves on. Noticable in scenes where the main four heroes are all involved in conversation: John, Jane, and Jake tend to get a few lines, while Jade drones on and on and on and on and on and on. This is possibly due to how she was raised by a half-Strider, or specifically a man who was raised by a Strider (and a demented Harley, too).
    • Jade is contagious in this regard: John sometimes rambles, especially when talking about Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Ed Ventures.
    • Rip, the ectodaughter of John and an alternate Jade, shows that this also seems to run in the family.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye:
    • Most of the Millennium and the "minor" members of the Fox Crew. This was basically Darkhorse's whole joke until the reveal that he has some kind of extremely strong power. Both of the members with maroon hats are subjected to this moreso than the rest.
    • The troll ancestors. All of them. Except Disciple.
  • Webcomic Time: Barring flashbacks, the entire set of events in this comic bar the epilogue take place within four days. Day 1 (February 13th, which was actually a month after the comic had first started) went from the beginning to the dream sequences in Intermission Act 2; and tecnically at a point around Sweet TROLLS and Hella MORE TROLLS, as it did crossover to midnight. Day 2 covered the inward jorney, tower ascention, and a good chunk of events going on outside of the Mario game after it ended. Day 3 covered the school arc onwards but had a several hour skip while the Fire/Ice duo were at stalemate with Roxy and the rest of the Blue and Yellow Team were relaxing at Nepeta's main base. Day 4 covers everything from the faux-reckoning until the end of the main story. Even more, unlike Homestuck the actual time is constantly listed whenever someone pesters another, which is becomes considerably more often.
  • Wham Episode: In page order:
    • The Shipping Intermission has this. Terezi killing Vriska and Tavros. Not only does this start out a ridiculously long chain of deaths that only ends with all but two of the survivors getting blown up in a nuclear blast, but it is also a reflection of the entire comic itself: Starting out with shipping-related metahumor before the cast starts brutally and suddenly killing eachother. Lampshaded with the page in question having a giant "O SHOT." in the narration.
    • This four-page sequence, at the time. The comic skirts around John/Jade quite often and then Rose and Dave kiss. Aranea (and whoever runs the TV) rubs this into the reader's faces in Act Two Intermission One. To be fair, there has been a heafty amount of foreshadowing for the kiss beforehand.
    • Jack getting the Queen's ring wasn't unexpected at all. After putting it on, he contemplates the result of getting prototyped with Bowser, the Ice King, Dave, Rose, and Edward Cullen. But then he puts every single thought to the side resulting in this, the comic's very first clear hint that Dave, Rose, or both (it turns out both) are not as good as they seem.
    • During Act 2 Intermission 1, Aranea decides to... change her outfit a little.
      Aranea: I am reely a secret agent of the Millennium.
    • "[A2I1] And thus, Sponge8o8's first conversashin from his perspective." Not the conversation itself, but the image. "It's War" indeed. Worse, Fire John is shown to like being involved with his battle against Dave.
    • Trickster Jade's appearance. Although since tricksters have became canon, this significantly lessens the blow of the update.
    • The zoomouts, starting in Act 2 Act 2 from when Roxy unleashes the Curser Women by blowing up the magic door sealing them in their dungeon. Basically, Dirk found a possible weakness for Dave (later revealed to be Dove), Damara seems to be working with Aranea, and clouds from World 4 — revealed to be used as a stand-in for Skaia — are showing John standing in a what would later be revealed as the Valley of the End holding a shield that wasn't even made yet, Jade meeting up with all of her alter-egos seen up to that point and the previously unseen Blue Demon Jade, Jake during the Curser Woman fight (only himself and the roof of the restroom he's standing on is visible, as in the actual panel it happens in), and Jane using the chaos emeralds to enter super form. Those four events are all things that will occur later on the same subact. A fifth cloud shows Robosanta's ghost meeting with the ghosts of Hank Hill and Integra Heck (this one won't be until Act Two Intermission Two), and then it cuts to events such as Geromy working on God tiering Jeff and that the multiverse is part of a tree in Black Hell are shown to wrap it up.
    • The span between HH: Return. and Aranea: Eat. Plus the pages following the latter. The very page ending SJAHJ's second and longest hiatus, hence the "return," and it turns out that Aradia had been killed offscreen, which starts the chain of troll deaths. Not just because she's the first troll to die, but because she uses her ghost powers to give Aranea that copy of Plank from Ed, Edd n Eddy. However, this Plank is shown to be a rather powerful Artifact of Doom after Aranea eats it, turning her into a freakish Multiarmed And Dangerous creature that proceeds to assimilate the trolls. This is especially WHAM because they do not get better, and in fact they die after Aranea herself is killed, making this the first time in the comic that "player"-type characters are killed for good.
    • The final page titled "Be Rip," and the only time that the story fully follows through with this command. While Prospit and Derse are fighting in World 4, Rip arrives, steals the White King's septer, and causes the Reckoning. Since the Mario session isn't perfectly programmed to act as a stand-in for Subrb, the Mario planets are affected instead. World 8 is teleported away by defense portals, but the rest of them all clash together along with Troll Town, Prospit, and Derse. And then explode. This explosion breaks the Mario Session shell, expanding out to a real size, which blows an enormous hole in the planet. Like that, everything but the Valley of the End, the woods (protected by the Tricksters, Tricker John saving their lives, Trickster Jade to the valley to ensure that John lives up with his promise and fights Dave there), and Dad and Dick are gone. This also kills off just about any character left unaccounted for, to be sure almost everyone that appeared in the story is dead by this point. To summerize, the places where most of the story prior took place are now completely obliterated, and Rip's pissed and ready for the final showdown.
  • Wham Line: The ending line in the short conversation from "Rose: Answer." and the following page. The story stops being a Random Events Plot and goes a certain direction most fanworks in this fandom... don't. Note that this predates mind-controlled Jade and Jane, and unlike them, Dav(osesprit)e does this entirely on his own will.
    TG: nepeta has
    TG: in a sort of way and in an accidental way
    TG: framed us
    TG: and kanaya bought it
    TG: since this is kanaya were talking about that only leaves one option for me to propose
    TG: killing her
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • Averted. It seems like Romney's elephant wouldn't be mentioned again, but then the final recap says that he died in quicksand. The story in general seems to be averting this when it comes to characters, as by the end everyone is either aknowledged or confirmed to be dead.
    • Regarding the sprites: After blowing up, dream-John's ghost says that he feels the effects of Ice King's crown taking him over. He resolves this by hopping into a Tricksterizing fountain, and it's implied that the Trickster effects will wear off and he'll eventually just be another ordinary John, except that how Bowser deals with the Ice King's crown since he was merged with him too isn't certain.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Four hundred pages in, this is finally averted when Author Avatar GPF's walkthrough of "Mario" shows that John, Jade, and Hank live in Texas. The Striders and Lalondes presumably live there to, and John's house is within walking distance from their residence. (As Dirk was able to walk over by the portal where John's house was pre-entry and entered the session.) And the park — which is within walking distance of the Lalonde's house, was reached by a Dream Dave in the middle of his trip from his house to John's house.
  • Whole Plot Reference: John and Dave's arc in Act Two Act Two to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc in Naruto; to the extent that there is going to be a battle between the two at a historical waterfall-filled valley.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Played with. Towards the end of Act Two Intermission One, Hank, captured by Janitor and Zorin, asks Aranea why doesn't she just shoot him. She replies with "Ok" and shoots him afterward.
  • Will They or Won't They? John and Jade. Just fueled by Spongebob lampshading this whenever pestering them or their counterparts: "HAVE YoU FUCKED (JADE/JoHN) YET?" Even worse, twice it was mentioned that alternate versions of them had hooked up, and to add fuel to the fire one of them seems to be working out while the other one hooked up and broke up offscreen. For those wondering, the answer is yes.
  • With Friends Like These...: With her constant pervertedness, short temper, and joking about her close friend's parent's sex lifes, it's something of a wonder why John is such a close friend to Jade. Jane and Joan partially lampshade this when Jade gets hit by the miles caused by The Evil when they say that they barley got to know her. For that matter, Dave's notably a lot more stuck-up than he was in canon, complete with thinking that he's going to be the big hero and outright insults John and Hank Hill. (Though not directly to them.)
  • The Worf Effect:
    • Bowser, getting killed offscreen very early into the story by The Evil, and with The Evil taking over as the villain. It's somewhat like the Prospit vs. Derse war in Homestuck.
    • Darkhorse is possibly one of the strongest characters in the comic. Why? He was the one responsible for Hecksing's death, up to and including the death of Alucard.
  • Would Hit a Girl:
    • At one point, when Jane and Jake are guarding the entrance to World 8-4, the comand is given (to no one in particular) to punch them in their faces. John punches Jane (although he appears to punch her side rather than her face) without hesitation. But Jane punches him back, and due to being at a higher level, she takes out way more health than he does to her.
    • John accidentally kicks Jane in the groin in his sleep. After her screaming from the pain wakes everybody up, John appologises to whoever he kicked... although after finding out who it was, he responds with "oh. it's you." in a less apologitic expression. He later kicks Jean in the groin, only this time it's very intentional (but caused by a misunderstanding).
    • Eridan attempts to outright murder Terezi in a duel by opening fire on her... before Feferi walks in and slaps him.
    • There are only two women in the Millennium, and Hank seems to be hell bent on killing one of them more than any of the other members (even the leader). The other woman is sliced in half by her own weapon. Twice.
    • Jake Vs Roxy and Jade Vs Dirk, providing heroic and villainous (respectively) examples of this trope. In a case that makes beating on female characters to seem like even less big of a deal, Jade is also the least sympathetic hero (out of the Blue and Yellow Team) and Dirk is arguably the most sympathetic villain (out of the Red and Red Team).
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Dirk and Roxy. Sort of. While They were close to death, Dave mentioned that he could very well and very easily save them, but thanks to them not being perceeved as useful he just lets them die and doesn't bother vampirizing them.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Rip seems to go by the OVA design of having dark blue hair, rather than black. It's implied that Jade's ancestor has blue hair as well. Jade and Jake also have a shade of blue, taking Spongebob's shipping wall into consideration. Edith has the same dark blue, but it looks lighter in her first appearance. Although she dyes it. Edmund, much to his dismay, naturally has blue hair. Finally for non blue shades is Trickster Jade, with pink hair, and the background character alter egoes.
  • Your Head Asplode: Karkat's reaction to finding out that he is created from a combination of human and troll ectoslime, after constantly opposing troll/human dating. Thankfully it was just a dreamself.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!:
    • After over one thousand pagesNote , during the very last page before the Mario Intermission is finally over, Nepeta comments that the session itself is only about a third of the main story.
    • Much smaller example: Rip is dead, the Blue and Yellow Team have been teleported back into their normal lives, and they're about to start anew. They hesitate on entering a transportalizer set by Dave, having no idea where it could lead, though the readers do since it's been stated before the B&YT actually get into the Afterlives in the first place. We know they're not going to get hurt anyway, and combined that with not one, but three instances of John and Jade finally kissing onscreen, this seems like the end, right? Wrong. Roxy sees the three kisses and gets so pissed off that she rages a portal back into the living world, and exploits John's allergy of Dirk's butt by bringing him with her and smacking him on the face with Dirk's rear.
  • Zillion-Dollar Bill: The title screen, for some reason, features an image of the ten million dollar bill from Idiocracy. This does not appear in the adventure itself, aside from a one-shot joke late into the comic where it shows up on a poster in front of Tom Landry Middle, until Mitt Romney comes out of nowhere and gives it to Jade before dying, and it turns out that the Captain was able to transfer his physical/ghost being into it.


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