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Battleworld 2.0 is a direct reboot of the RP Battleworld, which was started by fellow TV tropes member Stratofarius, and currently ran by Meanken. Like the first one, this is a crossover RP where a malevolent deity known only as The Cure has taken lands from across the multiverse and thrown them together on a single world with the purposes of doing battle with one another. This RP is thus focused on the interactions between these varied and different lands with wildly differing goals and moralities. This reboot only contains a few minor changes to adjust from the first one in order to attempt to avoid the issues the first one ran into.


  • The Common Room-Think of this as the main hub of Battleworld. a neutral area where all residents of the Battleworld can meet at any time and travel between the various locations instantly, bypassing that pesky issue of border crossings and such. This is intended to help spur more player interactions and such. To avoid the obvious issue of a player being able to teleport massive amounts of troops to invade someone else's land in a second, the teleporters are restricted in use to the leaders of the land and their supporting cast.

  • Chunkless Factions-Not every character is really equipped to be leading a faction. That does not mean there can't be a place on the Battleworld for them. These are small groups (anywhere from 1-6 people each), who essentially serve as an independent group. They can choose to ally with a faction, hire themselves out to the highest bidder, or just do their own thing. Up to them. This enables people who may not necessarily be interested in running an entire faction or who have a specific character in mind to do stuff. This is also the only type of group that NPC's will be, enabling more freedom to move them around as needed to give players things to do and not have them locked to a single area.

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Battleworld 2.0 contains examples of:

  • The Alliance: There was an early attempt to form one on the eastern side of the continent, spearheaded by chunkless SEES in order to ensure their own survival.
  • Anachronism Stew: It's not quite as apparent as it was in 1.0, but you still have situations like a city of Transformers next to the techless land of Outworld.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Several characters make deals and bargains that neither intend to keep.
  • Fangirl: Minako Arisato squees in delight when she learns that giant robots and magical girls are real, at least in other universes.
  • The Masquerade:
    • Averted as far as the Muggles of Mitakihara are concerned with Battleworld, as Minako explicitly spilled the beans about it to the city council. It remains in effect for their city's particular representative of Homura and the whole Magical Girl schtick, though.
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    • Downplayed by Sakura Dungeon, as the masquerade it kept in its own world was to avoid people discovering that the dungeon even exists - something that cannot be avoided in Battleworld when "The Sakura Dungeon" is displayed right on the map in the common room.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: In trying to convince the Mitakihara Magical Girls to reveal themselves to the civilian government, Minako Arisato mentions it would not do to launch a coup. This is pretty much what Homura Akemi does via getting Oriko Mikuni to contract and gaining the power of suggestion, first using it on Acting Mayor Kurogane.
  • Patchwork World: Each chunk border suddenly cuts off and changes to the next chunk directly at the border, leading to situations like a sunny California town suddenly changing into the eternal nighttime of Castlevania.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: Killing the leader of another faction gives the character control of that faction's territory, with Shao Khan killing Bowser in a Duel to the Death and Spookums ripping off Immortan Joe's mask, leaving him helpless when his wives show up.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: Homura Akemi was this close to getting her happy ending where Walpurgisnacht was defeated and none of her friends die or become a Witch, then The Cure decided to throw her and her city into the BattleWorld.

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