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Fanfic / Through a Looking Glass, Darkly

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Through a Looking Glass, Darkly is a Darker and Edgier fanfic retelling of Syfy's Alice, itself a Darker and Edgier retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Spoilers for that series will abound on this page. It follows a storyline that is pretty common in every version of a tale that takes place Down the Rabbit Hole: What if Alice had grown up in Wonderland?

The story follows Alice, mainly called Jelly or Jellybean, a Ten of Spades, as she turns to the Resistance when her father begins to go mad. It has plenty of flashbacks to Jellybean's childhood, and also does a lot to flesh out the Suits' way of life.


It was written for the Alice in Wonderland Big Bang. The master post is here.



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