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Fanfic / The Ballad Of Stoot And Argyle

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Terrance's mother once told him that you should be able to sense when people were bad for you. Terrance never could. He used to be too trusting, now he was completely unable to fully trust anyone. He didn't know if he should be wary of Eric or not. He had no sense, no internal gauge, nothing but a bruised, misshapen lump of a frozen heart.

The Ballad of Stoot and Argyle is a South Park High School A.U. fanfiction written by Satine 89, focusing on an alternate universe where Terrance Stoot and Phillip Argyle are teenaged students at South Park High preparing for their senior year of schooling. Jump-starting the story is a giant party being thrown by the most popular girl in school, Bebe Stevens, which ends with Terrance confessing to Phillip that he's gay after Cartman plays a rather nasty prank on him.


As it turns out, Eric is just very bad at expressing his true feelings - he's attracted to Terrance. Terrance, though he might stare at Cartman all the time in Bio lab, isn't sure he returns those feelings, so the two of them consent to a "trial dating period" with each other. They have the summer to determine whether or not they might like each other enough to date... and to keep their arrangements a secret from South Park at large.

This fic is on permanent hiatus.


The Ballad of Stoot and Argyle provides examples of: