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It's Time to Get Stuck.

Tre: Are things always this weird in the mall after hours?

It all starts when a timid daydreamer named Tre Listman accepts a dance date from Fillmore Jr. High's resident queen bee Lilly. When things go awry, Tre leaves mortified and runs to the Galleria Mall. After a bit too much root beer and a freak accident involving a shopping cart and a bad idea, Tre finds himself in the Galleria after closing hours... and there's no way out.

Naturally, Tre doesn't take this too well, but his worries are straightened out by The Crew, a ragtag group of seven misfits who live in the mall every night. But the group's not alone, thanks to the mall's overzealous rent-a-cop team, led by Carl Weisberger, a particularly stiff and rude guard with a bit too much dedication to his job. In addition, there may very well be someone else entirely pulling all the strings behind everyone's backs...


It's funny, weird, wild, ridiculous, romantic, noir, adventurous, mysterious, dramatic, tragic, and one frakkin' sweet ride— it's Stuck at the Galleria!

Stuck at the Galleria is the first book in the Stuck series by Lyle Terry (or, as he's known on TV Tropes, Tre). The full release of the book is still up in the air, but until then Terry is putting the book up online at

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